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Chapter 2330 Combined

“The trajectory of destiny?”

Luo Yan’s eyes became deep and reserved.

As the former Scioness of the Fane of Destiny, Amane’s understanding of the Path of Destiny was incomparable to many people in heaven and earth.

Wargod Bloodximius could not predict Zhang Ruochen’s future, but Amane could see a trace of Zhang Ruochen’s and Luo Sha’s trajectory of destiny. This was a very impressive method and ability, worthy of the title of Divine Empress.

Destiny was not a deity or any living creature. It was the way of the universe, representing the will of heaven and karma in the universe.

Destiny was fixed.

But fate was a variable.

The combination of fate and destiny determined everything in the world.

The stronger a cultivator’s cultivation was and the more understanding he had about destiny, the more he would respect it.

But those who do not know lack fear for it.

Amane walked elegantly in the deity world. Her divine dress fluttered in the wind. She was elegant and beautiful, accompanied by the sounds of divine and ethereal music. She came to Luo Yan’s side and said, “Let this matter be decided by Sha’er. Fortune and misfortune are two of the biggest variables in destiny. Who can say for sure?”

Wargod Bloodximius laughed, saying straightforwardly, “Amane is clearly more sensible. As expected of the past Scioness. Back then, the two of us trained under Fukurokuju. If I had even the slightest thought of marrying you, how could Luo Yan have the chance?”

He added, “Luo Yan, you have will be returning the favor by giving your daughter in marriage to my grandson.”

What did he mean by returning the favor?

It sounded as if Wargod Bloodximius had deliberately given Amane to him.

Luo Yan had just calmed down, but he was suddenly provoked again, “If it weren’t for the fact that you and Amane are taught by the same master, I would have kicked you out of the deity world long ago.” he said angrily, “If Zhang Ruochen wishes to marry Shaler, he has to walk out of the Battlefield of Celestial Hunting alive. However, I don’t think he has the chance.”

Luo Yan looked at the Gate of Destiny with the divine image of Fukurokuju and saw the battle scene on the third dark star. The battle between Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang had reached a climax.

Zhang Ruochen had only broken 14 shackles, but he was able to fight with Wujiang, who had achieved the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. Both of them were almost fighting equally. Luo Yan was more or less quite surprised at this.

After all, it was Wu Jiang, the most ancient deity of the Fane of Darkness, and the leader of this generation.

Of course, Wu Jiang’s cultivation was much higher than Zhang Ruochen’s. In the battle between the two, the former always had the upper hand. He moved without haste and used all kinds of Saint Techniques combined with the Nether Domain to attack continuously, Zhang Ruochen was suppressed and couldn’t use the ten multiple attacking power from the Path of Truth at all.

On the other side, Lord Xia Yu and Moyin couldn’t completely suppress Saint Lord Zuo Mu. Instead, Saint Lord Zuo Mu showed signs of breaking free from the Dimensional Lockdown.

The battle situation was very unfavorable for Zhang Ruochen and the Bloodysky Clan. If the balance of victory and defeat continued to tilt, Zhang Ruochen might not have the chance to leave the third dark star alive, and the Bloodysky Clan would lose everything as well.

The look on Wargod Bloodximius’s face was slightly solemn and he said, “At this stage, Wu Jiang is indeed a strong opponent for Zhang Ruochen. If Zhang Ruochen can overcome this, he will undergo a new transformation.”

Wargod Bloodximius had said “overcome this”, not “defeat Wu Jiang.” From this, it could be seen that even he did not have much hope for Zhang Ruochen.

It was not because Zhang Ruochen was not strong enough, but because Wu Jiang was too strong.

Luo Yan said, “Why don’t we make a bet?”

“What bet?” Wargod Bloodximius asked.

Luo Yan said, “A bet with a Supreme Artifact.”

Luo Yan knew very well that it was impossible for him and Wargod Bloodximius to battle because the impact on their surroundings would be too great. However, Wargod Bloodximius had greatly angered him today. How could he swallow his anger if he did not let him bleed?

“How do you want to bet?” asked Wargod Bloodximius

Luo Yan said, “Let’s bet on how far the level of the fight between Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang would reach. If they can fight to level 7 or more, I will admit my defeat.”

Deities had their own assessment of a battle.

For example…

If Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang were both evenly matched then it would be a level 10 battle.

If Wu Jiang could defeat Zhang Ruochen easily then it would be a level o battle.

Luo Yan wanted to use Wu Jiang as a test to challenge Zhang Ruochen and see what level he could reach.

After thinking for a moment, Wargod Bloodximius said, “Okay, I’ll bet with you. If you lose, I don’t want your Supreme Artifact. I just want you to agree to the marriage.” “Okay, then it’s decided.”

