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Chapter 134: Sheng Xiao has a fiancée?

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The light wall was broken. Yu Huang, who was attacked by Sheng Xiao’s sword

aura, fell into the deep sea like a swallow. When she fell into the sea, Xuan Yu

emerged from between her eyebrows and turned into a fiery red protective



Yu Huang fell into the deep sea. The protective shield only barely helped Yu

Huang withstand the first powerful impact before countless cracks appeared.

Xuan Yu turmed into a red light and returned to Yu Huang’s body.

Yu Huang’s consciousness dissipated. After she fell into the deep sea, her body

rolled along with the dark tide at the bottom of the sea. She was like a helpless


Yin Rong saw that she was sent hundreds of meters away by Sheng Xiao’s

energy rebound. She was worried that Yu Huang’s life would be in danger. She

was about to fly into the deep sea to look for her when Black Qing waved its

dragon tail in the air. Its body swayed and went into the deep sea in the next


Everyone only saw that the calm sea surface was splashed with waves that

were tens of meters high. When they looked again, they could not see Black

Qjng’s figure

Xiao Shu shook his head and said worriedly, “Brother Xiao is so ruthless. Hope

she doesn’t die.”

Lie Gang could not stand it anymore. He said, “Brother Xiao, you’re too


Yin Rong said, “Who would have expected that the freshman would be able to

use such a powerful technique? The stronger the technique Yu Huang used,

the greater the backlash she would suffer after defeat.

She was the one who flew out the furthest.

Black Qing churned in the sea before finally finding Yu Huang

Yu Huang laid quietly in the dark sea. Her waist-length black hair swayed

under her. She did not move at all, as if she was dead.

Black Qing Long waved its tail and used it to hook Yu Huang as it brought her

out of the sea.

The moment he flew out of the sea, Black Qing turned into spiritual power and

returned to Sheng Xiao’s Spiritual Abode. Sheng Xiao carried Yu Huang and

flew to the shore.

He placed Yu Huang on the beach. When he saw that Yu Huang was no longer

breathing, he hurriedly knelt beside her and pressed his hands on Yu Huang’s

chest to perform emergency CPR on her.

Sheng Xiao performed it a few times, but Yu Huang did not react.

Sheng Xiao was frustrated.

He shouldn’t have been so ruthless

Sheng Xiao held Yu Huang’s chin with one hand and made her open her mouth.

In front of everyone, he lowered his head and kissed Yu Huang while breathing

into her body.

Yu Huang’s fingers, which were resting on the beach, suddenly moved. Her

consciousness slowly retumed, and she naturally sensed that someone was

giving her artificial respiration.

Yu Huang heard someone say, “Brother Xiao, is she dead?

Then, Yu Huang heard the man who always sounded calm when he spoke. For

the first time, his tone became flustered and anxious. “Shut up! She won’t die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Huang felt a warmth on her lips again.

That person was breathing into her again.

Sheng Xiao was giving her artiíficial respiration!

After so much happening, they finally kissed.

This was a rare opportunity, and Yu Huang planned to pretend to be dead for a

while longer.

Who asked him to be so ruthless?

Although she was not Sheng Xiao’s girlfriend yet, she was still someone who

had kissed Sheng Xiao before

However, not only did he not show her any mercy, but he even used all his

strength on her. He was a powerful Supreme Master. Did he not think that his

attack might kill her?

She had to scare him.

Sheng Xiao performed artificial respiration on Yu Huang three to four times.

When he saw that Yu Huang did not react, he was flustered.

He used his palm to press on Yu Huang’s chest again. As he pressed, he said,

“Yu Huang! Wake up! How can you die?!” How could she be killed by him?!

Yu Huang thought to herself: I haven’t won you over yet, so I naturally can’t

bear to die.

Yu Huang wanted to pretend for a while more, but at this moment, Xiao Shu

suddenly exclaimed, “Her finger is moving”

Yu Huang knew that she could no longer pretend.

She pretended that she had just woken up and pretended to throw up a few

mouthfuls of seawater. Then, she pressed her hand against her lips and stared

at Sheng Xiao, who was excited. She pretended to be confused and said, “Why

does my mouth hurt so much?”

For a moment, no one spoke.

Yu Huang looked up at sheng Xiao. Seeing his unnatural expression, she asked,

Did you save me?

Sheng Xiao avoided the topic and asked her, “How do you feel?

Yu Huang said, “T just feel that there’s something wrong with my mouth.

There’s no other problem

Vin Rong suddenly coughed with an awkward expression.

The new students looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao with strange

expressions. They wanted to tell Yu Huang that he did artificial respiration for

her when she was unconscious.

But who was Senior Sheng?

He was the most upright person. Him performing artificial respiration for Yu

Huang was purely out of justice. They could not let their imagination run wild.

Sheng Xiao did not explain the truth. He stood up and saw that Sheng Yang and

Liuli Feng had recovered. He said, “The first place Liuli Feng will be rewarded

with 500 points. The second place Sheng Yang will be rewarded with 300

points. The third place Yu Huang will be rewarded with 200 points.

