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Chapter 135: Be Good and Call Me Sister-in-law

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Sheng Yang and Yu Huang sat in the first row while leaning against the bird’s

head. There was a Beast Tamer in front of them.

Sheng Yang saw that Yu Huang’s face was a little pale, so she passed a pill to Yu

Huang and told her, “This is a healing medicine. I’ve prepared a lot of it. I see

that your injury isn’t light. Do you want to take one?

Yu Huang indeed needed this item, so she did not stand on ceremony with

Sheng Yang

She took the pill but was not in a hurry to take it. Instead, she asked Sheng

Yang, “You said earlier that Mr. Sheng has remembered the Yin family’s young

master all these years. Is that true?”

Sheng Yang did not explain. Instead, her gaze towards Yu Huang became


Yu Huang felt her hair stand on end from her stare. “Why are you looking at me

like that?”

Sheng Yang said thoughtfully, “In the Beast Tamer Selection Competition in

the capital last time, I saw you leave with my brother alone. After that, my

fellow disciples were spreading rumors that my brother had found me a


Sheng Yang suddenly moved closer to Yu Huang and asked her seriously, “Do

you want to be my sister-in-law?

Yu Huang was momentarily at a loss for words.

If she told the truth, she was afraid that she would scare Sheng Yang. If she

didn’t say it, it would be another kind of lie to Sheng Yang

Before Yu Huang could think of a way to fool Sheng Yang, Sheng Yang analyzed

a new piece of information. “Something must have happened between you and

my brother. Others might not be able to tell, but I can tell how much my

brother cares about you.”

“My brother never gets close to people. After you drowned today, my brother

was clearly frightened out of his wits, that’s why he kissed you in front of

everyone. I don’t believe that there’s nothing between the two of you!”

Hearing this, Yu Huang subconsciously corrected her. “That’s not kissing.

That’s called artificial respiration.”

Sheng Yang pursed his lips and said, “My brother never performs artificial

respiration on others.” Those who could receive artificial respiration from him

were all people that he cared about!

Sheng Yang’s analysis was logical and Yu Huang really couldn’t reject it. She

asked Sheng Yang probingly, “If I really want to be your sister -in-law, what do

you think?

A sly smile suddenly appeared on Sheng Yang’s beautiful face. She said, “You’re

so outstanding. If I were a man, I would want to marry you. I can’t marry you,

but I can let my brother marry you. We can’t let you go to outsiders.”

Yu Huang was speechles5s.

She patted Sheng Yang’s shoulder and said, “Good girl, call me sister-in -law.

Sheng Yang actually really called out, “Sister-in-law.”

When Yu Huang heard this, she became a little embarrassed. She was afraid

that Sheng Yang would find out that she was embarrassed, so she used the

excuse of recuperation to say, “Tll recuperate first.”

Sheng Yang was also badly injured, and she needed to heal herself. “T

recuperate too.

The healing medicine Sheng Yang had given her was very effective. The

moment Yu Huang swalowed the healing medicine, she felt a wam healing

power spreading within her body. Her body, which was a little cold from

excessive bleeding, also gradually regained its warmth.

After she completely absorbed the medicinal effect, her internal injuries had

already healed.

Seeing that Sheng Yang was still recuperating, Yu Huang did not disturb her

At this moment, the bird had already flown out of the forest and was soaring

on a vast and boundless grassland. Yu Huang lowered her eyes to look below

and discovered that there was a square in the middle of the plain. There were a

few stone statues standing on it.

After she guessed where it was, her heart started to race.

“That’s the Central Plaza.” The Beast Tamer saw that Yu Huang was staring at

the square below in fascination, and told her, The most outstanding alumni in

the history of the Divine Realm Academy are worshiped there. On the eighth

day of the month, the students will bring fresh flowers to pay their respects.

You will do the same in the future.”

Yu Huang laid on her seat and lowered her head to look at the statues.

Seeing that she was interested in the statue, the Beast Tamer deliberately

slowed down.

Blood relations were a subtle thing. Even though Yu Huang had never seen her

father in such a manner, her gaze was still attracted by the statue on the

leftmost side of the square.

The statue was that of a young man. He was wearing the uniform of the Divine

Realm Academy and had the school badge on his chest.

In front of the statue stood a square stele. On it was engraved the life of the


(Yin Mingjue (September 12, 546-August 22, 702), lived to be 156 years old

with the title of Prime Master. He was the 7005th graduating student of the

Divine Realm Academy.

On August 22, year 702 of the Divine Moon Calendar, in order to save the

world, Yin Mingjue sacrificed his beast form and burned his soul to guard the

Central Pagoda.

A monument was specially erected for him for future generations to admire

and remenmber.]

After seriously reading the stele, Yu Huang raised her head to size up Yin

Mingjue’s appearance.

The sculptor should have respected Yin Mingjue greatly, so when he created

this stone sculpture, every stroke of his blade was filled with sincerity.

The stone statue that had been carved was naturally dignified and righteous. It

made people feel a sense of awe just by looking at it.