Luo Yan laughed in his heart. So what if I had agreed? If Sha’er didn’t agree, the marriage wouldn’t work.

Amane stared at the two of them and shook her head gently.

There was a legend about Netherdeus that was summoned by Wu Jiang.

It was said that in the ancient past, the first person who transformed from Ghost to the Nether Clan was the founding father of the Nether Clan. The name “Progenitor Ming” refers to him.

Of course, the era of the ancestor of the underworld god had passed for tens of thousands of years. Even the gods didn’t know what kind of person he was. They didn’t even know if he was the first cultivator who transformed into the underworld clan.

The only evidence that could prove the existence of Netherdeus was contained within the eight Nether Scrolls. Some said that Netherdeus wrote it in his later years as a summary of his lifetime cultivation. Others said that the eight volumes of the Nether Scrolls were compiled by an ancient sage of the Nether Clan tens of millions of years ago. They were the cultivation scrolls of the Nether Clan that were gathered extensively for a long time. Of course, in all the legends told, the eight volumes of the Nether Scrolls couldn’t remove Netherdeus. They must all have a significant connection with him.

Any one of the eight volumes of the Nether Scrolls could be compared to the cultivation techniques on the Taiyi Divine Techniques Rank.

The Nether Clan had a prophecy since ancient times that if someone could combine the eight volumes of the Nether Scrolls into one and cultivate it to the limits, they would have a chance to find the secret of eternal life.

Eternal life was the thought that could move the hearts of the gods the most.

To find the secret of eternal life, they would give up everything.

Unfortunately, since ancient times, no one had succeeded.

Now, there were only six volumes of the Nether Scrolls in the Infernal Court, and the Fane of Darkness had four volumes. The other two volumes had been lost many years ago. The eight volumes of the Nether Scrolls never had the chance to be combined into one again.

Wu Jiang was cultivating two volumes of the Nether Scrolls, which was the “Nether Domain” volume and the “Nether Ancestor” volume simultaneously. It was equivalent to cultivating two cultivation techniques on the Taiyi Divine Techniques Rank.

At this moment, the Nether Domain and image of Netherdeus that he had displayed were the most concrete manifestations of these two techniques.


Zhang Ruochen held up the Spatial Domain, Null Time realm, and the Realm-frame of Truth. He fought against the Nether Domain with the three ancient ways. The Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King was fighting against the apparition of Netherdeus. Divine power surged sky high.

The huge difference in realms revealed Zhang Ruochen’s disadvantages.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t gain the upper hand in this battle.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen was confident that he wouldn’t lose if he maintained the current situation. However, his current state consumed too much Saint Qi. If he continued fighting, he would be at a disadvantage.

“I can’t continue like this or I’ll definitely lose”

Just as this thought flashed through Zhang Ruochen’s mind, he felt a sharp pain all over his body. It was as if every inch of his flesh was being pricked by needles.

The Supreme Saint’s blood in his body was quickly flowing out. “Oh no, it’s the Blood-devouring curse!”

The advantage that Wu Jiang had with his spiritual power was fully displayed. He could still use the curse while maintaining his peak battle strength. This was something Zhang Ruochen still couldn’t do at this stage.

In an instant, one-tenth of the Supreme Saint’s blood in Zhang Ruochen’s body was lost.

“The Path of Truth has ten times the attack power.”

Zhang Ruochen’s Realm-frame of Truth shone. Each of the stars shone and released powerful energy waves.

However, before the power of truth could reach him, it was swallowed by the dark power emitted by the Nether Domain and vanished without a trace.

The power in Zhang Ruochen’s body quickly weakened, and two-tenths of the Supreme Saint’s blood in his body was lost.

“Wu Jiang is so smart. Since he released the Nether Domain, he definitely won’t give me the chance to activate the Precepts of Truth and unleash my attacking power multiplied by ten times. In that case, I can only fight to the death.”

Zhang Ruochen knew very well that if he lost too much Supreme Saint’s blood, his body would quickly become weak. He might not even have the chance to escape alive. Of course, he could choose to run away now. With his mastery of time and dimension, Wu Jiang would never be able to keep him.

But if he ran away, it would be the same as giving the seriously injured Saint Lord Zuo Mu to Wu Jiang, and letting him take millions of points for nothing.

Zhang Ruochen’s chance of leading the Bloodysky Clan and the Immortal Vampires to the first place would be very slim. Secondly, if he could escape, what about Lord Xia Yu and the Moyin?

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen sensed Pan Ruo’s aura on the dark star. He was doubtful, but at the same time, he became more determined.

