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Chapter 125: Reunion of Old Friends

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Similar to ordinary institutes, the starting date of the Divine Realm Academy was September 1.

School was about to start, and Yu Donghai brought Yu Huang to the mall to shop.

After walking into a supermarket, Yu Huang saw that the shelves were filled with a dazzling lineup of daily necessities. She asked Yu Donghai, “Father, do I need to bring daily necessities when I report to the Divine Realm Academy? Does the Divine Realm Academy sell them?”

When he heard this, Yu Donghai’s expression instantly became unfathomable. “There’s no need to bring those. It’s useless even if you bring them.”

It would be useless even if she brought it?

Yu Huang asked, “Why?”

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

Yu Huang misunderstood Yu Donghai’s meaning. She thought that the Divine Realm Academy had prepared everything for the students. She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “As expected of the Divine Realm Academy. They are generous, considerate, and humane.”

Upon hearing Yu Huang’s words, Yu Donghai suddenly gritted his teeth. “That’s right, it’s quite humane.” Even now, when he thought back to the humane actions of the Divine Realm Academy, Yu Donghai still had a deep impression.

However, Yu Huang was immersed in the joy of the impending start of school, and didn’t notice Yu Donghai’s abnormality.

“Father, there’s a men’s clothing store over there. I’ll buy you some clothes too.”

Yu Donghai thought about how their family was doing well now, and how it would be embarrassing for Yu Huang if he continued to dress shabbily, so he followed Yu Huang to the men’s clothing store.

Yu Huang bought Yu Donghai three sets and two pairs of leather shoes. She also brought Yu Donghai to the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant for a beautiful meal.

After returning home, Yu Huang passed a bunch of keys to Yu Donghai.

Yu Donghai stared at the bunch of keys in surprise. “This is… the house you bought?”

“Yes, it’s a two-bedroom apartment. It’s in that high-end neighborhood across the street. I’m going to Divine Realm Academy to report. I definitely won’t be able to come back often in the future. I have to settle you down before I can leave in peace. Besides, now that we have money, we should have a home.”

Yu Huang stuffed the key into Yu Donghai’s palm. “Take it, Father.”

Yu Donghai understood that he was Yu Huang’s burden. Only when he was doing well could Yu Huang feel at ease and go out.

Yu Donghai held the key tightly and said, “Don’t worry and go to school. I will take good care of myself at home.”

Seeing that Yu Donghai was willing to accept the house, Yu Huang heaved a sigh of relief.

Yu Donghai continued, “I’ll leave the largest room for you to use. I’ll get someone to renovate the room to look like how you like it. I’ll also buy a two-meter wide bed and place it inside. In the future, when you bring your son-in-law back, you’ll also have a place to stay…”

Yu Huang followed Yu Donghai’s words and imagined it. However, she could not imagine the scene of Sheng Xiao living in a small house with her.

A good child like Sheng Xiao had to live in a beautiful palace and be treated like a treasure.

However, Yu Huang would not tell Yu Donghai about such a dangerous thought. If he knew, he would definitely treat her as a pervert.

Yu Huang was going to leave tomorrow afternoon. Yu Donghai could not bear to part with her. At night, he pulled her to sit on the sofa in the living room and listened to her recount her experiences during the three months in Rakshasa Empire.

Yu Huang only talked about the details of how impressive she was. All those embarrassing experiences were subconsciously erased by her.

However, even if she didn’t say it, Yu Donghai understood.

Yu Donghai stared at the injury on Yu Huang’s arm, and his eyes were filled with heartache. However, he didn’t ask how exactly Yu Huang was injured, and only told her earnestly, “You must remember, no matter what happens, protecting your own life is the most important. Where there is life, there is hope.”

“I understand, Father.”

The father-daughter pair chatted until past two o’clock in the night before bidding each other good night and returning to their rooms to sleep.

The next day, after lunch, Yu Huang returned to her room to change her clothes. She pulled her luggage out of her room and saw Yu Donghai standing in the living room. He was also wearing the shirt and casual pants that she had picked for him yesterday.

This was the first time Yu Huang had seen him dressed so formally.

During this half year, Yu Donghai had become much more optimistic. The melancholy in his eyes had all disappeared, and what replaced them was yearning and anticipation for the future. After changing into new clothes, he appeared even more radiant.

Yu Huang stared at Yu Donghai’s new look, and she was able to discern his graceful bearing when he was young.

Yu Huang praised him. “When you were young, you must have been a handsome man.”

Yu Donghai blushed slightly. In order to cover up his embarrassment, he lowered his head and adjusted the belt on his waist. He only stopped after he placed it in the middle.

At this moment, Yu Donghai also recovered his composure. He said, “What kind of handsome man am I? Young Master is the true handsome man, a role model for the sons of noble families. Back then, when he was walking on the campus, which girl didn’t steal a few glances at him?”

Yu Huang restrained the smile on her lips. She said, “I’ll visit him when we go to the Divine Realm Academy this time.” Even if it was just to look at his statue, she would be satisfied.

“We have to go take a look.” Yu Donghai helped Yu Huang pull the box. He said, “Let’s go, I’ll send you to the Purifying Spirit Academy.”

Yu Huang was shocked. “Father, you’ve finally decided to see Mentor?”

Yu Donghai snorted and said, “I have to go greet him and remind him to take care of you more on the way.”