Yu Huang asked the Beast Tamer, “Is the statue of the Prime Master similar to


The Beast Tamer narrowed his eyes and looked at Yin Mingjue’s statue. He was

in a daze for a few seconds before shaking his head and saying, “Although the

statue is beautiful, it’s not even a tenth as beautiful as the Prime Master.”

Yu Huang suppressed the sour sensation in her nose and sighed with a smile.

Then he must have been a peerless handsome man.”

“Of course.”

Yu Huang had been staring at Yin Mingjue’s statue in the distance. Only after

the bird left the plain did she reluctantly return to her compartment.

At dusk, the bird finally arrived at the destination and stopped on the flying


The sleeping new students immediately woke up. They jumped down from the

bird’s back and saw the Divine Realm Academy on the other side of the


The Divine Realm Academy was built along the mountain. It was majestic and

looked exactly the same as the shrunken building on the invitation letter.

However, there was no imposing square at the entrance of the Divine Realm

Academy, only a rolling magma river.

The nine iron chain bridges were built on the magma river. They were the only

path to the Divine Realm Academy.

The nine guides stood in front of the iron chain bridge and waited for the new

students. After they all alighted, they led them onto the iron chain bridge and

walked towards the Divine Realm Academy across the valley.

When the new students crossed the bridge, their calves were trembling because

they were afraid that the bridge would break and they would fall into the

boiling sea of lava.

Sheng Yang told Yu Huang, “The Divine Realm Academy is called the safest

pure land on the Holy Spirit Continent. The magma river under our feet is

called the Endless River. It is the last layer of protection for the Divine Realm


Yu Huang nodded and followed the others across the river.

After the new students had all crossed the river, the tightly shut iron-black

gate of the Divine Realm Academy slowly opened on both sides. Inside the gate,

there was a winding stone staircase that led directly to the school’s sports


The freshmen carried their bags and panted as they climbed the stairs. They

stood on the field and waited for the academy staff to arrange accommodation

for them.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “What an elegant little black cat!

Yu Huang stood on her tiptoes to look around. She saw a petite black cat

walking gracefully from the end of the field.

There was a pearl necklace around the cat’s neck. She was definitely a female

cat. Feng Si said, “Pets are allowed in school? If I had known, I would have

brought mine along”

The black cat walked gracefully to the front of the new students. Some of the

new students saw that it was too beautiful and wanted to rush up to stroke the


At that moment, the black cat’s body twisted. In the blink of an eye, she turned

into a beautiful lady in a black dress and a pearl necklace.

How was this a cat? It was a Grand Master-level Beast Tamer!

The lady had coiled black hair and wore a pair of pure white long gloves. She

also had a dogma book in her hand. She looked elegant and serious.

Welcome, new students of the 7157 cohort. Tm Doris!” She was only a

Residence Hall Coordinator, but she was already a Grand Master. The Divine

Realm Academy was indeed filled with people with hidden potential.

Doris wiped her right hand gently in front of her. There was a desk in front of

her with an office computer on it and a sofa chair behind her.

Doris sat down gracefully and began to speak. “Students who hear their name,

step out!

Liuli Feng

“An Jinyang!

Yu Huang!

Yu Huang walked out of the line and received a general points card from Doris,

a dormitory key, and four brand new clean uniforms.

She had yet to figure out the use of the card, but she saw the words on the

dormitory key: A, 606.

It only took half an hour before Doris finished distributing the dormitory


She stood up and waved the dogma in her hand. “Come to the dormitory with

me!” So the new students followed Doris to the dormitory building.

The dormitory building was built on the mountain at the back. Block A of the

female dormitory had a total of six stories high. There were eight dormitory

rooms on each floor and three people per dormitory.

Yu Huang lived on the top floor.

She took the key to the dormitory door and found Sheng Yang already standing


“What a coincidence. You’Te also 6o6?” After knowing that she and Sheng Yang

were in the same dormitory, Yu Huang sighed. They were destined to be family.

Sheng Yang naturally would not tell Yu Huang that she had deliberately

transferred herself to Yu Huang’s dormitory through her connections. Sheng

Yang nodded. “From today onwards, we are roommates.”

“Please be of guidance.”Yu Huang walked into the dormitory and was about to

return to the room to change when she suddenly heard someone asking

outside, “Excuse me, is it 606?

Yu Huang and Sheng Yang turned around at the same time and saw a mermaid

girl standing outside the dormitory.

The merman had a head of blue curly hair and was wearing a mermaid’s unique

seashell necklace. She was wearing a light purple dress, and her bright fish tail

was exposed under the dress.

There were three famous Beast Tamer Academies on the Holy Spirit Continent.

They were the Divine Realm Academy of the Divine Realm Continent, the Beast

Clan’s Myriad Beast Academy, and the Merman Clan’s Deep Sea Academy.

Although the Divine Realm Academy was open to the entire world to recruit

students, merfolk and beastmen usually would not come to the Divine Realm

Academy to study. After all, there was an unbreakable wall between them.

There was always conflict between humans and nonhumans.

Thus, when they discovered that their dormitory mate was actually a smal

mermaid, Yu Huang and Sheng Yang were momentarily shocked.

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