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Chapter 816 The Candidate

“You have all grown up and started your family. It is time to make the heir official. It should be a promise for the Queen,” the King said emotionally. His head was filled with the regretful things he had done to the Queen. He had taken the revenge he had been holding for so long, but what he had not expected was that the situation had become so terrible. Jiang Shuang had gotten so ill because of him. He was going to make her feel slightly better while she was still alive.

The King frowned and kept thinking about all of these matters.

Zhou Huaijin looked at his father next to him.

He had been feeling very complicated inside, but he actually felt more concerned about his mother. He felt concerned for his mother because she had always been a very naive person who would rather stay in the court because she loved the King deeply.

She had never thought about getting his country or the position of the heir.

All she hoped for was that the person she loved still loved her and that Xunyang could marry someone she truly liked. Even for him, all she expected was that he could have a steady life rather than taking the throne.

However, what she had not expected was that the man she truly loved was putting on a show. He only had a mind for power and the throne.

Even in the present situation, he was still making a plan for the heir. He was not at all making a plan for her. Zhou Huaijin shook his head slightly. Was the position of the heir so important? What difference would it make regarding who became the heir?

“You have been spoiled and learned nothing these days, just because we love you. You have even offended many important ministers, but these are all mistakes you have made due to your young age. You should correct your mistakes. After all, you have never made any terrible mistake, nor have you bullied any civilians, so the heir…” The King was narrating very carefully.

However, noise arose from outside all of a sudden.

A very sharp voice arose. “The Empress Dowager and Honored Princess Jing are here!”

The words had just been spoken when The Empress Dowager hurried in. She looked very serious and calm. “You…”

When she called her son the Empress Dowager felt slightly relieved.

She came here in a hurry. On the way here, she already heard her spy telling her about the King mentioning the issue of the heir. The coachman got so frightened that he sped up. Luckily, they were just in time to stop the promise.

She knew her son well.

He was a very hesitant person, who tended to follow his own emotions. Seeing that the Queen was suffering so badly, he was definitely going to feel guilty enough to make some mistakes. Luckily, she was here with Honored Princess Jing.

When they arrived, the King became much calmer at the sight of the Empress Dowager and Honored Princess Jing. He suddenly had a clearer mind. He realized that he had just planned to make a casual promise about the heir!

He had not even taken the general situation into consideration, but now his mind was clear and he started to think rationally.

He had always thought highly of Ling, and he had asked him to be part of many affairs. Ling’s wife was the Phoenix Girl, so he was definitely going to become the heir. That was something that should not be changed. The King patted his head and looked at Zhou Huaijin.