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Chapter 2331 Dark Catacombs

“What… What is this?”

Wu Jiang stared at the Taiji Mark. He could feel Zhang Ruochen’s previously weakening aura was getting stronger. It was like a dying fire that had begun burning again.


The Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill and the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King combined into one. Using the Saint Techniques of the Incarceration of Divine Demon, it crushed the huge black hole with a diameter of 100 miles before rushing into the Nether Domain and crushing the land into pieces.

There seemed to be no power in the world that could block this attack.

“It’s the Saintwill. Zhang Ruochen has indeed cultivated Grade Two Saintwill.”


“Life-and-Death Palm.”

Wu Jiang was shocked. The destructive power of the combination of the Grade Two Saintwill and the high level Thousand-Koan Saint Technique was beyond his imagination. He tried his best to activate his Precepts and Ming Qi.


All of Wu Jiang’s attacks were shattered by Zhang Ruochen.

The huge palm print from the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King landed heavily on Wu Jiang’s body. He flew off like a shooting star and disappeared into the darkness.

The Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King and the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill didn’t last long. They quickly disappeared.

Zhang Ruochen’s figure reappeared and swayed briefly in the void space. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He trembled weakly which made him feel like he was about to faint.

“Half of the Supreme Saint’s blood has been lost.”

Zhang Ruochen’s expression remained resolute. He used the sharp fingernail of his right index finger to pierce his chest, stimulating himself with the intense pain. No matter what, he had to continue.

The battle was not over yet.

He mobilized the Divine Purification Flame and the Heart of the Divine Tree to refine the curse power that had invaded his body.


Zhang Ruochen spread the ten wings on his back and turned into a streak of golden light. He flew out in search of Wu Jiang’s aura.

The power from that attack must have severely injured Wu Jiang

Moreover, the Qi of Divine Demon and the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill had invaded Wu Jiang’s body.

Now must be Wu Jiang’s weakest moment. It was the best chance to kill him.

Zhang Ruochen searched for Wu Jiang’s aura that was left behind and flew across thousands of miles.

The aura trail suddenly stopped.

“It disappeared?”

Zhang Ruochen immediately released his spiritual power and the Spatial Domain. He searched near and far, not missing any of the traces.

But he found nothing.

Wu Jiang seemed to have vanished from the world.

“There are remnants of dark power. It seems that Wu Jiang used some means of the Path of Darkness to merge with the darkness of heaven and earth to hide.” Zhang Ruochen frowned and sighed softly.

The existence of the Dark Star was compatible with the Path of Darkness that Wu Jiang practiced, giving him a geographical advantage.

He could attack easily and retreat stealthily.

Of course, the main reason was also that Wu Jiang’s cultivation and spiritual power were much higher than Zhang Ruochen’s, so Zhang Ruochen could not find him.

The total number of precepts that Zhang Ruochen practiced was 2.8 billion.

The number of precepts in Wu Jiang, who had reached the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, was close to 10 billion, three times more than Zhang Ruochen.

Of the 2.8 billion precepts that Zhang Ruochen had practiced, only 20 million were Precepts of Dimension.

However, Wu Jiang had practiced more than 70 million from the Path of Darkness.

They were both using ancient paths. If the number of precepts differed too much, then it would be extremely difficult for Zhang Ruochen to use dimension precepts to search for Wu Jiang who was hiding in the darkness.

“It seems that Wu Jiang is seriously injured. He can only hide to avoid my pursuit.”

Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

His body felt weak again. Even worse, Zhang Ruochen’s rationality was being constantly attacked by a strong bloodthirsty impulse.

The weakness caused by the loss of Blood Qi was not something the Heart of the Divine Tree could heal.

He had to make up for the loss of Blood Qi.

Zhang Ruochen did not only have the blood of a Supreme Saint in his body, but he also had the blood of a demigod.

Every drop of blood contained powerful energy. If it landed on the ground, it could melt the ground within a radius of hundreds of miles and turn it into a field of fire. Every drop of such blood had been tempered over and over repeatedly. It was not easy to recover from its loss.

The fastest way to make up for the loss of Blood Qi was, of course, to suck blood.

If he relied on his body to recover slowly, it would take him at least three years to fully recover.

In the past, Zhang Ruochen had used the Saint blood and the Supreme Saint blood to practice. But at that time, he thought of himself as a human. He had no patience and no impulse to drink blood.

The situation now was completely different from before.

For some things, it would be impossible to stop after the first try… In the end, they would get lost and change so much that they would not even recognize themselves.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t care about sucking the blood of enemies and evil people. He was afraid that in the future, in order to suck blood and become stronger, he could suck anyone’s blood.

The inner demons of humans were like this, they are magnified step by step.

Now, Zhang Ruochen’s inner demons were already deeply planted, how dare he continue being a demon?

However, Zhang Ruochen faced another dilemma. If he couldn’t recover his Blood Qi as soon as possible and instead let Wu Jiang recover first, the situation would become even


On the third dark star, Pan Ruo and the Lord Sinluo stood at the North Pole of the planet.

