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Chapter 2329 Forming Marriage Alliance with Devala

“Do you think that you can threaten me with the same move?”

Zhang Ruochen stood in the vast starlight of the Realm-frame of Truth. His eyes shone dazzlingly. He raised his arms and activated the power of each star. They turned into hundreds of thousands of beams of light and attacked the ten thousand divine eyes.

Ever since the last time he had been attacked by Myriad Eye Illusion, Zhang Ruochen had been thinking hard of a countermeasure.

In the end, he still felt that only the Power of Truth could break the illusion.

Zhang Ruochen’s Spiritual Power had reached the 64th level, which gave him the confidence to break Myriad Eye Illusion.

The starlight beams targetted Wu Jiang like thousands of arrows aiming to pierce through him.

“He’s not affected by Myriad Eye Illusion at all? Is the Path of Truth that scary? It shouldn’t


Wu Jiang quickly regained his composure after he was stunned for a moment. A hundred Palm Prints appeared behind him again. He smashed the incoming light beams with Life-and-Death Palm.


The sky above the Dark Star became bright with light and mist.

In the vast starlight, a dozens-of-miles-tall Saint Aspect of Immovable Wisdom King appeared. It was covered in golden light. It was so mighty that its height reached the heavens. Then, a phantom of Divine Demon appeared on the other side of Zhang Ruochen, stepping on ten thousand corpses.

Against a powerful figure like Wu Jiang, Zhang Ruochen used the most powerful Saint Technique.

“Incarceration of Divine Demon, Immovable Wisdom King, merge!”

Zhang Ruochen put his hands together and raised them above his head. In an instant, his long hair flew in the wind, and his aura raised to its peak.

Whoosh! Whoosh

Cold air currents surged around Fang Mofeng, Yan Hanyu, and Mo Cuo on the ground. The trio was like three-leaf boats on the vast sea. They floated up and down and were almost swept away by the air currents.

“I thought that only a few people like Lan Ying, Yan Huangtu, and Luo Shengtian would be able to compete against Wu Jiang. I didn’t expect Zhang Ruochen to be one of them.”

Mo Cuo was shocked and ashamed. His reputation as a genius was nothing compared to Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang.

Fang Mofeng said, “Let’s leave the third Dark Star quickly. We play no role in this level of battle.”

Yan hanyu nodded and said, “No matter what, we owe Zhang Ruochen a big favor.” If Zhang Ruochen hadn’t shown up in time, she would have suffered the biggest humiliation in her life. Hence, she was grateful. Mo Cuo nodded in agreement. “I owe him a favor.”

When attacking Saint Lord Zuo Mu, Zhang Ruochen could have waited for a better chance to strike.

But Zhang Ruochen had made a move before Saint Lord Zuo Mu assaulted Yan Hanyu. Hence, he had the intention to save her.

Wu Jiang looked at the Immovable Wisdom King Saint Aspect and the phantom of Divine Demon. Finally, he felt intimidated. Facing his opponent Zhang Ruochen, he said in a deep voice, “Nether Domain.”

The surroundings changed greatly. The vast and mighty Nether Qi spread for thousands of miles. An illusory kingdom of the nether realm appeared. Black palace buildings, bloody red stone walls, white skeletal mountains… all sorts of eerie scenes appeared around Wu Jiang. “Netherdeus,”

Wu Jiang spoke in a deep voice.

Nether Qi surged behind him.

In the illusory kingdom, a massive ancient divine phantom condensed. The divine phantom absorbed the Qi of heaven and earth and breathed in Dark Light. It was majestic as it faced the Immovable Wisdom King.


Zhang Ruochen roared. Together with the Immovable Wisdom King Saint Aspect, they charged into the illusory underworld kingdom. They trampled on the skeletal mountain and destroyed the bloody red stone walls with their fists. Wherever they passed, mountains and rivers within the illusory kingdom were shattered and cities were destroyed.

Finally, the Immovable Wisdom King and Netherdeus clashed. At this moment, it didn’t seem like Zhang Ruochen and Wu Jiang were the ones fighting. It was more like a great, ancient battle between Immovable Wisdom King and Netherdeus. They fought until the starry sky was destroyed.

The power of the Dark Star could resist the probe from Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms. Most deities couldn’t even sense what was happening there.

However, the state was not absolute.

For an existence like Fukurokuju who had unfathomable Spiritual Power, the power of the Dark Star could not resist his perception.

Fukurokuju’s statue was as big as a star and was as tall as three million miles.

The Gate of Destiny behind him was interwoven with countless Precepts of Destiny. Divine light shone, containing an unfathomable mysterious power.

