It is said that almost 100,000 people go missing annually in Japan.

As for those who have no close relatives, acquaintances or friends who will report, the number of missing will further increase if investigated

About 40% of people who go missing are women, and females between the ages of teens and twenties account for 60% of the women.

Lots of people who go missing are fortunately found afterward, but still, nearly two thousand people are literally evaporated from our society every year.

Where are they? And what are they doing now?

Those who refused to communicate with relatives intentionally due to various circumstances, or those who choose to live their lives in the mountains due to the shock of a broken heart, such cases often will be.

However, if there was an organization intentionally evaporating the aimed prey… And young women were kidnapped in the prime of their beauty and confined in a secret prison. If so …

What kind of days are they spending there?

As a prisoner or as a slave who has been deprived of human rights, as a livestock to serve the desires of unscrupulous criminals, is it not full of grief, insult, and torture?

This story depicts the lives of such women.

Character Illustrations


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