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Chapter 123: When the shepherd’s quarrel, the wolf has a winning game

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Yu Huang had been paying attention to this fellow for two days.

The red-haired ape’s real name was the Wisdom Ape. They were rare intelligent demon beasts on the Holy Spirit Continent. They were born to be Level 6 demon beasts. These demon beasts all had their own unique demon techniques. Yu Huang did not know what the demon beast under her had, but it definitely would not disappoint her.

Two days ago, this red-furred ape and a golden-furred tiger had a fight. In the end, the red-furred ape was no match for the golden-furred tiger and fled with heavy injuries.

After it escaped, Yu Huang secretly followed it.

For the past two days, the red-furred ape had been hiding in his cave abode to recuperate. It was only when the mountain fire suddenly erupted that the red-furred ape left the cave abode in order to survive and ran for his life with the other demon beasts.

No matter how powerful a creature was, it was insignificant in the face of the power of nature. These demon beasts, which usually frightened the mercenaries, were running faster and faster under the pursuit of the mountain fire.

The red-furred ape was injured. After running for more than half an hour, it was exhausted. It stood under a tree and panted. It looked back at the raging flames in the forest, and beastly fear flashed in its eyes.

At that moment, a pair of fiery red wings descended from the sky. The red-furred ape looked down and realized that there was a… hedgehog standing in the middle of the wing.

However, right after that, the red-haired ape discovered that it was not a real hedgehog. Instead, it was a human wearing a hedgehog armor.

The red-haired ape revealed a vigilant gaze as it stared at the fiery red wings on Yu Huang’s back and asked in disbelief, “Human, you actually killed the Vermillion Bird!”

Just as Yu Huang was about to speak, she heard the red-furred ape scoff and say, “What an ignorant human. You’re just a young scholar, yet you want to kill me!”

Yu Huang was shocked. How did the red-furred ape know what she was thinking?

After guessing a possibility, Yu Huang’s expression instantly became excited. “So your demon technique is that you can actually hear the thoughts of others.”

Hearing Yu Huang’s words, the red-furred ape’s gaze became menacing.

It could sense from Yu Huang’s inner thoughts that she was determined to kill it. It was somewhat angry and really wanted to kill Yu Huang.

However, the mountain fire in the distance was still spreading. The battle with Yu Huang would definitely drag on. When the mountain fire arrived, it would not be able to escape even if it wanted to.

The red-haired ape glanced at Yu Huang hatefully before turning to flee.

Yu Huang quickly flew in front of the red-furred ape and blocked its path.

“Xuan Yu! Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame!”

Xuan Yu flew into the sky and flapped his wings. The falling phoenix flames formed a red circle that trapped the red-furred ape in the middle.

The red-furred ape was immediately enraged. “Bastard!”

The red-furred ape beat its chest and stomped its feet. Its body instantly climbed to a height of ten meters, like a King Kong.

The red-furred ape threw a punch at Yu Huang, who quickly retreated. However, it still managed to hit half of her wing.

Yu Huang’s body swayed slightly and she landed on the ground.

She retracted her wings and looked at the furious ape. She suddenly smiled.

“You’re about to die,” Yu Huang said calmly.

The red-furred ape felt unwell. When he lowered his head, he saw a long bloody gash in its stomach and its intestines falling out.

Yu Huang told it, “Two days ago, I discovered that you were seriously injured and had been hiding in the cave abode to recuperate. Your wound has yet to heal, and you’ve been running at high speed for half an hour. Just now, you circulated your Spiritual Energy to forcefully transform. Now, your injury must have recurred.”

When the red-furred ape heard Yu Huang’s words, it was unable to restrain its anger and cursed fiercely, “Despicable and shameless human, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Yu Huang quietly listened to it curse. After it cursed for a while, she saw its eyes turning redder and redder. She knew that the red-furred ape was about to collapse. She flew up again and landed in the sea of fire.

Yu Huang descended from the sky, and the wolf claw on her right hand slashed down from the center of the red-furred ape’s brows!

The sharp wolf claw easily cut through the red-furred ape’s skin. Its wrinkled face was divided into two halves from the middle. The wound was like a thin river with dark red blood flowing in the middle.

Its stomach, which was already riddled with holes, was now wide open, and its internal organs were all bleeding.

At the last moment of its life, the red-furred ape circulated all of its spiritual power and kicked Yu Huang’s shoulder.

Yu Huang was kicked tens of meters away. She fell onto a thick tree trunk, and the pain was so great that she could not even catch her breath.

The red-furred ape also died.

Yu Huang laid on the tree root for a few minutes before regaining consciousness. Her left arm had been dislocated and she was unable to move.

Yu Huang held onto the tree trunk with her right hand and slowly stood up. She dragged her dislocated arm towards the sea of fire. She knelt beside the red-haired ape and retracted her arm expressionlessly. It was so painful that sweat broke out on her forehead, but she didn’t make a sound.

Yu Huang used her wolf claw to pull out the red-haired ape’s stomach and successfully found its Monster Core. This Monster Core was covered in ape-shaped patterns. It was dark black in color and was as big as a golden orange.

