I Have The Only Ero Knowledge In The World, So I Decided To C*m Inside Pretty Girls Chapter 3

Experimenting on my sister to make her an onahole – 1
“Rina, can I come in?”
I spoke standing in front of my sister’s room
She didn’t answer but just ignored me
“I have something I’d like to ask you!”
I knocked even harder this time
“What is it?”
She finally answered
“It’s like this, if I could….”
Not even listening till the end she shut me down
But, I’m familiar with her personality, so I anticipated that this would happen
“I’ll pay you if you help me”
Now she’s interested!
“How much are you going to pay me?”
“Eh, ahh, a 1000 yen”
I can’t go back without testing my theory
“Well, how much do you want?”
“3000 yen”
I never did a part time job, so 3000 yen is a large sum
But, if my theory works out it will be worth more than 3000 yen


It seems like Rina is surprised, as I agreed to pay 3000 yen
Even though I’m not looking at her face, I can understand her surprise through the voice
“Well, I’m coming inside now”
Saying so, I opened the door and entered
If I ever came into the room, she would have scolded me till she feels satisfied
But as I’m paying her, she didn’t mind me and stayed quiet
She was on the bed reading a book
Ah, my sister is so cute
Short brown hair, with big eyes that look a little sleepy
“So, what do you want?”
My sister asked after a period of awkward silence
Rina’s line of sight is focused on my penis
Anticipating the future I had an erection, so it was pressing against my pants
“That, ?????”
Rina is a student of the second year
If this was the previous world, she would have knowledge about sex
And if I ever came like this into her room, I’m sure she would have me arrested
However now, she was watching my dick with interest
Yes! It seems that the concept of sex has truly disappeared
“Do it”
Not understanding what I was saying she looked at my face
“Take off your clothes”
“My clothes?”
“Yes, remove your clothes”
Is this ok?
Will she get naked?
Not knowing how I was feeling Rina removed and threw her T-shirt away
The small breasts of my sister are exposed as she isn’t wearing a bra
Tits! Raw Boobs!
I rubbed my nose to make sure I don’t bleed from excitement
“Is this it?”
Rina doesn’t understand why I’m excited
“No, not yet”
Although her breasts are small
It is worth 3000 yen
But I won’t stop! Lets go further!
I went and sat beside my sister
Small tits
These are definitely smaller than the ones of my classmates
When I move my sight towards Rina’s face, she’s looking at me like I’m mental
But there’s no indication of shame or hatred on her face
Yes! I can do ero things!
I am convinced of this
I moved my hand and pushed it against her boobs with my index finger
“HUH! What !?”
Surprised, Rina hid her chest with her arms
Will I get caught?
My heart started beating frantically
However my worries are useless
A surprised expression is present on her face, but neither shame nor hatred is present
“I was surprised, what are you doing all of a sudden?”
Rina’s in a bad mood
Although she doesn’t understand what sex is, she feels violated
“I’m sorry, but I want to touch your boobs a little more”
“You are going to pay me 3000 yen, just for that?”
This idiot!
She’s selling her body for money!
But this is natural, Rina is completely ignorant about sex
“Well, I still want to play with your boobs. So remove your hand”
Rina made a nod and removed her hands which were covering her breasts
Let’s take it a little slower this time



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