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Chapter 709 Like a Clown

Miss Tang was furious.

What kind of expression is that? What’s he going to do? Isn’t he finished?

But she could only continue to apologize. Unknowingly, an hour had passed. Her throat had become dry and hoarse, and she could barely take it anymore. However, the young man in front of her was still as immovable as a mountain. The contempt in his eyes was so obvious as if he were looking at a clown.

Miss Tang wanted to kill someone. She apologized over and over again. She didn’t know how long Rong Si was going to torture her. It had been so long, and faces in the crowd had changed a few times, but he didn’t react at all. He was like a robot!

Miss Tang felt angry and aggrieved. Her eyes turned red. If she had known that this man was so ruthless, she would never have allowed him to enter her room.

She was already prepared to apologize until the sky turned dark. Unexpectedly, at this moment, she suddenly heard a soft rumble.

Rong Si heard it too and immediately turned to look at Su Jiu. Su Jiu held her flat stomach and smiled at him in embarrassment, feeling frustrated.

D*mn, did I have to make such a loud noise? Even if my stomach didn’t get embarrassed, I


“Hungry?” Compared to the way he spoke to Miss Tang just now, Rong Si’s tone was much gentler.

“No, no! I’m not that hungry. Let her keep apologizing. You need to be satisfied!” Su Jiu said in a serious tone.

“If you’re hungry, let’s go eat first,” Rong Si suggested. Compared to Su Jiu, what is someone like Miss Tang?

“Okay, then let’s go eat first. As for her…” Su Jiu glanced at Miss Tang and said, “You can keep apologizing here. Wait for us to finish eating.”

Miss Tang was speechless.

She had thought that Su Jiu would let the matter rest. Unexpectedly, that girl had told her to stand there and continue apologizing until they returned from dinner.

Then my voice would probably be gone tomorrow!

Su Jiu got out of the car and walked to the front to tell the chauffeur, “Uncle, help me watch if she’s apologizing honestly. If not, call me immediately.”

The chauffeur agreed without hesitation and smiled. “No problem. Little Miss, I’ll keep an eye on her.”

He was more than willing to watch Miss Tang apologize. Looking at Miss Tang’s aggrieved and embarrassed face made him happy.

Hmph, this is the consequence of offending Little Miss.

Unfortunately, Little Miss is still too kind. How could such an apology be enough? If it were me, I would make her kneel on durian, a keyboard, and instant noodles. See if she still dares to do such a thing in the future!

After getting out of the car, Su Jiu followed Rong Si down the sidewalk on the right side of the school gate. Rong Si did not say anything along the way. Su Jiu curiously turned her head to look at him and reached out to pull the sleeves of his white shirt. “Big Brother, what’s wrong? She apologized to you, but why do you still look unhappy?” Rong Si lowered his head slightly and met her clear eyes. He suddenly pursed his lips.

“Why don’t you tell me how you want to punish her, then we’ll punish her together?” Su Jiu tentatively asked.

Rong Si was silent for a few seconds before asking in a deep voice, “Little Jiu, you…”

Su Jiu blinked her eyes curiously. “What?”

“You…” Rong Si looked away and looked at the ground at the side as if he didn’t dare to look her in the eye. Then, he continued, “Do you think I’m useless?”