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Chapter 132: The Tortured Yu Huang

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“Her? She can’t shoulder anything?” Sheng Yang seemed to have heard a joke.

Sheng Yang looked at Yu Huang with a complicated expression. She said, “The scholar you’re talking about is the only one who can walk out of the Time Valley alive.”

Sheng Yang looked at Liuli Feng and asked him, “Is she qualified to fight with us?”

When they heard this, the gazes of everyone present descended onto Yu Huang, and their eyes were filled with surprise and incredulity.

This fella walked out of the Time Valley alive?

Yu Huang felt a little helpless when she was suddenly the focus of everyone’s attention. She walked towards Sheng Yang and stood beside her while telling her, “Let’s be partners.”

When Sheng Yang saw Yu Huang, her eyes suddenly turned red. She whispered to Yu Huang, “Thank you.”

Thank you for saving me back then. Thank you for appearing in front of me alive.

When Yu Huang heard Sheng Yang’s words of thanks, she felt particularly guilty. She was just using Sheng Yang, but Sheng Yang treated her as a real friend.

Yu Huang decided to treat Sheng Yang better in the future.

Yin Rong sized up Yu Huang for a moment, and she was unable to conceal her surprise as she asked, “In that case, you’re also a Beast Tamer?”

Since ancient times, the students who were able to pass the college entrance examination and be accepted into the Divine Realm Academy were all academic stellars and bookworms. No Beast Tamer had ever been accepted into the Divine Realm Academy as a scholar.

This was the first time in history.

Yu Huang could no longer hide her identity as a Beast Tamer, so she could only admit it in public. She looked at Yin Rong and the others and nodded. “I am indeed a Beast Tamer.”

Everyone found it unbelievable after Yu Huang had admitted it.

The red-haired young man looked at Yu Huang as if he was looking at a rare object, and he sighed with emotion as he said, “F*ck, there’s finally a top student amongst us Beast Tamers! Now, we can hold our heads high in front of those students of the Purifying Spirit Academy.”

On the Holy Spirit Continent, Purifying Spirit Masters were generally more cultured than Beast Tamers. As a Beast Tamer, Yu Huang was the first person in history to be accepted into the academy as a scholar. She gave Beast Tamers glory!

Yu Huang said silently in her heart, Sorry, I’m not only a Beast Tamer, but I’m also a Purifying Spirit Master. I can’t be considered bringing Beast Tamers glory.

The red-haired youth became very interested in Yu Huang. He asked her, “What’s your name? Let’s add each other on WeChat and be friends.”

Yu Huang was about to reply when she heard Sheng Xiao’s voice from afar. “Xiao Shu! Don’t forget your duty!”

The red-haired young man stopped being gossipy when he was called out by Sheng Xiao. He resumed his arrogant and domineering demeanor and urged the new students impatiently. “All of you fight together. I still have to go back and eat!”

This was a blatant insult!

The freshmen’s faces were immediately filled with anger and unwillingness as they swarmed towards the student representatives.

Xiao Shu’s words had attracted enough hatred for him. At this moment, all the new students had gathered to attack him alone. The other student representatives stood at the side to watch the commotion while gloating.

Sheng Yang was about to challenge Xiao Shu too, but Yu Huang grabbed her arm.

Yu Huang told her, “Our target is not Xiao Shu, but that person.” Yu Huang pointed at the upperclassman with a King Kong Beast.

Sheng Yang looked where Yu Huang was pointing. After seeing clearly who Yu Huang wanted to challenge, she immediately frowned and told Yu Huang, “That person’s name is Lie Gang. He is a Strength Battle Beast Tamer like me. According to my understanding, this person is an expert ranked 25th on the academy’s expert rankings. If we fight him, I’m afraid we won’t have a chance of winning.”

Sheng Yang did not think that they could defeat Lie Gang.

Yu Huang told Sheng Yang the details she had observed. “I’ve observed him. His endurance and endurance are the worst among the representatives. Our cultivation levels are weak, so if we want to win, we can only resort to tricks. We’ll first slowly wear down his spiritual power. After he’s exhausted, we’ll use our killer move.”

Sheng Yang looked at Lie Gang thoughtfully and asked Yu Huang, “What should we do?”

Yu Huang leaned over and whispered in Sheng Yang’s ear, “You’re a Strength Beast Tamer, and I’m more proficient in flying. Lie Gang’s beast form is a King Kong. He’s not good at fighting at high altitudes. So, let’s do this later…”

After hearing Yu Huang’s mischevious idea, Sheng Yang was very tempted. She licked her lips and nodded vigorously. “Alright! Let’s do it that way!”

After making up his mind, Sheng Yang took the lead and ran towards Lie Gang.

Just as Lie Gang was watching the commotion caused by Xiao Shu, he realized that a female student was bold enough to challenge him. He hurriedly summoned his King Kong Beast Form and attacked Sheng Yang immediately.

“Strike with your heavy fists!”

The King Kong jumped dozens of feet high. When he landed, his fist created a deep pit on the ground. Boundless and powerful spiritual energy shook Sheng Yang until her body flew out!

At this moment, a red light suddenly flashed across the crowd.

“Wings of the Sparrow!”

A pair of fiery red wings formed from demonic power suddenly emerged from Yu Huang’s back. Yu Huang hugged Sheng Yang and flew into the sky.

