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Chapter 701 The Passage Of Time

At the end of August, in a small town in the south of China, spring seemed to have been left behind. On both sides of the limestone street, flowers of all colors competed with each other, and the street was filled with the cries of peddlers.

It was the time to eat mushrooms, and the entire street was filled with the fragrance of mushrooms.

“Why did you come with me?” Tang Yin picked the rice noodles in her bowl and looked at Fu Li in front of her. “Aren’t you busy?”

“After you left five years ago, I rarely take on filming anymore.” Fu Li took out the quail egg from his bowl and placed it in Tang Yin’s bowl. “Here, you like this.”

“That’s true. You didn’t intend to stay in the entertainment industry for long anyway.” Fu Li had a good family background. Back then, what he learned wasn’t acting at all. It was just that he stayed in the same dormitory as Liu Xingchuan. After graduation, he joined the entertainment industry together with Liu Xingchuan and Tang Yin.

“Yes.” Fu Li took a sip of the soup. “I remember ten years ago, you said that when you have money in the future, you would come to Yunnan for a trip.”

“Yeah, it has been ten years.” Tang Yin’s thoughts were brought back to ten years ago by Fu Li.

At that time, Liu Xingchuan was dispirited while Tang Yin left early and returned late to pull in investments. Although Fu Li had a good family background, he had a huge conflict with his parents. His parents stopped paying for his living expenses. The three of them rented a small house in Beijing together. At that time, Tang Yin often said that once she had money, she would not care about anything else. She would lie down on the grass in Yunnan and watch the clouds roll by. When she was tired, she would go to a nearby shop to get a bowl of fragrant cross-curve rice noodles.

Later, Tang Yin became rich, but she was busy with Liu Xingchuan’s matters all day long. How could she have the time to come to Yunnan?

It was only now that Tang Yin had finally fulfilled one of her wishes back then.

“Do you know why I entered the entertainment industry back then?” Fu Li picked up a piece of fresh fungus and bit down on it, filling his mouth with fragrance.

“Isn’t it because you got into a fight with your parents and they won’t pay you for your living expenses so you need money?”.

“Then do you know why we had a conflict?” Fu Li put down his chopsticks. Without waiting for Tang Yin to answer, he answered himself, “Because I told them that I want to enter the entertainment circle. Our family has been in politics for generations. They won’t allow any sons to enter the entertainment circle.”

Tang Yin was stunned. She looked at the handsome Fu Li in front of her as if it was the first time she met him. All those years, her gaze had always been fixated on Liu Xingchuan. She had never thought about this at all.

The steam from the rice noodles blurred Tang Yin’s vision, but Tang Yin felt that she had never seen Fu Li’s eyes so clearly before. That pair of eyes, from beginning to end, had her in them.

However, in the end, Tang Yin still lowered her head and fiddled with the rice noodles in her bowl. “Then now that you don’t really take on roles anymore, it’s better to resolve the conflict with your parents.”

“I can’t.”


“Because I’ve always been unmarried. They’ve always wanted me to find a wife.” When Fu Li spoke, he kept looking at Tang Yin. Tang Yin sensed this gaze and did not dare to raise her head.

“Oh,” Tang Yin finally answered softly and did not ask Fu Li why he had not married for so many years.

In the past, she had always thought that Fu Li had high standards and did not meet a suitable person. But today, she seemed to have finally seen that gaze behind her that had been there for a long time. Fu Li didn’t say anything more. The two of them finished their meal with different thoughts.

It rained frequently in the south. Before the meal was finished, it was already raining outside.

A child was selling umbrellas that cost ten yuan each. Tang Yin bought two and handed one to Fu Li.

They used to share an umbrella when it rained, but now they couldn’t.

Fu Li took the umbrella and did not say anything, walking into the rain with Tang Yin.

When they were almost at the inn, Fu Li suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Wait.” “What’s wrong?” Tang Yin thought that Fu Li had left something at the rice noodles shop. Fu Li walked over to the flower bed not far away and reached out to break a few stalks of flowers.

Tang Yin looked at Fu Li’s figure from afar and sighed.