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Chapter 827 Master Wang: Do I Seem Easy to Talk to Recently?

“?” Jiang Xianrou had never expected him to not give her face. Hearing the echo of the slap on her face, her mind went blank for a moment. All the blood in her body rushed to her brain. Her eyelashes trembled violently as her face became white. She didn’t dare to be confident and thought that she had heard wrongly. “Master Wang, I…”

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes lazily and suppressed the ruthlessness in them. “Jiang Li gave you face. Jiang Li doesn’t even have this face with me. He doesn’t even dare to tell me that this matter is over and needs to be resolved in private. Why do you think you can ask me for this face? Why? Do I seem easy to talk to recently?”

Ye Wangchuan had never been an easy person to talk to. Perhaps it was because everyone in Beijing knew that it was best not to use his connections. If she pleaded with him through the back door, she would only die more miserably.

Over the past few years, Jiang Xianrou had been pampered by Zhang Yang and the others. She really felt that she was an extraordinary existence to this man. At this moment, it was as if Jiang Xianrou’s face had been ripped open. She was so embarrassed that her entire body was on fire. She wanted so badly to dig a hole and hide in it.


Jiang Xianrou was extremely regretful that she had humiliated herself by making this call. She regretted even more agreeing to help Zhou Hengfeng. After all, what did Zhou Wei care about her? She had also been confused by Qiao Nian’s dark aura. Until now, she had no idea how to smooth things over for herself on the phone.

Upstairs, Qiao Nian finished drying her hair and casually walked to the desk to open her laptop. It had just been switched on.

Yuan Yongqin’s message was sent. [I’ve checked on the Zhou family. They really haven’t wiped their tails clean. Don’t worry, I’ve already handed this matter over to Su Mo. I’ll definitely teach them a lesson this time so that they won’t dare to look for trouble with you again.)

Qiao Nian glanced at the message and crossed her legs. Her expression was relaxed as she placed her hand on the table and typed on the keyboard. Then, she logged into the Red Alliance software.

An S logo on the red square. Simple and recognizable.

As soon as she went online, Slim Waist Control’s profile lit up, and he immediately replied to her message. Slim Waist Control scolded Zhou Hengfeng angrily and said that he had asked him before. He really brought the Trojan Horse that the Red Alliance had given him to study outside to show off and asked Qiao Nian how to handle it.

Qiao Nian raised her eyes. Her clear eyes were quite calm. Not saying anything, she logged into the black market forum.

A pair of beautiful white hands typed on the keyboard. After a while, a statement from the Red Alliance was sent.

Then, she saw from the corner of her eye that her phone, which she had thrown at the head of the bed, lit up again. Someone was calling.

The call earlier had been very annoying. Qiao Nian pursed her lips and leaned back in the chair. She stood up after two seconds, walked over, and bent down to pick up the phone.

Seeing the caller ID, she instantly restrained her impatience, and her entire aura softened. Her beautiful eyes were gentle and restrained, and she looked no different from an ordinary girl. “Hello, Aunt Chen… Ah, tonight?”

Qiao Nian looked up at the clock on the wall and lowered her eyes. She paused for a moment and stuffed her hands in her pocket. “Yes, I’ll eat. I’m not picky about food. I’ll eat whatever you make.

“Okay, I’ll be right there. Wait for me. I’ll tell you when I get there.”

She listened patiently to the woman on the other end of the line ramble on. In the end, she only put down the phone after the other party hung up.