In front of them was an entrance of a dark catacomb that went down vertically. It was so deep that it seemed bottomless.

The catacombs released a powerful pulling force. With the cultivation of the Pan Ruo Neverwilt Realm, he had to go all out to resist it and not fall inside.

Here, the precepts of heaven and earth became distorted. The Precepts of Darkness took up more than 50 percent of all the precepts. They were even more terrifying than the Nether Domain practiced by a Supreme Saint.

The Lord Sinluo looked down at the dark and cold catacombs. He felt a chill run down his spine and said, “This is the entrance to the interior of the Dark Star, right? Once you jump inside, will you be able to get out?” The gravitational force on the surface of the dark star could severely affect even the Supreme Saints.

The pressure on the Supreme Saints on the inside of the star body was naturally stronger. Pan Ruo’s expression was calm and she said, “According to the records from the Fane of Destiny, the gravitational force and dark power of the dark star are extremely powerful. This is especially true for the interior of the star body, which can devour even time and space. As the darkness, time, and space accumulated more and more, the formerly shapeless energy will be converted into tangible matter and become Dark Space-time Matter.”

Lord Sinluo said in surprise, “How terrifying is the energy contained in the physical form of darkness, time, and space?”

“If the energy of Dark Space-time Matter the size of a speck of dust is drawn out, it can pose a deadly threat to a Supreme Saint from the Neverwilt Realm. Of course, it is unlikely that this dark star will produce a solid Dark Space-time Matter. The possibility of it being liquid is very high,” said Pan Ruo.

The Dark Space-time Matter was so powerful that even a sacred artifact would find it difficult to ward it off. Lord Sinluo’s desires were instantly aroused.

If he could obtain some, wouldn’t he be invincible on the Battlefield of Celestial Hunting?

However, although Lord Sinluo had studied the three Paths of Darkness, Time, and Space, he was still at a relatively superficial level. He could only be considered a layman. Even if he obtained Dark Space-time Matter, would he be able to use its power effectively?

If he wasn’t careful, even his life would be at risk.

Pan Ruo said, “Entering the interior of the dark star is indeed very dangerous. The danger doesn’t only come from the dark star itself, but there is also the threat of three powers to cultivators, those being darkness, time, and space.”

“Have you noticed that time is distorted on the surface of the Dark Star? We’ve stayed here for twenty hours, but only two hours should have passed outside.”

“In addition, the space has also changed and become unyielding. Even a Master of Space like Zhang Ruochen will find it difficult to make big waves here.”

“The power of darkness has been greatly strengthened. The proportion of the precepts of darkness in the precepts of heaven and earth is a hundred times or a thousand times higher than elsewhere.”

“After these transformed precepts enter the interior of the dark star, it is very likely that they will be further strengthened to the point that even a Supreme Saint will find it hard to withstand them.”

“For example, the flow of time may be a thousand times faster or a thousand times slower. Space may compress cultivators into dust, or it may pull them into an endlessly long thin line. The darkness will devour a cultivator’s body, soul, and consciousness.” The biggest changes in the flow of time were not the treasures of time refined by the time Gods, but some secret places that were nurtured by the universe.

However, most of these secret places were not suitable for cultivation and were filled with endless dangers.

Some of them even pose a threat to the gods and deities that venture inside.

Lord Sinluo’s hands and feet turn cold from Pan Ruo’s words and he took two steps back, and said, “Your Highness Pan Ruo, it’s better to forget about it. The risk of taking Dark Space-time Matter is too great. Moreover, it’s very dangerous to use it and it’s not easy to control even if we obtain it.”

Pan Ruo nodded slightly. It seemed like she knew she had to retreat.


A golden streak of light descended from the sky and landed not far from Lord Sinluo and Pan Ruo, stirring up layers of dust.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the dust and said, “Lord Sinluo, it seems that your memory has been restored by Pan Ruo through the Path of Destiny. I wonder if she can restore it if I erase it again?”

Lord Sinluo was shocked and angry at the sight of Zhang Ruochen.

“Why are you here, and where is Wu Jiang?”

The Lord Sinluo stepped in front of Pan Ruo and secretly transmitted his voice to her, saying. “Your Highness, you go first. I will hold him off.”

Pan Ruo did not leave.

Zhang Ruochen walked forward step by step and said, “After I defeated Wu Jiang, he escaped.” “Impossible. How could you possibly defeat Wu


The Lord Sinluo did not want to accept this fact. However, after using his spiritual power to search the area and not finding Wu Jiang’s aura. It seemed that he had escaped.

Zhang Ruochen had only broken through 14 shackles, but he was already strong enough to defeat Wu Jiang?

