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Chapter 127: Encounter Xuanyuan Jing

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The moment this group of people landed, they immediately attracted the curious gazes of many new students.

“That’s the upperclassmen. They all have aircraft. I want my own aircraft too!”

“Wow, they are all so handsome!”

Yu Huang was also staring at the group of people. Her eyes were calm.

Lin Jiansheng told Yu Huang, “From July to September, it is the annual assessment season of the Divine Realm Academy. During this period, the students have to go out to carry out missions. They can only successfully graduate and enter the next age. Otherwise, they will continue to stay behind. These children should be students who just returned after completing their missions.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang was speechless. She asked, “Is the system that strict?”

“Of course it’s strict. The academy set up the annual assessment system with the goal of screening out those slackers. Students who are held back for three consecutive years will be expelled by the academy. Thus, those who can successfully graduate from the Divine Realm Academy are all very outstanding students.”

Yu Huang couldn’t help but ask, “How do we graduate?”

Lin Jiansheng’s answer was very simple. “Charge into the tower.

Charge into the tower?

Yu Huang stared at the four-sided pagoda behind her and curiously asked, “Break into the Skysplit Tower?”

Lin Jiansheng nodded and then explained the details of the graduation examination in detail with Yu Huang. “Divine Realm Academy has a total of 12 grades. When you advance to the 12th grade, you have to break into the tower.”

“Skysplit Tower has a total of 99 levels. It is a low-end version of the Central Pagoda. After graduation, students who can enter the 60th level can graduate. Students who can enter the 70th level will be given the academy’s outstanding student badge. Students who can enter the 80th level will obtain the honorary student badge. And students who can enter the 90th level will be branded as honorary students onto the Divine Realm Academy’s honor wall. These students can also choose to stay in the academy.”

“Therefore, every faculty member, professor, and man who is sweeping the floor are big shots who have broken into the 90th level.”

Yu Huang remembered this crucial piece of information and secretly warned herself not to offend anyone in the school.

Everyone was a big shot and could not be offended.

“Mentor, what will the reward be if you pass level 99?”

Lin Jiansheng raised his head and looked at the top of the Skysplit Tower. He said, “The students who successfully pass the 99th level will represent the academy in participating in the Central Pagoda trials that are held once every five years. Those who pass the trials successfully can enter the Upper World. Back then, Senior was the only student who passed the trials successfully in his grade.”

Yu Huang licked her lips and secretly clenched her fists.

She had to walk down the path her father had walked before again.


“Mentor, now that the spatial gate has been sealed, is there still anyone who wants to break into the Central Pagoda?”

“Why not?” Lin Jiansheng rubbed the short beard on his chin with the back of his hand before saying, “Even if you can’t enter the Upper World, it’s still a good thing to be able to gain a good reputation for your family and the academy through your results in the pagoda challenge. The next Central Pagoda challenge will be next year.”

After knowing that it would be the Central Pagoda’s challenge next year, Yu Huang immediately thought of Sheng Xiao. “Mentor, why hasn’t Supreme Master Sheng graduated?”

Sheng Xiao entered the Divine Realm Academy at the age of 11. With his cultivation and talent, he could have graduated early. However, not only did he not graduate early, but he also postponed it. It was suspicious.

Lin Jiansheng felt amused when he heard Yu Huang mention Sheng Xiao. “You two are close. Ask him!”

Yu Huang was speechless.

“We’re not that close either.” They only kissed.

Lin Jiansheng put away his frivolous attitude and shook his head while saying, “I don’t know the exact reason, but I guess he wants to stay behind for the Central Pagoda Test next year.”

No wonder.

As the master and disciple chatted, the sound of a flying device gliding across the sky suddenly sounded again.

More than a dozen teenagers jumped down from the aircraft. This group of people were also wearing the uniform of Divine Realm Academy.

The leading young man had a pair of almond-shaped eyes, light blue eyes, an upturned nose, and red lips. He looked particularly handsome.

The moment the young man landed, he brought his teammates to another team.

“Mr. Creel.” The young man greeted the male senior at the front of the team before turning his gaze to the woman beside Creel.

The woman had golden curly hair and mixed-race facial features. She was extremely beautiful, and the ordinary-looking school uniform looked handsome on her.

This person’s name was Zhong Luoxue. She was a female student ranked 350th on the top 500 rankings of the academy. She was also one of the top ten beauties of the academy.

With all kinds of glory, Zhong Luoxue naturally could not conceal her arrogance.

The blue-eyed young man nodded at Zhong Luoxue and shouted in admiration, “Luoxue, you’re here too.”

Zhong Luoxue nodded in a reserved manner. When she saw a cut on the blue-eyed young man’s uniform on his shoulder by the demon beast, she raised her fair hand and gently touched his wound. She frowned lightly and asked, “Xuanyuan, are you injured?”

Zhong Luoxue was such an aloof beauty, but she actually took the initiative to express concern about him. This made Xuanyuan Jing feel flattered.

Xuanyuan Jing hurriedly shook his head and said, “Your injuries aren’t serious, just superficial wounds. I heard that your mission this time is to kill a level-six demon beast. I wonder if you guys have completed the mission? You…”

Afraid that his thoughts would make Zhong Luoxue feel uncomfortable, Xuanyuan Jing asked, “Are you guys hurt?”

Zhong Luoxue naturally could hear Xuanyuan Jing’s concern for her. Her eyes warmed slightly as she shook her head. “It’s fine.”

At this moment, Creel interrupted. He said, “The new students are about to report. We can only wait for the tower gate to open tomorrow morning and follow them back to the academy.”

Zhong Luoxue said, “It’s nothing. Let’s wait a little longer. After all, there are still other students who haven’t returned.”

When Creel heard her words, he thought of something else. He said, “I heard from the other students that the academy’s assessment requirement for Mr. Sheng is for him to retrieve a level 7 Monster Core alone. I wonder if he has completed the mission?”

The students fell silent when they heard Mr. Sheng’s name.

Xuanyuan Jing frowned and said, “Mr. Sheng broke through to the level of a Supreme Master last year. He has a chance of winning against a level 7 demon beast alone.”

Zhong Luoxue said, “Level 7 Demonic Beasts are so terrifying. No matter how powerful Mr. Sheng is, he’s still fighting alone. I’m afraid it won’t be easy.”

Creel stopped talking.

In the distance, Yu Huang narrowed her eyes and looked at Creel and the others in a daze. She stared at Xuanyuan Jing’s back and was somewhat surprised.

She didn’t expect to see Xuanyuan Jing before she even entered Divine Realm Academy.

Yu Huang immediately felt her knuckles itch. She really wanted to beat him up.

When Lin Jiansheng heard Zhong Luoxue address one of the youths as ‘Xuanyuan ‘, he recalled the gossip about Yu Huang. He couldn’t help but wink at Yu Huang and ask, “Could that Xuanyuan be your fiancé?”

Yu Huang corrected him. “Ex.”

Yu Huang didn’t deny it, which meant that the brat was Xuanyuan Jing.

Lin Jiansheng chuckled and teased Yu Huang. “You have a rich life in this school. Your ex-fiancé and your prospective boyfriend are both here. Imagine that scene. Tsk tsk.”

He wanted to see it!

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