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Chapter 102: Identification, Super Beast Form!

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Sheng Xiao pointed at Yu Feng and said to Manager Liu, “This is a friend of mine. She awakened her beast form last year. I brought her to the Alliance to register her identity.”

“I see! May I know how to address you?” Although Manager Liu was the manager of the Beast Tamer Alliance in Jingdu, he was an ordinary person. Facing these powerful Beast Tamers, Manager Liu had to address them respectfully.

Yu Huang said, “My name is Yu Huang. You can call me by my name.”

Upon hearing the name Yu Feng, Manager Liu’s expression instantly became strange.

The news of Yu Feng and the young master of the Xuanyuan Sheng Clan had long been spread throughout the cultivation world. Now, who in the cultivation world did not know that Young Master Xuanyuan had gone to the Prosperous Capital to end the engagement, but was instead angrily thrown a letter of challenge by his ex-fiancée?

Now, this matter had become a topic of discussion for everyone.

Xuanyuan Jing had awakened his beast form at the age of 13 and was now at the peak of the intermediate-stage of Scholar Realm. Yu Huang was already 18 years old and had yet to awaken her beast form, so she would probably never be able to be a beast tamer in her lifetime.

If she couldn’t become a Beast Tamer, then Yu Huang could only enter the Divine Realm Academy as the top scorer of the national college entrance examination and strive to enter the Purifying Spirit Academy to work after graduation.

However, everyone knew that Yu Feng was a celebrity with mediocre grades. How could she become the top scholar?

Hence, when they heard about Yu Feng issuing a letter of challenge to Xuanyuan Jing, everyone felt that it was ridiculous while thinking that Yu Feng didn’t know her own limits.

It was a fool’s dream for her to defeat Xuanyuan Jing and avenge herself.

Manager Liu had always thought so too.

So, when he heard Sheng Xiao say that Yu Huang had awakened her beast form and was going to register as a Beast Tamer in the Alliance, Manager Liu was shocked.

He suspected that he had made a mistake. Perhaps the girl in front of him just happened to have the same name as that celebrity, Yu Feng.

Manager Liu stared at Yu Feng and asked cautiously, “May I know which Yu Huang you are?”

Yu Feng seemed to know what was on Manager Liu’s mind. She took off her mask, revealing the ugly and terrifying scar on her right face. She replied calmly, “The former actress Yu Huang.”

The moment he saw Yu Feng’s face, Manager Liu knew that he couldn’t be wrong.


The woman who the entire cultivation world believed could not be a Beast Tamer had awakened her beast form and become a Beast Tamer! She had even become good friends with Sheng Xiao!

This was really…

It was a pleasant surprise!

Manager Liu felt gossipy and was extremely excited. He only wanted to immediately hide backstage and open his phone to share this first-hand information on the Beast Tamer website to shock those bastards.

Manager Liu took a deep breath and said with a smile, “Ms. Yu Huang, Supreme Master Sheng, please follow me to the examination room to meet the teacher. He will do the most professional examination for you.”

Every Beast Tamer had to be tested before they registered their identity as a Beast Tamer. This was the rule. No one was an exception. Sheng Xiao had gone through this process before.

On the way to the testing room, Sheng Xiao reminded Yu Feng, “Don’t be nervous. The teacher in charge of your test is an experienced old man. He must know what species your duck is.”

Yu Huang’s lips curled up when she heard Sheng Xiao’s words.

A duck?

She would scare him later!

The old man was already waiting in the studio. When he saw Sheng Xiao, he stood up and bowed to Sheng Xiao. “Good evening, Master Sheng.”

Sheng Xiao bowed and replied, “Hello, Mr. Zhong.”

Mr. Zhong’s gaze landed on Yu Feng again. He nodded and said, “Please release your beast form.”

Yu Huang cooperatively stretched out her right hand and summoned her beast form Xuan Yu.

The moment Xuan Yu appeared, the temperature in the room increased by more than ten degrees. Manager Liu immediately felt hot and could not help but let go of his tie and unbutton his shirt.

The moment the old man saw Xuan Yu, his originally turbid eyes suddenly trembled. He was afraid that he had seen wrongly, so he hurriedly picked up the presbyopic eye on the table and put it on. He stood on his tiptoes to carefully examine Xuan Yu’s body.

Sheng Xiao stared at the little duck. He realized that it had only been half a year since they last met, but the little duck had grown bigger and its fur was redder. He noticed that Mr. Zhong was excited. He had a bold guess.

Could it be that Yu Huang’s beast form was not a duck?

Mr. Zhong looked at Xuan Yu for a long time. The more he looked, the brighter his eyes became. He muttered to himself, “It’s shaped like a baby duck, has a loud voice, and is covered in red feathers. This thing…”

He had a vague guess about Xuan Yu’s identity, but he didn’t dare believe it.

At this moment, Xuan Yu suddenly flapped his chubby little wings and flew up. When it flew, its wings brought about a ball of flames, so the temperature in the room was even higher.

Manager Liu’s forehead was covered in sweat.

When he saw the flame, Mr. Zhong was so excited that his hands began to tremble. He shouted in shock, “Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame!”

When she heard the words Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame, Yu Huang’s pupils constricted slightly. In the Time Valley, the witch spirit that was formed from a Fourth Grade Divine Rank cultivation technique had also said these words about Xuan Yu.

What exactly was a Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame?

Mr. Zhong stared at Xuan Yu with his bright eyes, as if he had seen a treasure. He said crazily, “Absolutely right! Absolutely right! This is it!”

Mr. Zhong strode over to Yu Huang and grabbed her arm as he asked anxiously, “It’s the Divine Feather Phoenix, right?!”