Pan Ruo looked at Zhang Ruochen in front of her calmly, and said, “You and Wujiang should have both suffered heavy losses, right? I can feel that your aura is very weak. The strength that you are displaying is merely a facade.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “No matter how weak you are, it’s still easy for me to kill you both. I can absorb the blood in your bodies after your death to make up for my lost Blood Qi.” There was blood in the bodies of the Deathkin and Nether Clan.

However, their blood was different from the blood of living beings. It contained a strong Qi of Death.

Zhang Ruochen rushed over with a swoosh.

Lord Sinluo’s face changed. He released a strong icy Qi and formed a palm print with his hands.

Before he could strike, his body was frozen in space. With his cultivation at the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm, Zhang Ruochen could only freeze him for a moment.

At that moment, Zhang Ruochen grabbed Lord Sinluo’s neck, lifted his body, and slammed him to the ground, creating a huge crater on the ground.


Lord Sinluo’s Qi of Death was scattered by this blow, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

Seeing the blood, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes blurred, and he felt ecstatic. Then he was filled with pain and started to struggle, and his body trembled slightly.


Taking this opportunity, Lord Sinluo hit Zhang Ruochen’s chest with his palm, sending him flying.

The cold Qi contained in this palm froze more than half of Zhang Ruochen’s body.

The cold Qi woke Zhang Ruochen up. He shook his arms and all the ice on his body shattered. The ice shards gathered between his hands and melted, forming an ice sword.

Holding the ice sword, Zhang Ruochen caught up with Lord Sinluo and slashed down.


With just one slash, Lord Sinluo was knocked to the ground. A bloody scar a foot-long was cut on his right arm.

Crash Crash Crash

Blow after blow, Lord Sinluo was beaten until he was covered in bloody sword wounds. He couldn’t resist at all.

Pan Ruo didn’t run away. Instead, she stared at Zhang Ruochen.

She could see that Zhang Ruochen had lost a lot of the Supreme Saint’s blood in his body. Something was wrong. He wanted to suck blood, but he was restraining himself. Every time he swung the ice sword, he would hesitate for a moment.

It was because of his hesitation that he could not kill Lord Sinluo.

“Door of Trueself.”

Pan Ruo stepped on the Nether River. Her body slowly flew up and floated more than 30 feet above the ground. Her ten jade fingers formed fingerprints and controlled the Door of Trueself to fly towards Zhang Ruochen. The Door of Trueself shone brightly and the light rays landed on Zhang Ruochen’s body.

Affected by the power of Destiny, Zhang Ruochen’s combat power was further weakened.

Lord Sinluo gave a long roar and immediately counterattacked. The Death Qi in his body surged out like a raging river. He struck out with hundreds of palm prints in a row, forcing Zhang Ruochen to retreat.


At the same time, in the dark void space about a thousand miles away from the third dark star, Wu Jiang’s body appeared. It was covered in cracks, like a paper figurine that had been torn apart and reattached.

“Lord Sinluo and Pan Ruo had done well. Now is the best chance to kill Zhang Ruochen.”

Wu Jiang’s eyes were filled with killing intent and he took out a Supreme Artifact of the Nether Clan, Myriad Curse Bead, and held it in his palm. He sat down cross-legged, put his palms together, and chanted an incantation.

Zhang Ruochen, who was fighting against Lord Sinluo and Pan Ruo, suddenly felt that he was attacked by the curse again. The blood in his body was rapidly decreasing, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Oh no, to think that Wu Jiang still has enough power to cast the Blood – Devouring Curse. Even at this distance, the power of the curse is still astonishingly powerful.”

Zhang Ruochen realized that something was wrong. The power of the curse was too strange to guard against.

Was today such a bad day for him?

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind. He remembered what Pan Ruo had said to Lord Sinluo, so he gazed at the dark catacombs in the distance.

Since there was distorted time, space, and darkness inside the dark star, the power of curses should not be able to enter.

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruochen rushed to the catacombs.

“Zhang Ruochen, where do you think you’re going? Let us settle the old scores today.” Lord Sinluo chased after him from behind. An ice dragon hundreds of meters long emerged from his palm. The ice dragon came to life and spiraled above the sky while letting out a deafening roar.

As the head of the ice dragon was about to hit Zhang Ruochen’s back. Zhang Ruochen suddenly turned around. He flew backward while lashing out with the Ghost-headed Whip.

The Ghost head and the ice dragon’s heads collided together.


The Ghost-headed Whip sliced through the ice dragon’s body like a hot knife through butter. It emerged out from the dragon’s tail and landed on Lord Sinluo’s chest heavily, penetrating through his body. With a puff, the Ghost-headed Whip flew out from Lord Sinluo’s back.

“I told you, no matter how weak I am, killing you is as easy as a flick of a wrist.”

Zhang Ruochen gritted his teeth as he spoke. Following that, he jumped into the catacombs with the Ghost-headed Whip still dragging Lord Sinluo’s bloody body.

When he landed, Zhang Ruochen turned around and looked up. His pupils constricted fiercely as he saw Pan Ruo had followed him down as well. Both of them lock eyes together.