The light of the Gate of Destiny suddenly dimmed.

Then, the scene on the third Dark Star appeared inside the Gate of Destiny.

Many deities opened their eyes in their respective divine worlds and looked toward the Gate of Destiny.

Zhang Ruochen, Wu Jiang, and Pan Ruo were all outstanding elites of this generation. They represented the future of Infernal Court. Even the deities were interested in them.

“Bloodysky Clan is amazing. Three powerful elites appeared at the same time. Each of them has the strength of the top ten on the list of Hundred-Shackle Realm cultivators,” A God said enviously.

“The overall strength of Immortal Vampires is no weaker than Asuras. They are qualify to challenge Yanluo clan.”

“How can the Immortal Vampires challenge the Yanluo clan without a top elites? Although Zhang Ruochen has practiced the Grade Two Saintwill, his cultivation rank is still far from the Yanluo clan’s elites.”

“I don’t think so! Zhang Ruochen has the ability to fight Wu Jiang. He’s already considered a top-tier elite.”

“In fight against Wu Jiang, Zhang Ruochen most likely will lose.”

In a divine demiplane filled with endless white fog, there was a floating island in the depths of thick white fog.

The island was more like a continent filled with greenery.

On the floating island, Luo Yan, the emperor of Devala — the number one Rakshasa kingdom

– and Wargod Bloodximius of Bloodysky Clan, sat facing each other. Both of them radiated boundless divine power. Their auras were vigorous, and the Blood Qi within them surged like a raging river.

Luo Yan wore a dark red imperial crown, a thousand-word divine talisman robe, and a jade belt around his waist. He played with his divine whip and said, “Bloodximius, you’ve hidden too many things from all. It seems that you have big plans for this Celestial-Hunting battle.”

“I didn’t set my expectation that high. I was hoping that Immortal Vampires could at least make it into the top five among the ten major clans, while Bloodysky Clan could make it into the top three of the ten clans of Immortal Vampires.

“The current situation is far better than my expectation. I can only say that the younger generations are performing good enough.”

Wargod Bloodximius said calmly, but his face was full of pride.

Luo Yan said, “So, you came to my demiplane to show off?”

Wargod Bloodximius shook his head, and his tone became more formal. He said, “Actually, I have something important to discuss with


“What is it?” Luo Yan asked.

Wargod Bloodximius said, “What do you think about Zhang Ruochen?”

Luo Yan’s eyes showed a thoughtful look. He said, “He is a genius. If he doesn’t die prematurely, he will definitely be one of the thirteen Wargods of the Fane of Immortality in the future.”

In Infernal Court, only deities with strong combat strength and outstanding battle achievements were qualified to be called “Wargod.”

There were many deities of Immortal Vampires with strong combat strength. However, only thirteen of them could earn the title. The number was constant.

Wargod Bloodximius was the youngest among the thirteen Wargods of Immortal Vampires.

Rumors said the oldest Wargod of Immortal Vampires had lived for nearly a million years. He was an ancient existence and the leader of the thirteen Wargods. He was known as “Immortal Wargod.”

In terms of combat strength, even the Immortal Vampires’ clan leader and the Lord of the Fane of Immortality feared him.

However, Immortal Wargod had not appeared for more than 100,000 years. No one knew where he had gone, and he had not even participated in the War of Gods during the late Middle Ages.

The only proof that he was still alive was the divine fire he had placed in the Fane of Immortality which had not been extinguished. Luo Yan perceived that Zhang Ruochen could become one of the thirteen Wargods of the Immortal Vampires. It was considered a high opinion of Zhang Ruochen as he was seen as someone who could be on equal footing with Immortal Wargod and Wargod Bloodximius.

Wargod Bloodximius said, “You’re right. I also think that Zhang Ruochen’s future achievements are limitless.

“However, his path is destined to be difficult. It’s full of death and danger.

“I tried to probe his future, but I saw blank.”

“Are you worried that he doesn’t have a future and will fall before he enters Godhood?” Luo Yan asked.

Wargod Bloodximius nodded. But he then shook his head. “I can’t predict his future. Perhaps Saint Monk Xumi shielded it from us, or maybe Zhang Ruochen did so himself.”

“Himself… Oh, I understand! It’s either he doesn’t have a future, or his future achievement is brighter than ours, so we can’t predict or probe it,” Luo Yan said.

A smile appeared on the face of Wargod Bloodximius, and he said, “The future is full of variables. Even fate can’t completely decide it. As long as a cultivator is powerful enough, they can control their own future.”

“So, you came for him?” Luo Yan said. Wargod Bloodximius nodded. “His future needs him to fight and strive for it. Since he is the most outstanding elite among my descendants, I should pave the way for his future and make his path slightly easier.”

