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Chapter 703 Little Brother is Back!

His young face was no longer childish and had a stiff curve. However, his eyes were filled with a familiar youthful vigor.

“Xia Yu? Why are you back?” Xia Wanyuan smiled in surprise. “I had a few days of family leave.” Xia Yu put Xiao Bao down and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “I missed my little dumpling and came back to take a look.” “Since you’re back, stay here. We miss you too.” Xia Wanyuan stepped forward and rubbed Xia Yu’s head.

Xia Yu’s ears turned red and he squirmed, “Why are you touching my head? What if I don’t grow taller?”

“Uncle, you’re already very tall! You’re much taller than me!” Xiao Bao jumped out and grabbed Xia Yu’s leg. “I want Uncle to carry


Xia Yu scooped up the little dumpling, “Rascal, why are you so fat?”

“Of course not! I have baby fat! Uncle, let’s go in and play with the toys, okay?” Xiao Bao had not seen Xia Yu for too long and was extremely happy. He kissed Xia Yu’s face. “Okay!” Xia Yu carried Xiao Bao in and looked at the decorations in the manor. They had changed a lot since he left.

Xia Wanyuan walked behind and looked at Xia Yu’s tall figure. She nodded to herself. It seemed that Xia Yu’s decision to join the military was correct. He looked much more energetic than before.

“Sister, I bought it on the way back. It’s for you.” Xia Yu played with Xiao Bao for a while before taking out a box from his luggage and handing it to Xia Wanyuan, looking nonchalant. However, when Xia Wanyuan took the box, Xia Yu looked at her worriedly.

Xia Wanyuan opened the box and took a look. It was a piece of jade from Continent F. It was a very beautiful color, and it was obvious that he had not bought it casually. Xia Wanyuan looked up. “It’s so beautiful. I really like it.”

“Oh, as long as you like it. It’s not worth much anyway.” Xia Yu touched his nose and covered his smile.

Xia Wanyuan waved at Xia Yu. Xia Yu bent down and Xia Wanyuan reached out to touch Xia Yu’s head. “Good boy.”

“I’m not little dumpling. You’re just coaxing a child!” He was already the most outstanding member of the cheetah assault team this year, but Xia Yu’s face was filled with prideful shyness.

Although he said that, Xia Yu did not move his head away. Instead, he enjoyed the warmth of Xia Wanyuan’s palm.

“You’re back?” It was unknown when Jun Shiling had returned. His deep gaze fell on Xia Wanyuan’s hand. Xia Wanyuan smiled helplessly, then lowered her hand.

Xia Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw Jun Shiling. He walked up to Jun Shiling and said, “Brother-in-law Long,” with a fanatically respectful look in his eyes.

“Mmm, take a good rest now that you’re back. Get Uncle Wang to tidy up your room and bring your things up.”

“Yes,” Xia Yu instinctively wanted to salute, but he remembered that he was at home and stopped.

Xiao Bao sat on the luggage while Xia Yu carried Xiao Bao and the luggage upstairs to unpack.

Xia Wanyuan slapped Jun Shiling angrily. “That’s my younger brother. How can you be jealous?”

“You’re not related by blood.” Jun Shiling took Xia Wanyuan’s hand and patted it lightly. “You’re not obedient at all.”

“Jun Shiling, that’s enough.” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling in amusement. “You’re such a jealous person.”

Jun Shiling snorted and didn’t comment.

After changing into his old clothes, Xia Yu instantly felt like he had returned to his university days. He chatted with her roommates for a while and arranged to go out for a meal. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Xia Yu’s sudden return.

After packing up, Xia Yu carried Xiao Bao downstairs. Then, he saw that on the sofa in the living room, Xia Wanyuan was leaning in Jun Shiling’s arms. Jun Shiling was feeding her watermelon spoon by spoon.

“… Little cutie, are your parents always like this now?” When I left, the two of them were only slightly more familiar with each other than strangers. Why were they so intimate in just a few months?

“Shh, Uncle, don’t disturb my Daddy and Mommy’s relationship.If you do that, they can’t give me a sister,” Xiao Bao whispered mysteriously into Xia Yu’s ear.

In Xia Wanyuan’s heart, his younger sister was the most important. He could even let Jun Shiling take Xia Wanyuan away.

“…” Xia Yu glanced at Xiao Bao who was in his arms speechlessly. Do kids nowadays know so much?

After dinner, Xia Yu went back to his room. When he was out on missions overseas, he brought his special phone with him. He had just joined the team and his training was tough. He rarely read the news online.

Now that he was finally free, Xia Yu opened his Weibo and took a look.

999 + notifications appeared on the screen. Xia Yu clicked on one casually. Ever since he left, his fans would greet him every morning and night, even if they knew he wouldn’t reply.

There was also a lot of messages that said that they would patiently wait for the news of his return.

Xia Yu grew up alone and was used to a carefree life.

Now that he was back, there were not only his family and friends waiting, but also countless strangers. Even though they had never met before, these people still cared about him in this world.

Xia Yu was a little touched. He downloaded the live-stream and logged in.

Five minutes later, all the comments on the Cat Tooth Platform were filled with comments.

“Little brother is back!!”