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Chapter 124: School Season in September, Return to Meet Your Lover

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The blind eye was the forbidden zone for One-Eyed Wolf. Whoever mentioned it would be unlucky.

Upon hearing Eliza’s curse, One-Eyed Wolf didn’t say a word and directly pulled his index finger. He pressed the trigger and shot at Eliza’s glabella!

At that moment—


A red figure strangely appeared in the crowd. In the next second, Eliza was carried by that person and flew into the sky.

One-Eyed Wolf’s bullet didn’t hit Eliza but hit a burned tree trunk in the distance.

“Who is it?!”

One-Eyed Wolf raised its head and looked into the sky. His vision was filled with redness.

In the sky, a pair of massive red wings spread out completely, blocking the sun in the sky.

The owner of the wings had a slender and enchanting figure. She wore a golden phoenix mask on her face, and her long black hair swayed without the slightest wind, as if a god had descended.

One-Eyed Wolf was stunned.

Yu Huang hugged Eliza and looked down at One-Eyed Wolf. Her eyes were filled with disdain. “I’ve long heard that the embroidery needle of the captain of the Lone Wolf Mercenary Group is very famous. I want to see how exquisite it is today!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Huang thought about it and her psychic energy turned into a pair of translucent hands that quickly pulled off the tight leather pants on One-Eyed Wolf.


The atmosphere was awkward.

Yu Huang looked at One-Eyed Wolf playfully and evaluated, “How small!”

When she said this, she was full of mockery and sarcasm.

“Hahaha!” The women of the Eliza Mercenary Group laughed until they burst into tears. “Hahaha, too small!”

One-Eyed Wolf hurriedly pulled up his pants and glared at Yu Huang while cursing, “Little girl, get down and fight me if you dare to!”

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes and said, “Then let’s fight!”

Yu Huang put Eliza down and quickly flew around those male servants. When they came back to their senses, the mercenaries realized that all their weapons had been confiscated by Yu Huang.

Yu Huang threw the pile of weapons beside Eliza. She stared at One-Eyed Wolf and said, “Without the help of any weapons, just based on my bare hands, I can beat you until you kneel down and cry!”

With that said, Yu Huang retracted her wings and quickly ran towards One-Eyed Wolf.

One-Eyed Wolf immediately assumed a defensive posture and started a violent close combat with Yu Huang.

One-Eyed Wolf originally thought that he would definitely win with his experience and height, but after two to three minutes, he fell into a disadvantage.

Yu Huang pressed her hands on One-Eyed Wolf’s head and slammed her knee into One-Eyed Wolf’s stomach repeatedly. Every collision was like a huge hammer smashing into One-Eyed Wolf’s chest.

One-Eyed Wolf spat out blood from its injuries and was unable to fight back.

In the past two hundred years during the apocalypse, Yu Huang had not only killed people, but she had also killed a large number of mutated creatures. Close combat was Yu Huang’s most proficient combat method!


Yu Huang kicked One-Eyed Wolf to the ground, causing him to completely lose his combat strength.

One-Eyed Wolf’s male soldiers were dumbfounded as they watched this scene. They all felt that it was ridiculous. Their powerful and capable regiment commander was beaten to the ground by a little girl just like that?

Yu Huang walked to One-Eyed Wolf and squatted down. She grabbed the hair on the back of One-Eyed Wolf’s head with one hand and raised his head to force him to look at her.

“Only the most tasteless man would want to seek satisfaction by violating a woman’s body. You are really trash among men. You have embarrassed all men.”

Yu Huang continued, “Since your eyes always like to look in places you shouldn’t, then go ahead and cripple them!” With that said, Yu Huang inserted her finger into One-Eyed Wolf’s intact eye.


One-Eyed Wolf’s tragic cry frightened everyone.

Yu Huang threw One-Eyed Wolf away and said to the trembling mercenaries in the distance, “Take your dogs and scram!”

