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Chapter 828 News From the Red Alliance

Zhou Hengfeng had just returned to the Zhou family.

After the servant and Father Zhou’s first aid, Old Master Zhou had already woken up from his coma. However, his spirit was clearly not good, and he looked much older. Seeing Zhou Hengfeng return, he pushed Father Zhou, who was feeding him water, away and tried to sit up. “Hengfeng, you’re back. How is it? Are they willing to let Zhou Wei go?”

“Dad, lie down quickly. Don’t move around. Your body…” Father Zhou held him worriedly at the side, afraid that he would fall.

Old Master Zhou ignored him and stared fixedly at his youngest son with his muddy eyes without blinking. “When are they willing to let Zhou Wei back?”

Zhou Hengfeng returned from outside. He was still wrapped in the cold air and did not dare to go too close to him, afraid that the cold air would reach him. Hearing his question, he took off his coat and placed it on his arm. His expression was a little awkward and embarrassed. Not daring to make eye contact with him, he said in a low voice, “Old Master Jiang did not agree to the reconciliation, but Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru said that they were willing to help contact Qiao Nian in private. As for the exact situation, I still have to wait for their reply. However, I’ve left the bank card with them. I hope that the Jiang family is willing to accept it. That way, we’ll have a chance to reconcile…”

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou both heaved a sigh of relief.

The point of Old Master Zhou’s attention was different from theirs. His eyes opened slightly and were filled with shock. “Why is this matter related to the Jiang family? Didn’t Zhou Wei provoke a high school girl from Rao City?” “She’s studying in Rao City. She’s in her third year of high school this year.” Zhou Hengfeng waited for his body to warm up before walking over. He gave him a rough explanation of Qiao Nian’s relationship with the Jiang family. In the end, he raised his eyebrows and let go. “Old Master Jiang has not relented. Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru’s attitudes are relaxed. I think there’s a way to resolve this. After all, Jiang Xianrou is the most valued member of the Jiang family in this generation. If she’s willing to help, I don’t think that girl will dare to reject her. When the time comes, as long as she tells the police, this matter will be resolved! However, this way, we’ll owe the Jiang family and Jiang Xianrou a big favor.”

“As long as your niece comes out successfully, it doesn’t matter if you owe her a favor or not. You can pay it back slowly in the future. What’s more important than being safe and sound?” Old Master Zhou heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhou Hengfeng’s jawline was tense, but he agreed with him.

No matter how overboard Zhou Wei went this time, she was still a member of their Zhou family. He wasn’t married in this lifetime and would not have a child.

It was fine if an uncle owed a favor on his niece’s behalf.

Hopefully, Jiang Xianrou could resolve this matter.

As he was thinking, his phone suddenly vibrated. Zhou Hengfeng had been busy with Zhou Wei’s matters. He was frustrated and did not really want to see the message at first. He raised his hand and scanned the message.

With just one glance, his expression changed!

Old Master Zhou was still talking about how no one with old ties in Beijing dared to help him.

Zhou Hengfeng’s throat creaked as his teeth chattered. “It’s… it’s over.”

His ashen face frightened the entire Zhou family. Mother Zhou thought that something had happened to Zhou Wei again. She looked at him nervously. “Wha-what’s wrong? Didn’t Jiang Xianrou agree to help? What about Xiao Wei? Is she unwilling to help?” Zhou Hengfeng’s neck was as stiff as iron. He turned to look at Old Master Zhou, his heart beating rapidly. “Red Alliance… the Red Alliance has released news that they want to cut ties with me!”