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Chapter 126: Skysplit Tower, Divine Realm Academy!

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Even if Yu Donghai did not explain, Lin Jiansheng could understand what he was worried about.

Lin Jiansheng’s heart ached. He shook Yu Donghai’s head lightly and said with anguish, “How heroic were you in the past? Look at yourself now! Yin Donghai, you f*cking turned yourself into a cripple!”

“You’re Yin Donghai, the Yin Donghai who was praised that you would become the Prime Master of your generation. How did you become a cripple?”

When Lin Jiansheng entered the Divine Realm Academy, Yin Donghai was already a second-year student.

Yu Donghai was Yin Mingjue’s attendant and was deeply trusted and respected by Yin Mingjue. Yin Mingjue always said that Yin Donghai was a good seedling for cultivation and thought that he would become an Prime Master in the future.

After hearing Yin Mingjue say it many times, Yin Donghai became blindly confident.

Therefore, at that time, Yin Donghai always said in front of Lin Jiansheng, “Ah Sheng, in the future, you will be a Saint, and I will be a Prime Master. Together, we will be invincible! Let’s be Young Master’s left shoulder and right arm in the future, okay?”

How did Lin Jiansheng reply to him back then?

He said, “Don’t be arrogant. You might become a cripple in the future!” At the thought of this matter, Lin Jiansheng suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself.

Yu Donghai saw it and hurriedly grabbed Lin Jiansheng’s hand to stop him. “Stop hitting yourself! I’ve never blamed you!”

Lin Jiansheng felt very guilty. “I jinxed it. Whatever I said hit the nail on the head.” If he didn’t say those disheartening words, would he have not become a cripple?

Yu Donghai shook his head. “What has it got to do with you? Young Master’s soul has already been destroyed. I’m lucky to still be alive. Old fart, you should be happy to see me.”

How could Lin Jiansheng be happy?

As long as he thought about how confident Yu Donghai was in the past, and looked at his current appearance, he hated everything.

Lin Jiansheng took a deep breath and suppressed all his negative emotions before saying, “If you’re still alive, there’s still hope! Don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to help you restore your beast heart! I will let you become a Beast Tamer again!”

When Yu Donghai heard these words, his heart rate couldn’t help but increase a little. “I still have a chance to become a Beast Tamer?” He asked carefully because he was afraid that he had heard wrong and was getting his hopes up.

Lin Jiansheng told him, “Ever since I found out that you self-destructed your beast form, I have been researching everywhere. I found in a document that someone in the Upper World had once helped a Beast Tamer successfully repair her beast heart. As long as someone had succeeded before, we have hope!”

Yu Huang felt a fit of impulse when she heard this. She grabbed Yu Donghai’s hand and said to him, “Father, you have to take good care of yourself. Mentor and I will definitely help you find a way to repair the beast heart!”

As long as he could successfully repair the beast heart and become a Beast Tamer again, Yu Donghai was willing to start all over again!

“Alright, I’ll wait for you guys!”

Yu Donghai saw that it was getting late. He was afraid that he would delay Yu Huang’s enrollment. He then said to Lin Jiansheng, “You guys should set off. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make it.”

The two of them had only caught up with each other for a few minutes during this reunion. Lin Jiansheng was unwilling to bid Yu Donghai farewell in a hurry, but sending Yu Huang to the academy was the most important matter.

Lin Jiansheng understood what Yu Donghai was worried about. He said, “Don’t worry, I will personally make a trip to the academy and tell the principal that Yu Huang is my personal disciple. The principal cherishes talent the most. If he knows that Yu Huang is a dual master, he will definitely do his best to nurture her!”

Seeing that Lin Jiansheng had already made the necessary arrangements, Yu Donghai finally felt relieved. He reminded Lin Jiansheng, “You must not tell anyone about the Young Master’s identity. It will bring about a fatal disaster for the Young Master. Ah Sheng, the Young Master has treated you well. We have the deepest friendship. In this world, the only person I can trust is you.”

At this point, Yu Donghai suddenly took a step back. He bowed to Lin Jiansheng. “Ah Sheng, I’ll entrust our Young Master to you.”

Lin Jiansheng glanced at Yu Huang and sighed. “She is my only personal disciple. I will do that even without you saying so.”

After receiving Lin Jiansheng’s promise, Yu Donghai left without turning back.

The moment he left, Lin Jiansheng pulled Yu Huang away from the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Sitting in the car, Lin Jiansheng seemed to be in a very low mood. Yu Huang guessed that Lin Jiansheng had probably thought of his younger days, so she didn’t disturb him.

After registering for the Beast Tamer license, Yu Huang did not need to queue up for the plane. The mentor-disciple pair quickly boarded the plane and set off.

Yu Huang sat by the window of the plane and looked at the distant Prosperous Capital. Thinking that she was about to embark on a new journey, she said silently,

Divine Realm Academy, here I come!

On the westernmost side of the Divine Moon Empire was a desert. Qiang City was a modern city built on this desert.

Qiang City Airport was the closest airport to Skysplit Tower. After alighting from the plane, one had to take an ancient green train to Skysplit Tower Station.

Qiang City Airport was the closest airport to Skysplit Tower. After alighting from the plane, one had to take an ancient green train to Skysplit Tower Station.

