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Chapter 133: Sheng Xiao vs Yu Huang

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Yu Huang and Sheng Yang subconsciously raised their heads to look at the

pagoda above them. They could feel the destructive energy released from the

pagoda and were aghast.

As the name suggested, the Nine Levels Pagoda had a total of nine levels. Lie

Gang had only used the third level of the pagoda, but he had already injured

them so badly that they could not fight back. Was this the true power of a


At this moment, all of Yu Huang’s arrogance and conceit had been crushed. She

deeply realized that on the path of Beast Tamers, she was just a child who had

just learned to walk.

She finally understood why the academy had specially prepared this

welcoming ceremony for the new students.

The academy did not intend to test their abilities through the group battle at

all. Its true goal was to utterly crush their arrogance, to let them suffer

humiliation and injury, to let them understand

There was always someone stronger!

Even though they were so arrogant, they still were suppressed and beaten by


Seeing that the pagoda was about to hit Yu Huang and Sheng Yang, Sheng Xiao

was about to remind Lie Gang to stop when Yu Huang shouted, “wWe admit


When he heard Yu Huang take the initiative to beg for mercy, Lie Gang

hurriedly withdrew his hand. He looked at Yu Huang in surprise, and he

thought that this girl would never know what it meant to admit defeat.

Yu Huang helped Sheng Yang stand up with difficulty. She suddenly bent down

and bowed to Lie Gang as she thanked him. “Thank you for your teachings. I

will definitely remember them.”

A trace of surprise flashed across Lie Gang’s eyes. He pretended to be confused

and asked Yu Huang, “What do you understand?

Yu Huang said with a humble attitude, “As a student of the Divine Realm

Academy, you must abstain from arrogance, impatience, and forge ahead. You

must not rely on your talent to be arrogant and conceited. You must know that

there is always someone better out there. A frog in the well will never know the

immensity of heaven and earth.”

“Hahaha! Lie Gang suddenly roared with laughter. He turned around and said

to Yin Rong, Xiao Shu, and the others, “Look! Look! This is what a cultured

person is. It took us quite a while to understand this principle, but she

immediately understood it!”

Back then, when Lie Gang and the others had just entered the Divine Realm

Academy, they were even more arrogant than Liuli Feng and the others. At that

time, the academy had also sent student representatives to gang up on them.

However, at that time, they were proud and arrogant. After being defeated,

they didn’t know how to reflect on themselves and were rather unconvinced.

After entering the academy, they were tortured by the upperclassman for half a

year when this group of proud youths finally learned to restrain themselves

and keep a low profile.

However, they had only understood this principle after being beaten up for half

a year. Yu Huang understood it immediately.

The top student was indeed smart

In the distance, Sheng Xiao was not disappointed when he heard Yu Huang

admit defeat. He even smiled.

He finally flew over from the tree.

The girls blushed when they saw Sheng Xiao’s face. The boys felt ashamed to

see him.

Xiao Shu walked behind Sheng Xiao and said, “Brother Xiao, the one called Liuli

Feng, this cunning female and the little girl beside her, are the least injured.”

Xiao Shu and the others had personally experienced how powerful Lie Gang’s

Nine Pagoda was. They naturally knew how terrifying its power was.

In the freshman camp, other than Yu Huang and Sheng Yang, who could still

barely stand, the one in the best condition was that guy called Liuli Feng.

Liuli Feng had always been the main force in this revolving battle. After he was

attacked by Lie Gang’s Nine Pagoda, he could still sit cross-legged on the spot

to treat his injuries and not lie on the ground and wail like the other new

students. This was already very good.

Yin Rong also said, “The three of them are indeed the best performing


Sheng Xiao glanced at the three of them. He felt conflicted.

He had participated in a few welcoming ceremonies for the new students, but

none of them were as exciting as this one.

One was his biological sister, the other was his… no, his admirer. The

remaining one was a core disciple of the Liuli Clan.

This was a dilemma.

If he won, he would be a legend. If he lost, his sister and wife would run from


How should he fight?

After a moment of silence, Sheng Xiao finally said, “The three of you, line up.”

Liuli Feng gritted his teeth and stood up before walking to Sheng Yang and Yu


The three of them stood in a row and looked at Sheng Xiao in confusion.

Xiao shu and the others did not understand what sheng Xiao was trying to do.

Yu Huang and the others were stunned as well.

Although Sheng Yang was Sheng Xiao’s sister, he could not guess what her

brother was thinking.e

Sheng Xiao looked at the three of them coldly. “It’s getting late. Let’s end this


The moment he opened her mouth, he boasted.

Yin Rong asked, “How do we end this quickly?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Later, I will attack the three of you with my spiritual power.

The one who flies out the furthest will be the last place. The one who is slightly

further will be the second last place. The one closest to me will be the first.”



Fair and convenient!

As expected of a heartless disciplinary officer!

The corners of Yin Rong and the others’ mouths twitched. No one stood up

against Sheng Xiao’s decision.

Sheng Xiao’s decision was fair. He treated everyone equally. Even Sheng Yang

could not blame him.

Sheng Xiao reminded them, “Be prepared!”

After he finished speaking, a thick black spiritual force spread out from Sheng

Xiao’s body and wrapped around him. One second, when the spiritual force was

circulated to the maximum, a black dragon roared and emerged from between

his eyebrows

The moment the giant dragon jumped to the surface of the sea, its tail slapped

the surface of the sea, sending waves tens of meters high. The scene was

soul-stirring, scaring all the new students into holding their breaths!

Black Qing

Liuli Feng looked at the man in front of him in shock and exclaimed, “sheng…

Sheng Xiao!” He never expected that he would be lucky enough to fight Shengg


The dragon bent down and crawled in front of Sheng Xiao. Sheng Xiao flew to

the top of the dragon’s head. The black spiritual energy on his body turned into

a long sword in his hand. He raised the sword in the sky and muttered to the

entire sea, “Slay the sky with one strike!”


As the sword slashed down, it tore through the sky, and an overwhelming

pressure caused everyone present to feel the blood in their chests roil. Even the

expressions of Yin Rong and the others turned slightly pale.

Yin Rong and the others did not expect Sheng Xiao to use this move directly.

The cultivation technique Sheng Xiao practiced was the Heaven-level

cultivation technique, Myriad Slash. There were a total of 10o styles of the

cultivation technique. He had only reached the twentieth style at the moment,

and this one was the tenth style!

A single sword could cut through the heavens and the earth. Ordinary Scholars

would die on the spot under his attack!

He had made such a ruthless move the moment he made a move!

They didn’t know if he thought too highly of these three juniors or didn’t think

much of them.

Sensing the powerful might, Yu Huang and the others released their strongest

power at the same time.

“Mountain Pushing Palm!” Sheng Yang used the Mountain Pushing Palm again.

A thick white spiritual energy collided with Sheng Xiao’s sword aura and she

was sent flying!

“Red Dust!” Liuli Feng’s big scissors cut a hole in Sheng Xiao’s sword energy.

Then, it was devoured by the sword energy and he was sent flying far away!

Yu Huang spread her Vermillion Bird wings again. The fully extended wings

blotted out the sky and were actually about the size of Black Qing’s body.

Yu Huang circulated all her spiritual power, and her face turned pale. She

gritted her teeth and used all her strength to release her strongest attack

“Starry Sky!

Vermillion Bird’s wings flapped crazily. Thousands of red feathers turned into

sharp blades that fell like stars. They formed a wall of light and blocked Sheng

Xiao’s attack.

Sheng Xiao was impressed.

However, the light wall was soon broken by Sheng Xiao. Yu Huang was

attacked by the energy and she flew backward!

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