“He is already the grandson of the mighty Wargod Bloodximius. With that identity, his path is broad enough. What else you want to pave?” Luo Yan teased Wargod Bloodximius.

Wargod Bloodximius said, “But I also have to cultivate. I can’t protect him forever. And he has too many enemies; they are too powerful. So, I still need to get some forces to back him, the ones that can intimidate the entire Infernal Court.”

“Don’t tell me you’re referring to my kingdom Devala?”

Luo Yan was on guard. He felt that Wargod Bloodximius was scheming against him. This fellow wanted to drag him along.

Wargod Bloodximius nodded. “A marriage alliance! If Zhang Ruochen is married to Devala’s lady, those enemies will stop targetting him.”

Luo Yan was slightly relieved. As long as Wargod Bloodximius was not asking him to take Zhang Ruochen to be his disciple, he was fine. Too many variables would come along if he took Zhang Ruochen as a disciple. His future would become unpredictable too.

Luo Yan smiled lightly. “A marriage is not a big deal. Among the daughters of Devalan deities, there are a few suitable candidates. They are all Supreme Saints who are definitely worthy of your grandson. Do you have anyone in your mind?”

Wargod Bloodximius’ eyes expressed disdain. He snorted coldly. “My grandson is a genius and has the potential to become a Wargod. Not any deity’s daughters are worthy of him. I think Princess Luo Sha…”

“Stop, what did you say?”

Luo Yan’s expression turned grave, his eyes piercing

Wargod Bloodximius said, “Princess Luo Sha’s talent and intelligence can be considered the top in this generation in Infernal Court. Only she is worthy of my grandson.”

“Bloodximius, you are too greedy. Luo Sha is my daughter. In the future, she might succeed the throne of Devala. Do you really want to form a marriage alliance or you just want to snatch her away from me?!”

Luo Yan slammed the table in anger. He said firmly, “Don’t even think about it. There’s no chance at all.”

Wargod Bloodximius said, “My grandson, Zhang Ruochen, is a genius. As long as I spread the word, believe it or not, the deities of Asuras, Nether Clan, Deathkins, and even Yanluo Clan will bring their daughters to discuss a marriage alliance with me.

“So why did I come to you first?

“In Infernal Court, Immortal Vampires and Rakshasa should stay united because we are all living beings.

“The rise of top elites among our clans will ensure that our interests, status, and voice will be better protected.” Luo Yan shook his head, “Even you Bloodximius can’t predict Zhang Ruochen’s future,” he said. “Why should I gamble on my daughter’s future? What’s worse, if your grandson marries my daughter, won’t I be a generation younger than you? What are you thinking?!”

“You should blame yourself for living for hundreds of thousands of years and taking concubines every year.”

“Nonsense. Since when did I take concubines a year? Even if I agree, I’m the only daughter of Amane and I. Even if I agree, Amane won’t agree, and my Sha’er won’t agree either,” Luo Yan said.

“Not really. I think they’re destined.”

One was the ruler of a divine kingdom, and the other was the ruler of a large clan. At this moment, their faces were flushed red as they were quarreling intensely. Gradually, the two bigshots’ battle intent rose, and they were almost about to fight.

“Although you have cultivated a few more Yuanhui periods than me, it doesn’t mean that the longer you cultivate, the stronger you become. Many old geezers’ strength will continue to decline as they age.”

Wargod Bloodximius summoned his halberd and pointed it at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan spat out a monstrous evil aura. His divine light illuminated the entire divine demiplane. He said angrily, “I’m at my prime. Even if all thirteen Immortal Vampire Wargods can’t defeat me, let alone you. I’ll destroy all of you with one hand.”


A divine light appeared in the demiplane and condensed into the figure of a lady wearing green gown.

“Amane, don’t meddle in this matter. Bloodximius has gone too far. I must teach him a lesson today!” Luo Yan said.

The woman donned in a green gown was Amane. More than 100,000 years ago, she had been the Scioness of the Fane of Destiny. She was one of Fukurokuju’s disciples and also the empress of Devala.

Amane gently shook her head. “The two of you are elites among TrueGods who can intimidate the world. Why do you have to hurt the harmony because of a small matter? In my opinion, the two of you do not have the right to interfere. You should let the young people make their own decision.”

Luo Yan was puzzled as he could not understand Amane’s intention. “Amane, why do you think that there is still room for negotiation? You should stand by my side and resolutely oppose the so-called marriage alliance.”

“I saw a trace of the trajectory of Destiny. Neither of us can go against it!”

Amane sighed, her tone full of resignation.