Female Complete Management Law

In the near future, humanity made the ultimate choice

A groundbreaking policy was made due to the increase in death rate along with the low amount of birth rate

This law was called as…” Female Complete Management Law”

The main point of this law stated that all females would from then be managed by men

Until medieval times this world was a perfect male based society

After the two world wars took place, humanity settled down

And then women acquired human rights

However, this caused a distortion to occur in many countries

This was ‘shrinking population’

Obtaining freedom did protect the females, but in turn the couples reduced the number of children they had

It could not be compared to when the society was managed by men

And the childbirth rate decreased

In the latter half of 21st century, the population was reaching a critical low rate

And this [Female Complete Management Law] was created

Female Complete Management Law-

1. All women are now under the control of men

Here are the terms under management-

  • Women have no more human rights and will be treated as objects

  • Women are either the possession of men, corporation, or the state

  • The owner can do anything to the female

  • Because women have no rights they cannot possess anything included housing, clothes and food

  • A woman can be ordered by her master

  • A woman’s remuneration is decided by her master

  • A woman who doesn’t have a master is sold a the market by the state

  • Any male can buy or sell women freely

  • No male is charged with a crime even if the life of a woman is lost

  • Any child born of the women must be registered at the national hospital

  • If it is a male he is allowed to attend a institution

  • If it is a girl the owner must be registered

Also men are freed from the previous responsibilities of child rearing and wife support

As long as the man has enough money he can have a number of wives and descendants

Women lawmakers naturally opposed the law was enforced.

However, without the Equal Opportunity Law, the opinions of women who were neither lawmakers nor corporate officers was promptly taken over by majority male legislators, and the law was passed, women with husbands will be owned by their husbands.

The daughter have become the possession of their father, the single woman have became the property of the country, and lost all their rights.

After that, our country increased its population while achieving economic development, becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world.

And this law was accepted by other countries and spread to the world. In the 22nd century, mankind finally realized a balance between capitalism and population increase.

This is a story of such a future.




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