Chapter 3

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The visitor in maid clothes

“So, Ms. Mary, what…”

“Please call me Mary master, there’s no need to be formal with me”

Even though she looks older, I guess she is a ‘M’ ?

“Is that so?…… Okay, Mary what is this all about?”

I pointed towards the device I got from my Ji

While we were about to converse an old man came to get my order

He used to work here for a long time

Whenever I visited he would be the one who takes my order

“This device is called a “Hypnosis Operation Inducing Device”, I shorten and call it HOID”


Is she kidding?

“And I am the angle who supports the users of HOID”


I want to run away from this nutcase

But a part of me wishes that she is speaking the truth

In order to calm down, I drank the coffee I ordered

“So, what did you, an angel come here for?”

“Of course, it is to support the current owner of HOID”

“Define support!”


When Mary began stuttering I understood that this was some kind of a prank

While I kept silent, Mary finally spoke

“I will not oppose and you decide! I will follow all of your orders”

“You will do anything?”

“Yes, yes!”

Mary violently nods her head to show her proof

“Well, then kiss me!”

I am not a saint!

If I find an opportunity I will take it!

So what if others think of me as a pervert

As long as I’m happy, I don’t care about the others

“Yes, I got it”

While saying that Mary came and sat beside me

She started approaching me, I assumed that she was about to kiss me on my cheeks

Even though it won’t be a direct kiss, I will still be happy from a little peck on my cheek brought by this angle

She gripped my shoulders and turned me towards her


Without giving me a chance to speak Mary desperately kissed me

Even though I told her to kiss me, this is a bit shocking

As she separated from me, I began breathing again


“Because master ordered me to kiss you”



Is this woman sane? She just kissed me!

By seeing the weird look on my face Mary seems to be confused

“Oh, please return to your seat”


While still looking puzzled Mary went and sat back in her old seat, opposite to me

Mary is staring at the coffee in front of me



“DO you mind if I drink the coffee? I’m feeling a bit thirsty…”

“Ah… yes, please go ahead”

As I was thinking about what was happening, a college woman came and sat on the table opposite to us

I’m trying to use the HOID but it isn’t properly responding

“Hey, what is HOID?”

“Yes, HOID is originally a device owned by God, but he somehow lost it in the human world”


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