Seeing this, Sheng Xiao and the student representatives raised their heads and looked at Yu Huang in the sky in a daze. They noticed that the wings had suddenly emerged from Yu Huang’s body and fused with her.

Only a Grand Master-level Beast Tamer could merge their host with their beast form and become one.

How could this girl be a Grand Master?!

This was impossible!

At that moment, Yin Rong and the others heard Sheng Xiao say, “She’s not a Grand Master. It should be a flying witch technique.” It seemed that Yu Huang had a new gain after three months of him not seeing her. She had obtained a flying witch technique.

She was really lucky.

Everyone was relieved when they heard Sheng Xiao’s explanation.

They were wondering how Yu Huang could be a Grand Master when she was so young?

Yu Huang saw that Sheng Xiao had seen through her flying witch technique. She looked at Sheng Xiao from afar and felt proud.

As expected of the man she liked. He was discerning!

Sheng Xiao pursed his lips unnaturally when he noticed Yu Huang’s gaze.

At this moment, Yu Huang suddenly swooped down with Sheng Yang in her arms and placed Sheng Yang behind Lie Gang. Sheng Yang had already mobilized the spirit energy around her. As soon as she landed, she attacked Lie Gang.

“Mountain Pushing Palm!”

This punch contained the tyrannical power of the polar bear beast form. Its power was boundless!

Lie Gang, who had yet to recover from the shock of Yu Huang being a Grand Master at such a young age, was suddenly attacked by Sheng Yang. Caught off guard, Lie Gang immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and was beaten to the ground.

After the sneak attack was successful, Yu Huang landed on the ground again and flew into the sky with Sheng Yang in her arms. This series of actions stunned the others.

To run after a sneak attack, was she even humane?

Yin Rong raised his eyebrows as he looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Yang in the sky. He suddenly cursed, “Little gangsters!” Although this roguish tactic was underhanded, it was a fight. As long as they could win, who would care about the process?

Sheng Xiao smiled when he saw that. It had been a few months since they last met, but this girl was even more cunning.

Lie Gang slowly got up. He raised his head and looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Yang in the sky. He had also thought about it. “If you two little girls have the ability, then fight me face-to-face. What is impressive about a sneak attack?!”

This was the first time Sheng Yang had done this. She was ashamed and blushed.

Yu Huang, on the other hand, was unfazed. She even replied to him very calmly, “We are indeed unimpressive. If we had the ability, we wouldn’t have needed to ambush you.”

Lie Gang was speechless.

This was the first time she had seen someone make being useless sound so high-minded.

Lie Gang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Yu Huang and the others with a serious expression.

“I didn’t intend to get serious with you guys, but you guys have worked so hard to defeat me. If I don’t show you my true abilities, it will be disrespectful to you. I’ll let you guys experience the true power of a Master!”

Xiao Shu and Yin Rong exchanged glances when they heard this. He was somewhat surprised. “Is Lie Gang finally going to attack with his full strength?”

Yu Huang and Sheng Yang looked at Lie Gang warily.

Lie Gang’s King Kong Beast suddenly climbed to a height of 100 feet.

The enlarged King Kong suddenly became dangerous. He was like a tall mountain in front of Sheng Yang and Yu Huang, blocking their way out.

Sensing the terrifying might and pressure of the King Kong, both of their gazes became serious. So during the previous battle, Lie Gang had never used his true strength?

Lie Gang jumped up and sat on the King Kong’s broad shoulder. His muscles suddenly tensed up as he shouted with a solemn expression, “Nine, heavy, pagoda! The first pagoda!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the King Kong Beast form clenched its right fist and punched the ground with all its might.

This punch was on a completely different level than the one it had used to attack Sheng Yang earlier.

As this punch landed, the ground shook and a layer of spiritual energy fluctuations appeared, sending the group of new students surrounding Xiao Shu flying!

The new students fell to the ground and spat out blood while howling incessantly. Only Liuli Feng and the others with slightly higher cultivation levels didn’t vomit blood, but they knelt on the ground with pained expressions.

At this time, they finally understood how terrifying a Master Beast Tamer was!

When he saw those new students with their heads lowered and seeming as if they had suffered a huge blow, the corners of Yin Rong’s mouth curled up as he smiled mysteriously and said, “Every single new student must suffer a little before they understand what humility is.”

At this moment, the King Kong Beast threw a second punch at the ground. Yu Huang could clearly see a layer of dark and intense spiritual energy surrounding the King Kong Beast’s fist, causing space to distort.

“Nine-Layered Pagoda, Second Pagoda!”

When this fist landed, not only did the ground tremble, even the air trembled. Yu Huang and Sheng Yang suffered from the powerful Spiritual Energy attack, and their Spiritual Energy was damaged, causing them to fall from the sky.

Liuli Feng and the others were shocked to the ground again and couldn’t even make a sound.

“Ah!” Sheng Yang, her face extremely pale, spat out a mouthful of blood.

Blood flowed from the corner of Yu Huang’s mouth. Her situation was not much better than Sheng Yang’s.

Seeing Yu Huang and Sheng Yang finally descend from the sky, Lie Gang smiled in satisfaction and threw a third punch—

“Nine-Layered Pagoda, Third Pagoda!”

When this fist smashed onto the ground, the spirit energy that covered the sky transformed into a translucent pagoda that descended from the sky, and it only smashed towards Yu Huang and Sheng Yang.

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