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Chapter 702 Little Brother Returns

In the end, that bouquet of flowers was placed properly by Tang Yin at the head of the bed. The fragrance lingered in the room for a long time.

Sometimes, Tang Yin would dream of the first time she met Liu Xingchuan. It had been more than ten years before she realized that Fu Li was standing at the side of the garden back then.

After waking up from her dream, Tang Yin’s pillow was always wet. Time had buried too much and taken away too much.

Fu Li had an unlimited future. He was different from her, who had crawled out from hell. She could not drag him into the darkness again. After ending the call with Tang Yin, Xia Wanyuan tried to persuade her. However, Tang Yin was determined and Xia Wanyuan did not say anything more.

She had never experienced her sufferings, so she would not advise her to change.

Xia Wanyuan had never experienced what Tang Yin experienced. No matter what decision Tang Yin made, she could understand.

It was just that Xia Wanyuan sighed a little in her heart. Tang Yin was clearly such a hardworking and dazzling girl, but in the end, fate played such a big joke on her.

“Jun Shiling.” Xia Wanyuan walked to the study door and called out to Jun Shiling, who was working hard.

“What’s wrong?” Jun Shiling was about to get up when Xia Wanyuan walked up to him. Jun Shiling pulled her into his arms.

“I like you.” Xia Wanyuan snuggled in Jun Shiling’s arms like a kitten.

Jun Shiling lowered his head and glanced at Xia Wanyuan. He took the documents on the table to one side and placed her on the table.

“?” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling in confusion.

Jun Shiling didn’t say a word. Instead, he walked to the door and locked it. He then walked towards Xia Wanyuan.

“You’re disturbing me from working. In that case, I won’t work anymore.” Jun Shiling loosened his tie as he walked.

“Hey! This is the study!” Xia Wanyuan kicked Jun Shiling

“The study is good.” Jun Shiling raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you like me? You don’t like me when I’m in the study?”

“…” Xia Wanyuan was both embarrassed and angry, but in the end, she couldn’t dissuade Jun Shiling.

As she lay on the desk, Xia Wanyuan suddenly recalled the court etiquette that her masters had taught her in her previous life. A woman’s virtue, Xia Wanyuan thought to herself. If my masters were in heaven, they might be angered to death by me.

“Jun Shiling, you’re shameless,” Xia Wanyuan thought to herself. Even if I am angered to death, I have to get Jun Shiling to go up first to tolerate the punishment.

“Yes, I’m shameless.” Jun Shiling leaned over to Xia Wanyuan’s ear and panted heavily. He laughed. “Don’t you like it?”.

“…” Xia Wanyuan is speechless.”

“Tell me, do you like it?” Seeing that Xia Wanyuan was silent, Jun Shiling reached out to scratch her.

“Aiyah, it’s ticklish.” Xia Wanyuan was most afraid of tickles. Her eyes were filled with smiles after being tickled.

“Then tell me, do you like me?” Jun Shiling pretended to continue scratching.

Xia Wanyuan quickly begged for mercy, her eyes curving into crescents. The entire room was filled with Xia Wanyuan’s laughter. “Yes, yes, yes.”

Jun Shiling was satisfied. He placed his hand on Xia Wanyuan’s back and leaned forward. “I like you too.”

Time passed hour by hour. Uncle Wang knocked on the door once, but there was no response. He tactfully asked the servants to leave.

On the sofa, Xia Wanyuan, who had just taken a shower, was wrapped in a towel, sipping her tea. Jun Shiling was sitting at the side cutting her toenails.

“Jun Shiling, will we quarrel in the future?” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling’s patient manner and was a little curious. In her previous life, her parents were also very loving. However, after interacting with each other for a long time, there would always be some conflicts. At the worst, her mother even had a cold war with her father for half a month.

“We won’t quarrel.” Jun Shiling finished trimming one of Xia Wanyuan’s legs and lifted the other. “Haven’t I always given in to you? I’ll give in to you in the future. You’re right.”

Hearing Jun Shiling’s words, Xia Wanyuan was very happy. “I wonder who has this good husband.”

Jun Shiling smiled and looked up at Xia Wanyuan. “There’s only one that belongs to Xia Wanyuan. He’s not for sale.”

Sunlight streamed in through the window, illuminating their eyes.

Ever since their last visit to Hanchuan University, Xia Wanyuan had mentioned that she would bring the white jade cup to the school’s exhibition for free. The school’s leader would call her every few days, asking her indirectly when she could bring the item over for them to take a look.

The teachers of Hanchuan University were going to attend the Qinghua University Exchange in two days. Xia Wanyuan discussed with Jun Shiling and decided to bring some items to the school.

Jun Shiling waved his hand regarding this. “I’ll arrange this.”

Thus, two days later, the Qing University welcomed nearly twenty priceless and extremely rare treasures.

At this point, the school leaders looked at Xia Wanyuan with flowers blooming in their eyes.

Although it was only put on display here for a month, the other schools had never received such treatment to display so many priceless treasures at once.

During the last trip to Hanchuan, everyone had witnessed Xia Wanyuan’s performance. This time, the school leaders did not hesitate to let Xia Wanyuan participate.

When the teachers of Hanchuan University heard that it was Xia Wanyuan who was leading them, other than the extremely young Professor Lin, everyone else was complaining in their hearts.

This little girl looked young and was really difficult to deal with. However, there was no other way. Everyone could only silently pray that they did not provoke her.

Over the past few days, Xia Wanyuan had finally gotten some free time from her busy schedule. She spent her days traveling between home, school, and the production team. For the time being, she had nothing else to do.

That day, when Xia Wanyuan returned home, she saw a tall figure hugging Xiao Bao from afar. Xiao Bao was clinging to this person’s neck, smiling so much that his eyes were curved into crescents.

Xia Wanyuan got out of the car. The person at the door turned around and grinned.