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Chapter 829 Who Is That Qiao Nian?

“How could that be?!” This time, Old Master Zhou didn’t manage to catch his breath. His vision darkened and he almost fainted again.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall out, and their faces turned dark.

The reason why the Zhou family had been able to gain a foothold in Beijing and develop smoothly was because of the messy relationship between the Red Alliance and Zhou Hengfeng

It was precisely because of this relationship that even though the Red Alliance had not been friendly with Zhou Hengfeng in the past few years, the people outside had always been afraid of the Zhou family.

Even the top circles in Beijing wanted to rope him in, let alone the other families. They were only left with envy!

If the Red Alliance openly cut ties with Zhou Hengfeng, it would undoubtedly be an open execution for the Zhou family. Slaps would sound, and the subsequent effects would be endless.

How could Zhou Hengfeng not know the importance of the Red Alliance? He stared intently at the statement on his phone. Red Alliance’s SUN had personally sent it on the black market. It was written very clearly that the Red Alliance had never had the intention of soliciting him. He had not had any contact with the Red Alliance in the past few years, and they would definitely not have any contact in the future…

Zhou Hengfeng stared fixedly at the last sentence and looked up. His eyes were red, and his teeth were still chattering. “It’s Zhou Wei.”

Pounding his chest, Old Master Zhou was stunned when he heard this. “Zhou Wei?”

Father Zhou placed his hands at his sides helplessly and subconsciously spoke up for his daughter. “Why is this matter related to Xiao Wei again? Xiao Wei, she…”

“She took the Trojan Horse I gave her to study and used it on the Ninth Branch. She was caught in the end. This is why she was fired. She didn’t dare to take it back and tell us, but for some reason, the Red Alliance learned about this…”

Zhou Hengfeng spoke quickly and anxiously, his face filled with pain and regret. “Back then, the person who gave me this virus told me that I could only study and play by myself and could not take it outside. I made a promise. How could I have known that Zhou Wei would be so ignorant and use it in the Ninth Branch? This is the punishment the Red Alliance gave me!”

After he finished speaking, Old Master Zhou closed his eyes, and his old face revealed a regretful expression. “Why did this evil creature appear in the Zhou family?! Evil creature!”

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou stood at the side and did not dare to say a word.

Zhou Hengfeng clenched his fists tightly and did not want to speak, either. Zhou Wei had caused huge trouble this time. She had basically stabbed the sky of the Zhou family.

However, he still did not understand. Even if Zhou Wei had used the Lizard’s Tail in the Ninth Branch, how did the people from the Red Alliance know?

Why did Slim Waist Control suddenly find him?

Furthermore, this matter was not a big deal to the Red Alliance. Why would the always mysterious SUN personally make a statement?

Zhou Hengfeng felt a headache. There were too many things to consider, and they were too chaotic. He couldn’t figure out a single clue.

He held his forehead. He had not recovered from this bad news when he received a new call. This time, it was a call from a contact person representing the Zhou family’s investment project. “Mr. Zhou, someone from the Trade and Commerce Bureau just came. Our project is being investigated. What should we do now…”

Zhou Hengfeng didn’t know how he hung up the phone. His heart was already beating so fast that it was about to stop. He didn’t even hang up the phone. He only heard an anxious voice on the other end, asking him repeatedly what to do.

He didn’t have the heart to answer. He only looked at Old Master Zhou with red eyes. His expression was ugly, and his voice was hoarse and unpleasant. “Dad, who is that Qiao Nian from Rao City?”