This green train was also the only one left in the world. It had become a unique scenery in the Gobi.

The train drove very slowly, so that passengers could admire the Gobi scenery along the way. There was a kind of firefly-like butterfly living in the Gobi, and when night fell, the entire Gobi would be lit.

The train slowly moved through the Gobi. Yu Huang looked out the window at the charming night sky and felt as if she was in a dream.

When it was almost dawn, the green train finally arrived at the stop.

“We have arrived at Skysplit Tower Station! Please take your luggage and alight in an orderly manner.”

In Coach No.1, seven passengers stood up at the same time, including Yu Huang and Lin Jiansheng. These were all students who were going to Divine Realm Academy to report.

The other passengers on the bus watched them leave respectfully. This was because they knew that the youths who alighted here would become powerful people in the future.

After alighting from the car, Yu Huang lowered her head to look at the people accompanying her. Apart from her and Lin Jiansheng, there was a couple, two youths, and a young girl left.

The youths were very young and inexperienced. They were about fourteen to fifteen years old. One of the youths was very thin, while the other youth was much shorter. He was only as tall as Yu Huang.

The girl was beautiful and exquisite. She was wearing a light purple strapless dress and had black hair, making her appear cute and adorable.

When Yu Huang sized them up, they were also sizing her up.

“Are you Yu Huang?” The girl looked at Yu Huang in surprise.

Yu Huang did not find it strange that she had been recognized.

After all, she was once a big star and even won the Best Actress Award. After she quit filming, she trended on Weibo’s hot topics a few times. It would be strange if no one did.

Yu Huang was about to nod when she heard the short youth knock the girl on the head. He said, “Are you stupid? Is there a need to ask? She looks a few years older than us. She must have been a student who passed the college entrance examination. This year, Yu Huang is the only student in the Divine Moon Empire who was accepted via that route. She must be Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

She felt offended.

Seeing that Yu Huang looked dejected, Lin Jiansheng laughed. Yu Huang’s current experience reminded Lin Jiansheng of the scene when he entered school back then.

The freshmen of the Divine Realm Academy’s first year were generally between the ages of 12 and 16. Therefore, back then, when Lin Jiansheng, who was 18 years old, stood among that group of small youths as a scholar, he was truly outstanding.

Lin Jiansheng pressed down on Yu Huang’s shoulder and consoled her gloatingly. “You’ll get used to it.”

Yu Huang was not comforted.

“Let’s go!”

They climbed a hill and stood on the peak. When they saw the scene in front of them, they suddenly fell silent.

In a desert on a plain, a four-pointed tower rose from the ground. The tower was 99 levels high, and the top of the tower reached into the clouds. A bronze bell hung on the corner of each level. The morning sun shone on the tower, giving the bronze bell with a luster.

The wind in the Gobi blew, and the bronze bell swayed in the wind, making a tinkling sound.

Yu Huang stared blankly at the shocking painting. For a moment, afraid that her heavy breathing would disturb the gods in the tower, she even slowed down her breathing.

Seeing that Yu Huang was stunned, Lin Jiansheng smiled and said, “I was the same as you back then. When I saw this beautiful scroll, I didn’t come back to my senses for a long time.”

“It is indeed beautiful.”

The four-sided pagoda in front of her was the Skysplit Tower.

Skysplit Tower was located in the desert at the border of the four countries of the Divine Realm Continent. It was called a miracle in the desert. On the east of Skysplit Tower was the Divine Moon Empire, on the west was the Cangyuan Empire, on the north was the Jade Empire, and on the south was the Mosantuo Empire.

Skysplit Tower did not belong to any country. It belonged to the Divine Realm Academy, the hub of the link between the Divine Realm Academy and the Holy Spirit Continent.

Today was August 30th. In another day, the Divine Realm Academy would begin school. In these past two days, all the new students from all over the world had rushed over and gathered outside the tower.

At dawn tomorrow, when the gates of Skysplit Tower were opened, these students would be able to go to the Divine Realm Academy.

This year, the Divine Realm Academy only recruited 600 students from the outside. Yu Huang noticed that most of the new students were youths around the age of 15, and all of them were arrogant.

In fact, the children who were able to enter the Divine Realm Academy were mostly descendants of noble families and talented Beast Tamers. Beast Tamers like Anna Tao, who came from a common family and had ordinary talent, would never be able to enter the Divine Realm Academy in their lifetime.

Some people were born in Rome. You couldn’t catch up to others even if you chased them all your life.

This was the cruel reality.

Yu Huang looked at the little kids and then at herself. She suddenly had the illusion that she wasan old child that had entered kindergarten.

“Let’s find a place to rest first.”

Lin Jiansheng brought Yu Huang to a place with fewer people and set up a tent. The mentor and disciple sat under the sunshade tent and meditated cross-legged. They sat for more than four hours.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion in the sky. Yu Huang looked up and saw a group of young men jump down from the aircraft.

They all looked like adults.

The girls were all wearing the tailored suits and shorts of the Divine Realm Academy. They had a storage belt around their waists and the school badge of the Divine Realm Academy on their chests.

The boys’ clothes were basically the same as the girls’, except that their pants were long.

These were all students of the Divine Realm Academy.

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