The members of One-Eyed Wolf’s Mercenary Group hurriedly carried the injured One-Eyed Wolf and ran. Without eyes, the One-Eyed Wolf was really blind. Even if he still wanted to survive in the Rakshasa Empire, he was afraid he would not be able to.

After everyone left, Eliza walked towards Yu Huang with weak footsteps.

Yu Huang was holding a handkerchief. She lowered her head and slowly wiped the blood on her fingers. A person’s blood was much dirtier than a demon beast’s.

“Thank you, Miss Wu Huang.” Eliza had mixed feelings. She never expected that the kind reminder she had given Yu Huang in the Mercenary Trading Hall that day would actually save her life.

Yu Huang threw away her handkerchief and looked at Eliza evenly. She said, “You don’t have to thank me. If it weren’t for you, I would have done the same thing.”

It wasn’t that Yu Huang was kind, but One-Eyed Wolf’s actions were too detestable. As a woman, Yu Huang could not tolerate bastards with abominable morals like One-Eyed Wolf.

Eliza knew that Yu Huang was telling the truth, but she was still very grateful for Yu Huang’s help.

Eliza bit her lip and hesitated for a moment. Then, she suddenly said to Yu Huang, “Miss Wu Huang, I’ll sincerely invite you to join our Eliza Mercenary Group again. I’m willing to give you the position of the leader!”

Eliza had finally seen through it. Only a powerful Beast Tamer like Yu Huang could lead them to a better life if she became the leader of their team.

However, Yu Huang still shook her head. “Eliza, I’m not interested in being the regiment commander. Really.”

Eliza frowned and asked Yu Huang, “Then are you planning to wander around alone? Wu Huang, one person is a lone wolf, and a group of people is a pack of wolves. No matter how powerful a lone wolf is, there will be times when it is alone and helpless.”

Yu Huang smiled and said, “It’s almost September.”

Eliza was stunned for a moment. Then, she nodded and said, “There’s only a few days left.”

Yu Huang raised her head and looked around the place she had lived in for more than two months. She actually felt a little reluctant. “I have to go back. If I don’t go back, I’m afraid I’ll miss the start of school.”

Eliza said, “What?”

Yu Huang blinked at Eliza and said, “In September, during the start of school, I have to go back to see my lover.” Yu Huang took out the wolf claw from her interspatial ring and threw it at Eliza. “Keep this to protect yourself. If fate wills it, we’ll meet again in the future!”

With that, Yu Huang spread her wings and disappeared in front of Eliza and the others in the blink of an eye.

Eliza held onto her sharp wolf claws and looked in the direction where Yu Huang had disappeared. She was perplexed. “She’s still a student?”

The key was that such a ferocious girl actually had a lover? What kind of warrior was worthy of a fierce girl like her?

Yu Donghai put away the stall and pushed the tricycle back to the rented apartment. When he saw Yu Huang at the entrance of the return building, he was stunned for a moment.

After experiencing the Rakshasa Empire, Yu Huang was slightly tanner, and her gaze became more determined.

Vaguely, Yu Donghai actually saw Yin Mingjue’s shadow on Yu Huang.

“You’re back?” Yu Donghai, afraid that he had seen wrongly, blinked his eyes.

Yu Huang stood on the spot and smiled gently at Yu Donghai. She opened her arms and said to him, “Father, I’m back.”

Yu Huang raised her hand, and Yu Donghai discovered that there were a few more scars on her arm. Some of the scars had already healed, and some had yet to shed scars.

There were seven to eight scars on the places he could see, but what about the places he couldn’t see?

Yu Donghai’s heart suddenly ached.

“Wine.” Yu Donghai walked over and held Yu Huang’s hand. His voice was choked with emotion. “It’s fine if you lose to Xuanyuan Jing. It’s also fine if you can’t return to the Yin Clan. Compared to those, I want you to live happily.”

Yu Huang held Yu Donghai’s hand instead. She said, “But Father, not only do I want to live properly, but I also want to live gloriously.”

Some people were suitable for peaceful days, but some were born to be thrill-seekers.

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