Chapter 3

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Anal Cleaning 1

Warning – This chapter contains some very dark stuff

Soon after the face cleaning was over, Asumi felt a chill near her waist

“I’m sorry…”

With my face dyed red, I struggled near the basin where my bait had been eaten

The chains sounded out as she kept walking

As Mariko looked at her figure, she became depressed as she understood what was about to happen

Asumi placed the basin under her and spread he legs above it, then tightly shutting her eyes she shouted towards the surveillance camera

“The 30th will now excrete!”

When excreting, the animals should loudly declare it

This is another humiliating rule in the prison

And in the prison no animal has a name

Each one is given a number instead

Inside this cell there is no girl name Asumi Imai, but only the meat toilet known as 30th

These were the rules set up to take away the dignity of being a human from the prisoners and to engrave obedience
On Asumi’s neck is a black collar, with a silver tag that has the number 30

The collars cannot be removes unless special tools are used
“Please do not look, please don’t look…”

Asumi desperately appeals in a small voice that only Mariko can hear, it looked like she was about to cry at any moment

As the same animal, she could understand how embarrassing it would be to be looked at while excreting, so Mariko gently turned her eyes away

(Pooch, buri, btibti buri, butchubuchu…)

In the silent room, loud noises are made, and brown objects drips into the basin from Asumi’s ass

A while later yellow liquid rushed into the washbowl with a loud noise


This soaked the previous brown ones inside of it

As Asumi had her eyes closed the golden liquid from her meat hole fell outside the basin and formed a small pool

A slave who defiled the floor must later clean it with her tongue
However, with the feeling of liberation accompanied by urination and shamefulness, Asumi’s mind doesn’t care about it

Because both of her hands are restrained, Mariko could neither block her ears or nose

Due to this she clearly heard the sound of Asumi’s excretion, and the intense smell of excreta

Just look away, and hope it ends soon

As Asumi finished her excretion and opened her eyes, she departed from the basin with the chain rattling her two ankles

“Teacher…. 17, clean my dirty ass and pusyy!…”
Although it was an ordinary word people don’t generally use it
But in the club it is a rule to say that when the prisoner asks her companion to clean up after excretion
If you hesitate or cheat, you will be mercilessly punished

Although the slaves lives are linked by a chain like a dog, the club understand that there is no use of a filthy sexual slave

So a shower is obligatory before serving the customers

There is no need to clean that place with a tongue

But the rules set by the club are compulsory and no rebellion is allowed

If during a physical examination a woman’s part is found dirty, it is a serious crime

Similarly the same thing is to be done by the other animal too

Even though I feel nauseas, I have to clean it

Mariko who never saw another girl excreting

However, as a prisoner she has been watching many females excrete

No, she had been forced to watch them

In the past year, there were many situations in which the customers have an orgy, or when they choose two or more girls

In those cases, customers request for lesbian play

They want to watch as two animals enjoy themselves in front of them

Everyday, countless men, day and night, come hear to enjoy the bodies of all the meat toilets

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