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Chapter 128: Want to take a roller coaster? The kind that kills.

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Lin Jiansheng was a person who loved to watch drama. He was a huge gossip. It was bad enough that he usually watched other people’s drama, but now, he even watched his own disciple’s drama.

Yu Huang glared at Lin Jiansheng. “Mentor, don’t be disrespectful.”

Lin Jiansheng coughed twice before letting it go.

As night fell, fireflies lit up on the Gobi.

Tomorrow was the day they would enter the Divine Realm Academy. These young children were so excited that they found it difficult to sleep. They lit a bonfire in the Gobi and surrounded it while telling stories. There was even a bold girl who danced beside the bonfire, causing many people to cheer.

A few youths walked towards Creel and the others and invited them to the bonfire to chat.

Creel and the others didn’t decline and walked over.

The moment they sat down, they became the center of everyone’s attention.

Creel was a black man. He sat beside the bonfire like a black wooden statue. When thrown into the night, he could completely merge with the darkness. However, as long as he opened his mouth to speak, his bright white teeth would be very obvious.

Creel was a very talkative man. No matter what the juniors asked him, as long as he knew, he would tell them a few words enthusiastically.

On the other hand, Zhong Luoxue, who sat on his left, was much more reserved and cold. She sat upright by the bonfire, and her beautiful and fair face was slightly flushed by the bonfire, causing her to seem even more beautiful.

Xuanyuan Jing occasionally stole a glance at Zhong Luoxue with a fiery gaze.

Zhong Luoxue could feel Xuanyuan Jing sizing her up. She didn’t respond to Xuanyuan Jing’s gaze, but her delicate body sat even more gracefully.

Yu Huang didn’t participate in the gathering of those brats, and she didn’t want to meet Xuanyuan Jing either. She stood up and left the tent alone to look at the stars in the depths of the Gobi.

As she watched, she suddenly discovered a butterfly emitting five-colored light in the distant sky.

Yu Huang blinked in surprise. How could there be such a huge butterfly in the desert?

Yu Huang looked again and realized that there was a man sitting on the butterfly’s back.

This butterfly should be the beast form of the Beast Tamer.

Flying beast form?

The butterfly was exhausted from flying and its spiritual power was completely exhausted. It turned into a ray of light and entered the body of the Beast Tamer. Thus, the Beast Tamer fell from the sky and fell flat on his face.

Yu Huang was speechless.


The man’s face contorted in pain. He cried out a few times before sitting up and gently massaging his knee.

The man sat on the ground and rested for a few minutes. When he felt that it no longer hurt, he stood up.

He took out a clean coat from the storage device and changed into it. Then, he picked up the glasses that had fallen to the ground and put them on.

Thinking that he was once again a respectable person, the man turned around and prepared to go to Skysplit Tower to meet up with the other new students.

However, when he turned around, he realized that there was a girl sitting on the Gobi behind her.

Feng Si was speechless.

There was actually someone here!

Yu Huang had not expected that she would still be able to see Feng Si after a year. She also did not expect that Feng Si’s appearance would be so different.

That’s right. This man was the bespectacled man Yu Huang had met at the Black Dome last year. She remembered that his name was Feng Si.

Feng Si also felt that Yu Huang was somewhat familiar, but for a moment, he was unable to associate Yu Huang with the young lady who had boldly jumped into the Purgatory Sea.

When Feng Si thought about how he fell from the sky just now, and his wretched appearance of grimacing in pain and howling was seen by this young lady, he immediately blushed in embarrassment.

He had still wanted to make a dignified entrance, but he did not expect to suffer humiliation the moment he appeared.

“Heh heh…” Feng Si could only laugh awkwardly. After laughing, he asked Yu Huang,” Miss, you are also at the Divine Realm Academy to report? ”

Seeing that Feng Si did not recognize her, the smile on Yu Huang’s lips became even more playful. “Young Master Feng’s entrance method is really unique.”

Feng Si’s eyes widened slightly. “You know me?”

The Feng Family was indeed a prestigious cultivation family on the Ice Domain Continent, but this was the Divine Realm Continent, where outstanding people lived. How did this lady know him?

Feng Si pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and stared at Yu Huang’s appearance carefully. With one look, he found her even more familiar. “Have we met before?”

Yu Huang reminded him, “Rakshasa Empire, Black Dome Mountain, Purgatory Sea.”

She said word by word.

When Feng Si heard these three phrases, the image of a girl wearing a cat mask and holding a book while reading beside the fire flashed across his mind!

“It’s you! Little Yu!” Feng Si looked at Yu Huang as if he was looking at a monster. He said, “Didn’t you jump into the Purgatory Sea? Why are you still alive?”

In Feng Si and the others’ eyes, jumping into the Purgatory Sea was equivalent to jumping into a mountain of blades and a sea of flames. That was a trip with no return.

Yu Huang nodded and admitted her identity before explaining, “I jumped, but I came out alive.”

Feng Sijun’s face was filled with shock. “Impressive, impressive. You can actually escape unscathed from the Purgatory Sea!”

She was a ruthless person!

Yu Huang thought of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl that she had swallowed and looked at Feng Si. She could not help but feel conflicted.

If this guy knew that the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl that he wanted even in his dreams had been given to her by Sheng Xiao, would he be so angry that he wanted to kill her?

Yu Huang decided to hide this matter. She asked Feng Si, “Your beast form is a butterfly?”

Feng Si was a man, but his beast form was that of a beautiful butterfly. He was somewhat embarrassed. “… Yes.”