It had been almost twenty years since her mentor and her father met. Yu Huang sent Lin Jiansheng a message to give him some time to prepare himself.

When he received the message, Lin Jiansheng was explaining things to the disciples of the school. He glanced at the message and learned that Yu Donghai was coming to see him. His gaze instantly became serious.

A few disciples felt uneasy when they saw Lin Jiansheng’s expression suddenly turning serious.

Who was the one who did the wrong thing and angered the dean?

Just as this thought flashed across their minds, they heard Lin Jiansheng ask, “If I wear this to meet an old friend, will they think that I’m aloof and feel distant?”

The disciples were speechless.

They had never seen the dean like this.

It was just a friend, not a lover. Was there a need to be so serious?

For a moment, they were all curious about the identity of this old friend that the dean was about to meet.

The oldest Purifying Spirit Master disciple stood up and bowed. “Dean, you are a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master. You are born with honor and prestige. No matter what you wear, you will look elegant.”

They were all people who were experts at flattery.

When Lin Jiansheng heard this disciple’s compliment, he frowned and muttered, “Then I have to go back and change my clothes.”

Lin Jiansheng quickly went upstairs and returned to his room. He took off his Purifying Spirit Master robe and changed into an ordinary gray shirt and casual pants that he had not worn in many years.

He looked at himself in the mirror and confirmed that this outfit was the most approachable before he was satisfied.

Finally, Yu Huang and the others arrived.

Lin Jiansheng stood behind the curtains in his study and immediately saw the man standing beside Yu Huang.

Lin Jiansheng had long heard about Yu Donghai’s predicament from Yu Huang. Hence, he was already mentally prepared.

However, when he saw Yu Donghai’s current appearance, and discovered that the man who was still in high spirits twenty years ago had actually become a thin and weak old man who seemed like he could break with a light squeeze, Lin Jiansheng suddenly erupted with anger!

Yin Mingchong, you deserve death!

Almost at the moment when Lin Jiansheng’s mental strength fluctuated, Yu Huang sensed it.

She raised her head and looked at the sky that had suddenly turned dark clouds. She guessed that her mentor was too agitated and had lost control of his Psychic power. She hurriedly looked towards Lin Jiansheng’s study.

Yu Donghai had previously come to the Purifying Spirit Academy to look for Lin Jiansheng, so he was very familiar with everything in the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Sensing that Lin Jiansheng had lost control of his Psychic power, Yu Donghai raised his head and looked towards Lin Jiansheng’s study. Staring at the figure that was hidden behind the curtains, Yu Donghai said calmly, “Old man, don’t be angry. The attack power of your Psychic power is too strong. I can’t bear it now.”

Level 8 Purifying Spirit Masters could hear voices thousands of meters away.

Upon hearing Yu Donghai’s words, Lin Jiansheng immediately withdrew all of his psychic energy and tried his best to stabilize his emotions.

The dark clouds gathered above the Purifying Spirit Academy finally turned into a blue sky and white clouds.

Yu Huang raised her eyebrows. She thought to herself that these two people had a really good relationship.

“Father, let’s go to the study to see Mentor.”


Yu Huang brought Yu Donghai upstairs and went around the curved corridor to Lin Jiansheng’s study.

The door to Lin Jiansheng’s study was wide open, and Yu Huang directly led Yu Donghai into the room.

The moment they entered, the study door closed automatically. At the same time, a soundproof barrier enveloped the study and isolated the sound inside.

After doing all of this, Lin Jiansheng turned around and looked at the entrance.

Yu Donghai stood there silently while staring at Lin Jiansheng. His lips quivered a few times, but he did not say a word in the end.

Lin Jiansheng walked towards Yu Donghai step by step. His hands that were hanging by his legs trembled before he slowly raised his right hand and pressed it on Yu Donghai’s shoulder.

Sensing how thin and weak the person under his palm was, Lin Jiansheng’s eyes turned red with heartache.

Tears welled up in Lin Jiansheng’s eyes, but he held them back. He hugged Yu Donghai’s head and pressed his forehead against it. With a trembling voice, he asked, “Donghai, why have you become like this?!”

When he heard his old friend calling him Donghai, Yu Donghai almost broke down. He grabbed Lin Jiansheng’s arm with both hands and pouted, but in the end, he still held back his emotions.

Lin Jiansheng held Yu Donghai’s head. He looked at Yu Donghai’s face, which had aged tens of years, and felt both heartache and anger.

“They all said that you were dead, but I refused to accept that it was true. All these years, I’ve been paying attention to your tracks, but I didn’t know that you were actually hiding in the Prosperous Capital and under my watch!”

“It’s almost twenty years! You’ve actually never come to look for me even once! Yin Donghai, do you really treat me as a bro?”

Facing Lin Jiansheng’s question, Yu Donghai was speechless.

Of course, he wanted to look for Lin Jiansheng, but he was more afraid of implicating Lin Jiansheng!

Lin Jiansheng and Yu Donghai were best friends. At that time, Yin Mingchong was not sure if Yu Donghai was dead or alive. He must have sent someone to secretly monitor Lin Jiansheng. Once Yu Donghai contacted Lin Jiansheng, Yin Mingchong would immediately learn that he was still alive!

If he was exposed, then Young Master’s identity would be exposed as well!

That was why Yu Donghai had never come to look for Lin Jiansheng once in the past twenty years.

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