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Chapter 120: Blood Battle! Gain the Vermillion Bird Demon Core!

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At that moment, Xuan Yu did its best to transform into a protective shield to protect Yu Huang. However, the feather swords were too dense and domineering. Xuan Yu only lasted for two to three seconds before it was injured.

The protective shield shattered, and Xuan Yu let out a cry. Her petite body instantly vanished from the spot and returned to Yu Huang’s body.

Hundreds of feather blades mercilessly pierced through Yu Huang’s body. It was truly like ten thousand arrows piercing through her heart!

Yu Huang fell to the ground with bloody holes all over her body. Just as a sharp blade was about to pierce through Yu Huang’s heart, a thick black fog suddenly emerged from Yu Huang’s body.

The black fog condensed into a translucent woman’s graceful figure in the air. That person had white hair and black clothes. A single look from her gave people an endless amount of pressure.

The woman extended her translucent right hand and flipped her fingers in the void in front of her. A powerful psychic force drove the sky full of swords.

The woman retracted her fingers, and all the swords stopped at the same time. They stopped in the air without moving.

Then, Su Tingxue pressed her right hand down and thousands of swords fell onto the ground. They lost their spiritual power and turned into light red feathers.

Seeing this, the Plum Leopard strangely stopped all its attacks and stared at Su Tingxue warily. For a moment, it didn’t dare to move.

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes as she stared at the woman in the air. She had naturally guessed this woman’s identity.

Su Tingxue glanced at the seriously injured Yu Huang and said, “Lass, let’s make a deal.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

Su Tingxue said, “If you agree to help me revive, I’ll help you kill this female leopard. How about that?” Su Tingxue finally revealed her true motive.

That day, after Yu Huang consumed the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, Su Tingxue hid a trace of her soul force in Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode and escaped Sheng Xiao’s grasp.

Su Tingxue was framed by Xuan Ye and beheaded by the six major cultivation families. She felt hatred and was unwilling to die like this.

She wanted to revive, kill that traitor Xuan Ye, and make the six great cultivation clans kneel down and kowtow to her!

If she wanted to revive, she needed someone to help her. Yu Huang was the best candidate.

However, this girl was stubborn and would never negotiate with her. Su Tingxue had been waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Now, the chance had come!

Yu Huang’s mouth was filled with the smell of blood. She licked the corner of her bleeding mouth. “Deal!”

“A verbal promise is invalid.” Su Tingxue was not easy to fool. Yu Huang was very cunning, and Su Tingxue was afraid that she would go back on her words.

Yu Huang raised her index and middle finger, which were stained with blood, and swore to the heavens. She said in a weak voice, “I swear on my soul that I will definitely help Ms. Su find a way to revive in the future and help you return to the mortal world! If I violate my oath, I will explode and die!”

Su Tingxue was satisfied after hearing Yu Huang’s oath.

She stood up again and floated in the void while looking at the female leopard.

The female leopard instinctively felt that Su Tingxue was a terrifying existence. A hint of hesitation flashed across its right eye and it wanted to escape.

The female leopard flapped her wings and turned to leave.

Su Tingxue floated a thousand meters into the sky and closed her eyes.

The female leopard flew towards the middle layer of the primitive forest. After flying for more than 500 meters, she felt a terrifying energy wave appear behind her.

The female leopard suddenly stopped and turned to look behind her. She saw that the woman standing in the sky had opened her eyes. Wherever her light gray eyes looked, everything was destroyed!

This was the power of destruction!

Seeing this, the female leopard’s fur stood on end.


The female leopard let out a cry of horror and fled even faster.

However, no matter how fast they flew, could they be faster than people’s vision?

In the blink of an eye, Su Tingxue’s gaze caught up with the female leopard. The female leopard felt as if she was frozen by magic.

It could clearly feel a terrifying force following her tail and entering its body, charging straight at her head!


After a heart-wrenching cry of pain, the female leopard lost all consciousness and fell headfirst into the dense forest below.

After using the sure kill Eye of Destruction, Su Tingxue’s soul was completely exhausted. Her body immediately disappeared from the void and turned into a faint black mist that returned to Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode.

Yu Huang tried to call Su Tingxue in the Spiritual Abode. “Ms. Su?”

No response.

Yu Huang guessed that Su Tingxue had fallen asleep because of her exhausted soul, so she stopped shouting.

Yu Huang’s injuries were too serious. She was like a sieve as blood flowed out of her body. Yu Huang could clearly feel the call of the Grim Reaper.

Yu Huang wanted to switch her mind and restore her body, but she didn’t even have the strength to do so.

Yu Huang felt as if she was about to die. She looked at the sky above her and could not help but recall the day she knelt on the mountain peak and committed suicide.

That day, the sky was as blue as this. It was quiet all around, but she did not feel any pain then. Now, the pain of death was unbearable.

So death was actually this painful.

Yu Huang’s consciousness slowly dissipated. Just as she was about to lose all consciousness, she suddenly thought of something.

Rebirth Pill!

Her mentor had said that as long as a person was still breathing, they could escape from danger by taking the Rebirth Pill!

Yu Huang used all her strength to raise her finger and place it on the interspatial ring. With a thought, the bottle containing the Rebirth Pill flew out of the interspatial ring.