Yu Huang said, “Very beautiful.”

Feng Si did not see any mockery on Yu Huang’s face. Only then did he believe that Yu Huang was purely praising his beast form for being beautiful. Only then did his awkward expression soften.

Feng Si smiled bitterly. “What’s the use of being beautiful? This thing is flashy but useless. It’s beautiful but useless.”

“How can that be? Usually, such a gorgeous beast form has other special abilities even if it doesn’t have powerful combat abilities. What kind of beast form is your?”

Feng Sihan replied vaguely, “Support.”

“That’s great. In the future, you can find a battle-type Beast Tamer as your partner.” Auxiliary beast forms combined with a battle-type beast form could achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Yu Huang didn’t understand why Feng Si hated his beast form so much.

Feng Si clicked his tongue and said angrily, “What’s so good about that? My butterfly is called a Charming Colored Disk. It’s a beast form that can only cultivate charm techniques. Why would a man like me cultivate that thing?! I’m not going to sell it in a brothel!”

Yu Huang’s expression became intrigued when she heard this.

As a man, he could only cultivate in charm techniques. This was indeed very humiliating. No wonder Feng Si wanted to improve his beast form.

Yu Huang enlightened him. “The beast form was a gift from God to us. Since your beast form chose you, it means that it’s the most suitable for you. Instead of resisting it, you might as well treat it well. Furthermore, it’s not shameless for men to cultivate charm techniques. Don’t look down on yourself.”

Feng Si understood this, but he just couldn’t get over this hurdle.

His siblings who had successfully awakened their beast forms were all more powerful than him. As the fourth young master of the Feng family, he was a Beast Tamer who could only cultivate charm techniques. If word got out, wouldn’t it be a joke?

However, Feng Si still felt a little better after being consoled by Yu Huang.

After explaining his situation, Feng Si asked Yu Huang, “You’re also a freshman this year?”


“Are you a Purifying Spirit Master now?”

“Yes. However, I was accepted into the academy as a scholar.”

Feng Si knew that Yu Huang loved to study very much. The night before she jumped into the Purgatory Sea, she was still reading. Yu Huang worked so hard and finally successfully entered the Divine Realm Academy. Feng Si was also happy for her.

“Those who can enter the Divine Realm Academy through their own abilities are all very powerful.” Feng Si rubbed his nose in embarrassment and whispered, “I entered through the back door.”

Yu Huang found his frankness adorable. “How did you get in through the back door?”


That’s right, even the Divine Realm Academy had expenditures.

Yu Huang’s expression was unreadable. She sighed and said, “Then your parents really dote on you.” They were willing to spend money to send their child to the Divine Realm Academy. This was indeed a form of doting.

Feng Si was even more embarrassed. He said worriedly, “If I can’t pass the annual assessment for three years in a row, I will still be sent home in the end. However, my parents gave me this opportunity, so I will definitely cherish it.”

“Good luck.”

The sky was about to brighten.

Yu Huang stood up and said to Feng Si, “Let’s go. Skysplit Tower is about to open.”


As Yu Huang and Feng Si arrived at the bottom of Skysplit Tower, they heard a rumbling sound. The entrance to Skysplit Tower had opened!

Everyone stood up from the ground and simultaneously stood on their tiptoes to look at the entrance of Skysplit Tower.

There, a man in a brown uniform stood with a bell in his hand.

He was the guide who led the way for the new students.

The guide shook the bell, and the entire bronze bell above Skysplit Tower shook with it. This sound spread throughout the desolate Gobi, shocking everyone.

“New students, please follow me into the pagoda!”

The guide turned around and walked into the tower. Thus, all the new students and their parents quietly queued up to enter the tower.

They entered the tower, but they did not go up. Instead, they went down.

No one knew how deep the pagoda was.

Everyone walked down the stairs to the bottom of the tower.

The new students’ faces were filled with curiosity. As they walked, they looked around.

Lin Jiansheng told Yu Huang, “After walking past these 999 stairs, there will be an underground plaza at the end of the road. We will gather there later and get into the car collectively.”

There was even a car underground?

“Is it the subway?”


Lin Jiansheng shook his head mysteriously and said, “You’ll know later.”

Yu Huang immediately had a bad premonition.

As expected, after walking down the 999 steps, they arrived at an underground plaza.

The guide stood at the front and raised his voice to say to everyone, “Everyone, line up. 50 people per team! We’re going to get in the car!”

However, Yu Huang did not see a car.

The outside of the square seemed to be a cliff. There was no road, and Yu Huang did not see any cars.

So, where was the car they were taking? Where was the road?

There were many people who had the same doubts as Yu Huang. Some youths even wanted to run to the edge of the square to take a look, but were pulled back by their parents. “Line up properly. The car will be here soon!”

The child asked, “Where’s the car? There’s no road!”

The parent said, “There will be a road later!”

Yu Huang tilted her head to look at Lin Jiansheng. Seeing Lin Jiansheng’s mysterious expression, she was even more confused.

“Since we’re all in line, let’s get in the car!”

The guide whistled, and the sound of a metal wheel rolling suddenly came from deep underground.

It was as if some kind of monster had awakened.

Beep beep…

Beep beep…

The car was here!

But it was a rollercoaster!

Lin Jiansheng tilted his head and said to Yu Huang, “Welcome to the Soul Chasing rollercoaster ride!”

Want to take a roller coaster?

The kind that kills.

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