Hearing this, Liu Li Feng and Sheng Yang revealed a hint of joy on their faces,

and the other students looked at the three of them with envy.

Only Yu Huang was confused. She did not know what these points were.

However, when she saw the envious looks of the new students, she knew that

these points were definitely something good.

Thank you, senior!

Sheng Xiao and the others left after the welcoming ceremony.

Before he left, Sheng Xiao looked back at Yu Huang. He was relieved when he

saw that Yu Huang could still talk to Feng Si and Sheng Yang. He knew that her

injury was not serious.

After Sheng Xiao and the others left, Feng Si’s expression became complicated.

He told Yu Huang, “You were unconscious after drowning. Senior Sheng gave

you artificial respiration and saved you.”

For some reason, Yu Huang could hear jealousy and envy in Feng Si’s voice.

She suddenly had a horrifying thought. Was Feng Si Sheng Xiao’s fan?

Feng Si was indeed Sheng Xiao’s fan. After witnessing Sheng Xiao successfully

subdue the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl on the Black Dome, he regarded Sheng

Xiao as his lifelong idol.

That was why Feng Si envied Yu Huang when she was beaten up by Sheng Xiao

and saved by him.

Feng Si looked in the direction where Sheng Xiao left and muttered softly, ”

heard that he doesn’t like women. There was a strange glint in his eyes. He

tilted his head and said to Yu Huang,” Fm quite handsome and my family

background is not bad. If I cultivate my charm properly, will I be able to gain

his favor?

Yu Huang was speechless.

She never expected that there would be a man who dared to snatch Sheng Xiao

away from her!

“Who said that he doesn’t like women?” Would he give her a ring if he didn’t

like women? Would he go to the Black Dome to fight for the Purifying Spirit

Sacred Pearl for her?

Although Sheng Xiao was a little too blunt, he definitely liked women.

Feng Si said, “This matter spread on the Beast Tamer website last year. It’s

most likely true.”

Last year?

Yu Huang suddenly thought of last year when she went to the Lou Lan Ancient

Pavilion with Lin Jiansheng. During the mermen’s transition, she took back

three photos of Sheng Xiao from a girl in black.

That day, in order to stop her rival from admiring Sheng Xiao, she lied to them

that Master Sheng did not like women.

Could this rumor be from her?

Yu Huang immediately felt regretful, as if she had shot herself in the foot.

That’s impossible. How can the rumors be trusted?

Sheng Yang chimed in, “Nonsense! My brother.. Mr. Sheng doesn’t like men.

He has a fiancée!

Feng Si looked disappointed.

Yu Huang’s face was filled with shock and anger.

Sheng Xiao had a fiancée?

Why had she never heard of it before?

Wasn’t he a jerk to flirt with her when he had a fiancée?

Yu Huang asked Sheng Yang, “Since when did Mr. Sheng have a fiancée? Ive

never heard of her.” The other new students were also confused.

Sheng Xiao was a legend on the Holy Spirit Continent. Any news about him

would be spread on the Beast Tamer website.

If Sheng Xiao had a fiancée, everyone would have known about it.

Sheng Yang pursed his lips and said, “When I was a child, I heard from my

family that Mr. Sheng had a marital arrangement since he was a child. His

fiancée is the young master of the Yin family!”

Yu Huang’s expression instantly became strange when she heard this.

When did she become Sheng Xiao’s fiancée?

When he heard Sheng Yang mention this, Liuli Feng had an impression of it. “I

think that’s true. It’s said that more than ten years ago, when Mr. Sheng went

o the Yin family to participate in the Yin family’s young master’s full moon

banquet, the Yin family’s young master showed absolute dependence and love

for him. The Prime Master and Grand Master Sheng verbally arranged a

marriage for them.”

The disciples of the large family clans had all heard of this matter. However, it

had been too long ago, and the fate of the Yin Clan’s young master was

unknown. If someone had not deliberately mentioned it, they would have

really forgotten.

Feng Si felt jealous. He said, “That was when Mr. Sheng was a child. How do

you know if he likes men or not?”

Sheng Xiao was her brother. Sheng Yang knew Sheng Xiao’s sexual preference.

Sheng Yang clicked her tongue and said, “Mr. Sheng has been asking about the

young master of the Yin family all these years. If he didn’t care about that

young master, why would he still ask?”

Feng Si instantly fell silent. He thought to himself that the rumors were indeed

unreliable. He would report the user of the post later.

Yu Huang had mixed feelings when she heard Sheng Yang’s words. Lin

Jiansheng had mentioned to her before that her engagement with Sheng Xiao

was just a joke between her parents. Did Sheng Xiao take it seriously?

Was Sheng Xiao really still asking about her?

At this moment, the cry of a bird suddenly came from the forest. Liuli Feng

looked out of the forest and said, “The birds of the academy are here.”

The new students walked along a cement path into the forest. After walking for

five to six hundred meters, they saw the flight platform.

On the wide flying platform, ten huge birds landed in succession. On the backs

of the birds were rows of seats. One bird could ride 60 people, and ten birds

could take everyone away.

After a long day and being injured, the freshmen were no longer in the mood to

admire the scenery. All of them leaned back in their chairs and dozed off.

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