The bottle landed beside her arm. Yu Huang gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she struggled to roll over. She laid on the ground and picked up the bottle. She used her teeth to bite open the bottle stopper with great difficulty, and a green pill filled with vitality rolled out of the bottle.

The pill rolled to Yu Huang’s lips and was stained with mud. Yu Huang did not mind it at all. She opened her mouth and swallowed the pill mixed with mud.

Following that, Yu Huang lost all consciousness.

After an unknown period of time, a few drops of rain landed on Yu Huang’s face, waking her up.

Yu Huang opened her eyes and realized that it was raining. She hurriedly opened her mouth to swallow a few mouthfuls of rainwater. Only then did she feel better.

Yu Huang raised her hand and pressed it against her abdomen. She discovered that the few bloody holes in her abdomen had already healed, leaving only scars.

She was not dead!

Yu Huang hurriedly stood up and checked her entire body’s injuries. She confirmed that all the wounds had healed and that she had really survived. She was relieved and afraid.

If not for this Rebirth Pill, she would have died long ago.

The rain was heavy, but Yu Huang could still smell the burning smell of flesh. She frowned and guessed that this smell might be from the corpse of that Rank 6 demon beast.

Yu Huang followed the smell of burned flesh. She moved through the forest for more than twenty minutes and saw the corpse of the dead Plum Leopard.

To Yu Huang’s surprise, the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame on the female leopard’s body had yet to be extinguished. They had been burning the female leopard’s corpse. After half a day of burning, the female leopard’s corpse was only left with a small blob of black flesh.

Yu Huang looked at the ball of fire in shock and bewilderment. She didn’t expect the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame to actually have such power.

Her cultivation level was still shallow now, so she was unable to unleash the true might of the Purifying Demonic Phoenix Flame. When she was truly powerful in the future, wouldn’t the Purifying Demonic Phoenix Flame be able to burn through everything?

Anything that was touched by the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame would probably be burned into nothingness.

Yu Huang walked over and extended her hand to gently wipe the top of the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame. The flame was extinguished.

Yu Huang stared at the black meat in front of her toes and muttered to herself for a moment. Then, she took out a dagger and peeled the meat apart while searching for the Monster Core.

This was her first time doing such a thing, and she was somewhat unfamiliar with it.

After Yu Huang flipped through it for a while, the dagger suddenly touched a hard thing. Yu Huang’s eyes lit up. She hurriedly separated the meat and saw the Monster Core hidden in it.

It was a red demon core the size of a newborn baby’s palm. The demon core was filled with complicated patterns.

It was said that the form of the owner of the Monster Core would be printed on the surface of each Monster Core. However, the patterns on the Monster Core did not look like a Plum Leopard. Instead, it looked like the shape of a certain flying beast.

Could it be that this leopard had coincidentally swallowed the Monster Core of a Rank 6 flying demon beast and thus increased its cultivation level and even obtained a pair of wings that allowed it to fly?

Yu Huang could not help but think: If I absorb the energy of this Monster Core, will she be able to inherit the demon technique of the Monster Core?

Besides, the Beast Tamer Formula she cultivated had the effect of duplicating other people’s beast form and cultivation techniques. Could it also duplicate the demon technique of the owner of the Monster Core?

Thinking of this possibility, Yu Huang felt tempted.

She quickly put away the Monster Core and found a hidden cave to stay in. She used two days to recuperate. After her injuries were mostly healed, she specially freed up two hours to eat.

Fortunately, there was a lot of food hidden in her storage device. Yu Huang, who was already hungry, ate until her stomach was full. Then, she laid down and slept soundly.

After eating and drinking her fill, Yu Huang was in high spirits when she woke up.

Only then did she take out the Monster Core from her interspatial ring. After two days of dispelling it, the bloody smell on the Monster Core was already very faint. Yu Huang moved closer to the Monster Core and took a sniff. She could smell a domineering fire-element aura.

It seemed like the owner of this Monster Core was also a fire-type flying demon beast.

What kind of demon beast was that?

Yu Huang carefully observed the patterns on the Monster Core. The more she looked, the more she felt that the patterns resembled those of a phoenix. However, there were no phoenixes on the Holy Spirit Continent.

Yu Huang recalled that when she was searching for a flying beast form in the Myriad Book Pavilion, she had seen a beast form that resembled a phoenix. This beast form was called Vermillion Bird. It was a close relative of the phoenix, but it did not have the divine might of a phoenix.

In a world without the Phoenix, Vermillion Bird was the king of all birds.

The more Yu Huang thought about it, the more excited she became. She disguised the entrance of the cave and entered seclusion to absorb the energy of the Monster Core.

With the tragedy of absorbing the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl for the first time, Yu Huang did not dare to foolishly swallow the Monster Core.

She separated a trace of psychic power and wrapped the demon core with her psychic power, slowly purifying the demonic beast’s evil aura and demonic nature inside the Monster Core.

This was Yu Huang’s first time doing this, so she was very unfamiliar with it. She fumbled for a while before she slowly grasped the technique of purifying spirits.

Under Yu Huang’s patient guidance, the evil aura and demonic aura in the Monster Core were purified bit by bit. The process was very slow.

Outside the cave, the sun rose and set while exchanging places with the moon to protect the land.. After about five days, Yu Huang finally purified the demonic aura in the Monster Core.

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