Prisoner’s love: The Devil’s mark


Legends say that Satan, the king of hell, is the Seraphim who degenerated into a devil full of evil and darkness that opposes the light. He was a beautiful and wise angel of Lucifer but degenerated, and dedicated himself to demagogy. With his beautiful appearance and magnificent aura, People are willing to be corrupted and pay homage to him with their soul.

He was an Asura from hell, just wanted to tear her with his bloody fangs. He was vicious, ruthless, like a night of the devil step by step on the road to revenge.

She was just an ordinary girl, but she had to make a deal with him, at the expense of self-sacrificing into eternal hell.

She knew she could not contend with him and she could never escape from the day of its birth, but she still thought she could be the canary who flew out the cage. The truth is she could never escape from her owner, even when forced by him to the border of life and death.

They were sisters, but because he hated her, he let her and his sister kill each other. When everything was over, he still wanted to pester her, even trying to take her as his wife. That won’t do, she absolutely cannot succumb to his desire, after he hurt her so deeply, she will never be with him!

If she wants to cast him aside, then escape could be the only answer……


Chapter 1

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