From the moment Yu Huang heard about the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame, she knew that the old man was knowledgeable and had already recognized Xuan Yu. Yu Huang knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore, so she could only admit it.

After receiving Yu Huang’s affirmation, Mr. Zhong was so excited that he was about to cry.

He sighed and said, “I really never expected that not only would I be fortunate enough to meet Black Qing in my lifetime, but I would also be able to meet the Divine Feather Phoenix. I have no regrets in this lifetime!”

Sheng Xiao could not help but look at Xuan Yu. He seemed to have seen the name Divine Feather Phoenix before.

He looked at Yu Feng again. She looked calm, so he knew that she knew about the little duckling’s identity. Sheng Xiao remembered Yu Feng’s mysterious smile when he mentioned the little duckling. He understood why she was laughing at that time.

This girl was a little mischievous.

Manager Liu watched Mr. Zhong’s crazy reaction and then looked at Yu Feng in a different light.

Mr. Zhong was not an ordinary person. Not only was he a Beast Tamer Alliance Master, but he was also the Pavilion Master of the Myriad Book Pavilion.

Their family had guarded the Myriad Book Pavilion for generations and had only worked on three things in their lives—

Gathering beast forms, recording beast forms, and perfecting beast forms!

Yu Huang’s beast form made this old man go crazy. What did this mean? It meant that Yu Huang’s beast form was most likely a transcendent-grade beast form!

Transcendent-grade beast form! Didn’t that mean that it was on the same level as Supreme Master Sheng’s Black Qing Sky Dragon?

Manager Liu was shocked.

Yu Feng had such an impressive beast form, so why would she still be worried about being unable to defeat Xuanyuan Jing? At this moment, Manager Liu couldn’t help but shed bitter tears for Xuanyuan Jing.

After confirming that Yu Huang’s beast form was a Divine Feather Phoenix, the old man’s attitude towards Yu Huang was different. His gaze was filled with love.

He chuckled and completed the follow-up test for Yu Huang. He first tested Yu Huang’s cultivation level, then tested her beast form’s attributes. Only then did he hand the final results to Manager Liu.

Manager Liu received the test report and lowered his head to see what was written on it—

Yu Huang:

Identity: Elementary Scholar-level Beast Tamer.

Beast Form: Divine Feather Phoenix

Beast Form Rank: Super Beast Form

Beast Form Attribute: Battle Type

Super beast form!

Yu Huang was the second super beast form awakened in the Divine Moon Empire apart from Sheng Xiao. He would register this person!

What an honor.

Manager Liu’s hands were trembling as he held the test results. When he spoke to Yu Feng again, his tone became respectful. “Madam, this way please. I will personally register your ID.”

“Thank you.”

Manager Liu swiftly registered Yu Feng’s identity and settled her Beast Tamer Badge. He even thoughtfully opened the Beast Tamer website’s membership number for her.

“Scholar, this is yours. Take it.”

Yu Huang took the badge and stored it in the identification box in the storage device. Then, she put the mask on her face.

Before she left, she looked at Manager Liu meaningfully and said, “Manager Liu, you should know what to say and what not to say.”

Yu Feng didn’t want the news of her awakening her super beast form to be spread out too early. She hoped that the fewer people who knew, the better. That way, Xuanyuan Jing wouldn’t know about her strength.

Xuanyuan Jing was a beast tamer at the peak of the intermediate-stage of the Scholar realm after all. Yu Feng wasn’t completely confident that she could defeat him. That was why she wanted to numb Xuanyuan Jing’s state of mind and make him look down on her and belittle her without knowing the truth.

The more Xuanyuan Jing didn’t take her seriously, the higher the chance of Yu Feng winning.

Manager Liu had also guessed Yu Feng’s thoughts. He immediately straightened his back and swore solemnly, “Scholar, don’t worry. I will keep my mouth shut.”

Yu Huang possessed a super-rank beast form. She would definitely achieve great things in the future. To be able to keep a secret for a powerful Beast Tamer, Manager Liu immediately felt that he was quite a big shot.

Yu Feng only left with Sheng Xiao after hearing Manager Liu’s promise.

“Supreme Master Sheng, Scholar, I’ll send you off.” After sending Yu Feng and the others away, Manager Liu couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh. “Young Master Xuanyuan, you’re finished!”

That was why one couldn’t be a jerk no matter or provoke women.

Sheng Xiao remained silent after they left the building.

Yu Huang knew what he was thinking. She told Sheng Xiao, “At first, I didn’t know that my beast form was the Divine Feather Phoenix. Mentor brought me to the Pantheon Pavilion and checked the information for the entire night. Then, we found out its identity.”

Sheng Xiao shook his head when he heard her explanation. “I don’t blame you for hiding your beast form. I was thinking about something else.”

“Then what are you thinking?”

Sheng Xiao stopped in his tracks and looked down at Yu Feng. His expression was complicated. He said, “Have you heard of an ancient legend?”

Yu Huang said, “Huh?”

Sheng Xiao told her, “It is rumored that there was a Divine Master in the ancient era.”

“Didn’t they say that there had never been a Divine Master?” Who was right?

“It has never appeared on the Holy Spirit Continent before, but ten thousand years ago, there was a Divine Master in these three thousand worlds,” Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang. “Among the three thousand worlds, there is a big world called the Divine Feather Continent. The Divine Feather Phoenix Clan and the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan live there. They are natural enemies. They kill each other when they meet.”

“It is said that when a Prime Master Phoenix eats a Prime Master Sky Dragon, it can break through and become a Divine Master.. Similarly, if a Sky Dragon eats a Phoenix, it can also become a Divine Master.”

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