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Chapter 819 Thinking for Me

Zhou Huaijin was startled for a moment, before he realized what she was talking about.

His father had intended to make him the heir whilst being impulsive, but he was reminded of Zhou Huailing when Honored Princess Jing showed up. That was why he didn’t mention that again.

That was even more hurtful than never mentioning that before. They were both his children, but Zhou Huaijin did not really care about that.

Well… He had always been aware of the fact that his father never liked him for real, otherwise he would not have built a mansion for him when he was still little. His father claimed to have adored him deeply, but he always found himself in some unexpected trouble.

He had been through too much since little so he had lost the so-called affection for the King. Therefore, he was not affected no matter what the King said or what decision he made. He was not sad at all.

However, Chaoyan did not know about that. She was still worried that he would be sad.

Zhou Huaijin pinched her nose and said, “No, I am not sad.”

He took hold of Gu Chaoyan’s hand and they continued to walk.

“I know pretty well that my father wants the Fourth Brother to become the heir.” As he spoke about this, Zhou Huaijin said carefully, “If I kept holding out expectations for my father, Shadow Door would never have existed. What is the point of being the heir? My Shadow Door is a much greater existence than the heir! I can do anything I want through Shadow Door. I should fight for what I want, not just wait for it to come.”

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief as she looked at Zhou Huaijin and smiled.

They continued to walk and exchanged a few other thoughts, before returning to their own rooms.

They were in a hurry when they came here, but Fu Bao and Sword One had prepared the laundry since they needed to stay in the town.


When the Queen woke up, it was already evening time.

The King had asked his men to guard the Queen outside the room. He needed to keep Zhao Yiqiu under supervision as he was next to the Queen, and he needed to know about the Queen’s news the moment she woke up. He was not assured about the staff arranged by the Empress Dowager.

The Queen had just woken up when the King hurried in and Zhao Yiqiu came as well.

It was time for her to drink medicine and eat dinner.

Zhao Yiqiu personally had the medical meals prepared.

When the King walked in, the Queen was just about to eat some dinner. She had been able to sit up on her own a couple of days ago, but these past two days, she felt too weak to get up at all. Aunt Nan asked her to stay in bed whilst feeding her.

Aunt Nan bowed to the King when she saw him.

The Queen was about to get up and greet him too, but the King stopped her instantly. “You are too sick to greet me, just stay there.” The Queen nodded again, then she continued to eat the food.

The King felt very uncomfortable when he saw her behaving so calmly. He had been thinking that he could see some delight from her eyes when he came to visit her, but she was showing none.

It seemed as if he was nothing other than an ordinary visitor. Despite the displeasure, the King said nothing seeing how the Queen was doing. He took the seat next to her then sighed. “I know you hold a grudge towards me, but I made the decision because I felt very annoyed. You should have understood my feelings!”