Yu Huang put away the Monster Core and erased the traces of the phoenix fire. Seeing that the mountain fire was still spreading, she hurriedly escaped towards the upper wind outlet.

The fire lasted for two days before it was put out in the pouring rain.

After the mountain fire, many mercenaries broke into the primitive forest and searched for the corpses and Monster Cores of those unlucky low-level demon beasts who had been burned to death in the forest where the mountain fire had burned.

The Eliza Mercenary Group also entered the mountain. They were very lucky to have found a severely burned Level 5 Demonic Beast. It was a golden horned horse with a single horn on its head. This kind of horse was very rare. Its demon core was filled with boundless spiritual energy, and it was the favorite demon core of the leader of the Night Hunters.

If they could obtain the demon core of this demon beast and present it to the leader of the Night Hunters, the Eliza Mercenary Group would not need to enter the mountain to hunt demon beasts for the next month.

Eliza stared at the dying golden horned horse. In the end, she gathered the entire team and decided to work together to kill the Golden horned horse.

The golden horned horse was severely burned and could no longer walk while kneeling on the ground. However, it was still a very intimidating existence to ordinary mercenaries like Eliza and the others.

After a fierce battle, the Eliza Mercenary Group finally managed to kill the golden horned horse. Because of this, four skilled female merchants in their mercenary group died.

Eliza looked at the corpses of her teammates and said to her subordinates, “Let’s bury them on the spot.”


Eliza used her dagger to dig out the golden horned horse’s chest. It took her a few minutes to successfully dig out the Monster Core.

Eliza entered the golden horned horse’s body with her bare hands and dug out the bloody Monster Core.

Before she could take a closer look at the Monster Core, a bullet suddenly shot from afar and hit Eliza’s right arm!

Eliza howled in pain. Her fingers loosened, and the Monster Core fell to the ground.

A woman beside Eliza hurriedly bent down to pick up the Monster Core. The others supported the injured Eliza and looked to the right.

A group of men in gray leather pants walked out of the burnt black forest. The leader of the group wore an eye mask on his left eye, and his face and naked chest were filled with claw marks left by demon beasts.

He was One-Eyed Wolf, the leader of the Lone Wolf Mercenary Group.

The deputy captain of the Eliza Mercenary Group held her gun and stared at One-Eyed Wolf with a cold expression. She cursed, “One-Eyed Wolf! You’re going too far!”

One-Eyed Wolf laughed loudly. “What are you still trying to show off for? A bunch of b*tches want to compete with us?” After One-Eyed Wolf laughed, he waved his hand. Eliza saw dozens of One-Eyed Wolf’s men suddenly appear around the forest.

Seeing this, what else did Eliza not understand?

She said with a pale face, “You guys have already prepared an ambush.”

One-Eyed Wolf shrugged and looked at Eliza’s waist and chest with an impudent and frivolous gaze. He said shamelessly, “If we didn’t set up an ambush early, how could we have seen the scene of Eliza helping us kill this golden horned horse?”

One-Eyed Wolf and the others had long discovered the golden horned horse, but they did not want to fight it head-on, so they deliberately spread the news and attracted the nearest mercenary corps.

They all hid in the dark. After the mercenary group and the golden horned horse perished, they would come out to reap the benefits.

Eliza had guessed the truth. Fury burned in her eyes. “One-Eyed Wolf, aren’t you guys too shameless?!”

Being called shameless made One-Eyed Wolf look at Elisa even more wantonly. He had desired her for a long time. This new girl, Eliza, was attractive enough, had a good body, and was ruthless when she attacked. One-Eyed Wolf liked girls like her the most.

She must be sexy in bed too.

Eliza saw the roguish look in One-Eyed Wolf’s eyes. She was trembling with anger.

“Eliza, if you’re willing to give me the Monster Core of the golden horned horse and you stay with me, I’m willing to release the others. Otherwise…”

One-Eyed Wolf suddenly raised his right hand and buttoned his index finger gently in the air. Thus, the male servant soldiers raised their guns at the same time and aimed them at the women of Eliza’s regiment.

Seeing this, the women beside Eliza were all enraged. “F*ck! If you want to kill me, then kill me! If you want to skin me, then do it. Who’s f*cking afraid of you?!”

This group of hot-tempered women took out their guns at the same time and swore to fight this group of men to the end!

Tthe Eliza Mercenary Group, which was formed by women, was a loyal team. Because they were women, they understood how difficult it was for women to survive in Rakshasa Empire.

If she did not want to be in a place where she had to rely on men to survive, she could only be more ruthless and decisive than men in order to protect herself.

The leader of the Eliza Mercenary Group was their soul. Selling out their leader’s body in exchange for a chance to live was selling out their souls and self-esteem!

This was something that these women would never be able to accept!

Eliza saw that her comrades were all determined to defend her. She also hardened.

She endured the pain and pulled out the bullet in her arm with her bare hands. She threw the bloody bullet at One-Eyed Wolf’s face.

Eliza spat at One-Eyed Wolf and cursed angrily, “Idiot! Why don’t you take a look at yourself? A useless idiot like you wants to sleep with me?!”

“Oh! I forgot.. You’re blind in one eye. Your eyesight isn’t good!”

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