Public Execution


“This man, is hanged due to the crime that he as a member of the royal family has committed, and executed number of immigrants”

The voice of the executioner reverberates through the square

A sneaky man in a luxurious dress is dragged out by two soldiers

A huge crowd is watching the whole process without batting an eye

Various races are present in the crowd, even the races from the nearby kingdoms all came here to view the execution on this day

At the end of the stage stood two men with ropes hanging around their neck

They were waiting to be executed

As the person is dragged out the executioner puts a rope around his neck too

With this a total of three people are waiting to be executed

While the executioners tightens the rope, the three are still alive with only a rougher breathing

One of the three was the National Affairs minister

While waiting to be executed he notices something

“Hey, is that your daughter?”

The minister points towards a direction

A large number of onlookers and soldiers were there

They were slowly opening a path towards the stage


It was a row of women who were naked

Their hands were restrained in front of them, and all their restraints were connected to and pulled on by a rope

Their clothes stripped off, the breasts and crotch exposed to the eyes of everyone

Only leather belts and sword sheath were left on their bodies

It was an indication that they were all knights

Among the group was the prime minister’s daughter too

The prime minister wanted his daughter to be a patriot but this is what she ended up as

Many of the audience were anxiously waiting to see what was about to happen

The row of four women were brought to the front of the gallows

“Oh, you!?”


The man on the execution stand notices his daughter, he was the prime minister to sought to protect peace

Then the court officers tell their claims

“These girls have committed crimes of murder against our brave soldiers, while working as the scouts of the prime minister. They will have to compensate for their sin!”

“You, bast….”

When the prime minister tries to speak the executioner tightens the rope around his neck

Because of being unable to voice out his complaint for his daughter the prime minister’s face boils with anger

The executioner takes this chance to tease the prime minister by saying

“What a slutty bitch! When I fuck her, she will give good milk”

“Being hanged while looking at these girls nakedness isn’t bad is it?”

The declaration continues

“The crimes of these women will have to paid. Only with this will the ethnic cleansing be true. The compensation for that will be dealt now”

Next a few men who are handcuffed are brought. They are the members of rebels who oppressed the kingdom

While they stand before the girls, the crowd riles up thinking of what’s about to happen

While the women stood there exposing their naked bodies while being stared at by all men around them

They could no longer hide their fear


When a daughter who left innocence but has not yet matured calls towards the gallows, two men come and hold her one at front while the other at back

As her hands were bound with restrictions and her father with a rope around his neck could do nothing but stare

In front of her father the soldiers expose her naked ass and her secret place

The humiliation was unbearable

Then a soldier lowers his pants, and pushes his dick into her pussy and cause blood to leak out

While the girl was trembling to stand as it hurt so much she couldn’t help but fall to her knees

Not caring of what the girls thinking the soldier once again grasps her waist and screws his dick into her

“Huh, Ahhh! It hurts!”

The girl tightly clenched her teeth

As a virgin who had yet to bloom

She was deflowered without even getting wet, and so her thigh was covered in blood

“Wow, you truly are a virgin knight, your pussy is tighter than the prostitutes, its sooo good!”

The girl starts tearing up at the soldier’s obscene words

As this was happening the executioners raise the gallows

The lords who were tied up were lifted off the ground into the air one after another

Another woman is suffering she was ruthlessly hit on her ass by various soldiers

Another woman was screaming as two soldiers simultaneously tramples her anus and meat hole at the same time

And the last woman was crying as three soldiers fucked her in all her 3 holes in front of the audience

In the eyes of those where raising with the gallows this scene was a humiliation

“You bitch, suck my cock in front of your dad”

While saying that a soldier pushes his dick into a woman’s mouth

As they women were watching the people die the soldiers one after the other cum in their mouths, ass, pussy and all over their body without stopping

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