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Chapter 103: Senior Brother, Ji Linyuan!

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Divine Feather Phoenix and Black Qing Sky Dragon!

Yu Huang was shocked. “Aren’t you and my beast form these two?”

Sheng Xiao hummed thoughtfully.

He had heard about this rumor before. That was why Sheng Xiao found the name Divine Feather Phoenix familiar when he heard it in the Alliance.

He thought for a while before remembering where he had heard the name of the Divine Feather Phoenix.

“The Divine Feather Phoenix and Black Qing Sky Dragon are not humans. Instead, they are powerful demon beasts. Their beast form has their own spirit souls. Thus, their cultivation speed is extremely fast.”

Yu Huang said, “No wonder your cultivation talent is so terrifying.”

“But that’s not what I want to say.” Sheng Xiao seemed to have thought of something. He frowned and looked gloomy.

Yu Huang didn’t like to see him frown, so she asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Sheng Xiao looked at her with an expression that was complicated and hesitant.

“Just say it.” Yu Huang hated naggy men the most.

Sheng Xiao then said, “It is said that there was a mutant in the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan…” He stared at Yu Huang’s bright eyes and said softly,” That mutant fell in love with his nemesis. ”

Yu Huang’s heart suddenly ached, as if she had been pricked by a needle. She subconsciously frowned, and her instincts told her that she would not like to hear this story.

However, Sheng Xiao did not notice Yu Huang’s disgust. He muttered to himself, “I heard that the dragon loved the Phoenix Bird so much that he was petty. It did many traitorous things for her, but in the end, he was used by the Phoenix Bird and died. When he died, his dragon flesh was cut off and even his dragon bone was made into an alchemy bone.”

Yu Huang suddenly felt sad. She interrupted Sheng Xiao coldly. “Stop it! I don’t like to hear it.”

Sheng Xiao immediately shut up.

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao meaningfully. She sneered and asked Sheng Xiao, “What are you implying? We are old enemies. Are we destined to have a bad ending?”

Sheng Xiao raised his index finger and flicked Yu Huang’s forehead. He said, “I want to tell you that you should take every step of your cultivation seriously. Don’t try to improve your cultivation through those dirty tricks! The Divine Feather Phoenix Clan and the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan might have been exterminated because they angered the heavens by killing each other.”

Sheng Xiao was worried that Yu Huang would have ulterior motives when she learned about this rumor in the future and would want to find a dragon to swallow to improve her cultivation.

Yu Huang was speechless.

Just a second ago, she was still fuming mad, but now, she was caught between laughter and tears.

Yu Huang looked at the small mole beside Sheng Xiao’s Adam’s apple meaningfully and said, “Is that so? But I want to catch a dragon and ‘eat’ it to improve my cultivation.”

Sheng Xiao’s expression darkened immediately. He scolded her, “Nonsense! Did you forget what I said?” He was worried that Yu Huang would do something stupid. He threatened her, “If you dare to do such a stupid thing, I…”

He said in the most fierce tone, “I will ignore you forever.”

How scary.

Yu Huang smiled and asked him, “Sheng Xiao, do you not know what the word ‘eat’ means?”

Sheng Xiao did not understand what Yu Huang meant at first. When he understood what she meant, his body became hot.

He looked helpless and angry. He stared at Yu Huang for a long time before saying, “Are all you people in the entertainment industry so… so unrestrained?!”

The strict Sheng family wouldn’t raise a pervert like Yu Huang, and they wouldn’t allow a lecherous person to come out of the family.

A lecher like Xuanyuan Jing would be whipped by a stick in the Sheng Clan.

Sheng Xiao entered the Divine Realm Academy at a young age. He was the ‘number one genius’ of the Divine Realm Academy. The teachers in the school treated him like a treasure. Everyone who appeared beside him was an outstanding beast tamer.

Outstanding people were more or less reserved and prideful. No girl had ever been as brazen as Yu Huang. Sheng Xiao could not stand Yu Huang’s passion and teasing. He was furious, but he could not bear to leave.

Yu Huang noticed Sheng Xiao’s cute reaction and could not help but tease him. She was quite happy to see the child being shy.

Seeing that Sheng Xiao was really angry, Yu Huang did not dare to push her luck anymore. She explained, “I don’t know if women in the entertainment industry are promiscuous, but I am only promiscuous with you.”

Sheng Xiao was even angrier.

“Let’s go. We’re going to the Myriad Book Pavilion!” Yu Huang turned around and left after teasing him. Sheng Xiao stared at her back and followed her obediently.

The gatekeeper of the Myriad Book Pavilion was the same old man as last time. When he saw Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao, he reached out and stopped them. He reminded them expressionlessly, “Please show your Beast Tamer Badge.”

Yu Huang turned around and looked at Sheng Xiao. Her gaze seemed to be saying, “There are places that you can’t enter just by showing your face.”

The two of them obediently took out their badges and were let in after he checked them.

After they entered the Myriad Book Pavilion, Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, “The old man just now is a member of the Yin family. He might not look handsome, but his cultivation is very high. He is a Grand Master.”

Yu Huang could not help but turn back to look at the elder.

The old man was wearing a washed-out blue robe. He had an ordinary face. If Sheng Xiao had not told her the truth, she would not have guessed that he was a Grand Master.

“Are you very surprised?” Sheng Xiao asked her.

Yu Huang acknowledged it and asked, “If he’s so powerful, why is he guarding the door here?”

Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “Do you know about the Central Pagoda Protection War 18 years ago?”

Yu Huang pursed her red lips tightly and didn’t dare to reveal her true emotions. She pretended to be calm and said, “I know. A Prime Master died in that battle.”

“Yes.” Sheng Xiao turned around and looked at the old man. He told Yu Huang, “This old man is the only personal disciple of the Prime Master. He is also one of the participants in the Central Pagoda challenge.”

“In that battle, he was the only one left out of the 200 participants. I heard that when the rescue team rushed into the Central Pagoda and found him, he was still wearing the protective shield given to him by the Prime Master.”

Yu Huang, her eyes filled with confusion, listened in a daze. Was that person her senior brother? “Then why is he guarding the door here?”

“There’s something you should have heard before.”

Yu Huang said, “Huh?”

Sheng Xiao did not say anything else. He only said, “Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers.”

After Yin Mingjue passed away, everything in the Yin Clan became Yin Mingchong’s. Since he was Yin Mingjue’s personal disciple, the Yin Clan naturally couldn’t tolerate him.

“What’s his name?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head. “I’m not sure. He was brought back from the Upper World by the Prime Master. He seems to be an orphan. No one knows his name. When I was very young, I heard the Prime Master call him Lin Yuan.”

Lin Yuan.

Yu Huang suddenly said softly, “Ji Linyuan.” This name subconsciously came out of her mouth.


Outside the hall of Myriad Book Pavilion, the old man with drooping eyelids suddenly raised his head and looked into the hall.. A trace of confusion appeared on his face. How did that little girl know his name?

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