He didn’t know what he was thinking. The thought of losing to Wu Jiang in front of Pan Ruo made him feel terrible.

“Fight! I can’t lose no matter what. As long as I can fuse the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill with Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King and unleash the combined power through the Incarceration of Divine Demon, I can break through the Nether Domain.”

Zhang Ruochen had lost three-tenths of the Supreme Saint blood in his body and he was already feeling weak.

However, by banishing the weakness with his strong battle intent, Zhang Ruochen acted as if nothing had happened. He activated the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill and forcefully combined it with the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King along with the Incarceration of Divine Demon.



He had tried ten times in a row, but could not succeed.

Although Zhang Ruochen had practiced cultivating the Saintwill and also high-grade Thousand-Koan Saint Techniques, he lacked time to polish and fully master both. It was insanely difficult to combine the two.

Wu Jiang felt powerful Saintwill emanating from Zhang Ruochen.

The fluctuating waves of Saintwill thrown off by were far stronger than the Saintwill he had cultivated.

“Could it be that Pan Ruo has guessed correctly that Zhang Ruochen has cultivated Grade Two Saint Will? How… how is this possible…”

Wu Jiang knew how terrifying the Saintwill was. If Zhang Ruochen had cultivated Grade Two Saint Will, it would pose a great threat to him. Thus, he increased the power of his attacks on Zhang Ruochen.

Four-tenths of the Supreme Saint’s blood had been lost in Zhang Ruochen’s body. He had tried 27 times to activate the Saint Will, but he still could not do it.

At this moment, he was on the verge of life and death trying to activate his full potential.

In the world of the deities, Luo Yan said, “Blood and qi are very important to both humans and the Immortal Vampires. If half of the blood of the Supreme Saint is drained, no matter how strong Zhang Ruochen’s will is, he won’t be able to continue.”

Luo Yan did not rejoice at the misfortune of others. Instead, he sighed deeply.

It was one thing to oppose the marriage between Zhang Ruochen and Luo Sha, but Luo Sha was eager to see that among those living in the Infernal Court, there could be a role model such as Zhang Ruochen being produced, who wanted to establish a flag for all the living beings in the hell and suppress the Necromancers at the same time.

If Zhang Ruochen died in the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting, it would not be good for all the living beings in the Infernal Court.

In the battle between the living and the dead, even the deities cared a lot about the differences between the three lower clans, the three middle clans, three upper clans, and the highest supreme clan.

If Zhang Ruochen rose up, it would have an extraordinary significance for all the living beings in the Infernal Court.

The eyes of Wargod Bloodximius were fixed on the Gate of Destiny behind the Fukurokuju. He could not help but release pulses of spiritual power from his hands.

Luo Yan glanced sideways in surprise. Was Xue Jue going to fight his way into the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting to save Zhang Ruochen’s life?

No one could break the rules of the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting.

It was for this reason that even the Ghost Master could only watch and not interfere on the deaths before him.

Even if Wargod Bloodximius wanted to fight his way into the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting, would the Ghost Master and the others let him have his way?

“Zhang Ruochen, it’s time to end everything. Let me be the one to send you off. Your destiny and your many years of cultivation will become the attire for my wedding and they will allow me to become the most dazzling star in this Yuanhui Period.”

Wu Jiang sensed that half of the Supreme Saint’s blood had already been lost in Zhang Ruochen’s body. Thus, he controlled the apparition of Netherdeus to launch his strongest attack.

“Wrath of the Nether Gods.”

Netherdeus apparition let out a long cry as its mouth opened wider and wider, turning into a black hole with a diameter of 100 miles. It flew toward the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King and Zhang Ruochen.

Wherever the black hole passed, the Realm-frame of Truth, the Spatial Domain, and the Null Time realm were all shattered. All the power was swallowed.

At this moment, the powerful deities in the world of deities did not even blink. They were clearly paying special attention to the result of this battle. Some of them even smiled.

Only Supreme Saints of this caliber like Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang were qualified to capture the attention of the deities. They didn’t just have the potential to achieve Godhood. If they survived, they would become powerful figures in the world of deities.

“For the 39th time, merge together for me, Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill. I want to destroy everything in front of me.”

Zhang Ruochen had long transformed into the likeliness of an immortal vampire. He gritted his teeth and revealed his two fangs. His eyes shone with crimson light, and strange bloody lines appeared on his pale white face.

The huge black hole was approaching.

Zhang Ruochen was like a grain of rice standing at the edge of the black hole. Suddenly, the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King which was about to be destroyed shone blindingly again. A Taiji Mark materialized before Zhang Ruochen, it spun slowly and was several times larger than the black hole.

“Finally… I’ve succeeded!”