Chapter 2


Asumi’s falling into hell



Asumi’s family heritage was passed on through the generations, which their great grandfather passed onto them.


She lost her parents early on in her life, and following them, her grandfather died

She was then raised by her grandmother.


Because of her losses. she was lonely over the years.

She grew up without any without any restraints, so she was still filled with childishness.


In her happy life, the only meddlesome people were her uncle’s family.

After her grandfather died, all the assets were to be handed over to Asumi when she turns 18.


But still she bore with it, until she turned 14 when her grandma died.

After her funeral, Asumi’s life returned to her regular peace.


Her grandma left all the inheritance to her.

As her uncle did not know what to do, his lawyer suggested something…


It was to get rid of Asumi.


In which case, all that was left would be his son as the heir of Imai family.


They contacted the club to take her away.

Her uncle deprived Asumi of her chastity and she was abandoned in hell to spend the rest of her life there.


The only miscalculation was when he didn’t inherit the property.

Because legally, Asumi was missing and not dead.

Because her body was not, found she was deemed as missing.


Due to this, the assets could not be taken over until seven years later.

Because her uncle Tsuhiko was angry with this, he repeatedly tortured Asumi.

And sometimes, his son Katsuhiko too.


Like this, her hell began…



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