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Chapter 811 Sister

Chi Jiao grunted indifferently. She then changed the topic and asked, “Did you find out anything about the couple you were investigating?”

“We already have some clues and are currently investigating,” Jiang Shen said.

“Inform me immediately when you capture them. I want to interrogate them personally,” Chi Jiao said.

Jiang Shen nodded.

“It’s getting late. I have to go back first.” Chi Jiao recalled that Quan Jue had asked her to go home for dinner.

Jiang Shen stood up with her. “I’ll wait here until the black box arrives.”

Chi Jiao nodded and looked at Beitang Lie. “Beitang, make the necessary arrangements for Team Leader Jiang.”

“Don’t worry, Boss. Let me give you a lift back,” Beitang Lie said.

Chi Jiao wanted to go home as soon as possible, so she didn’t reject him.


The night was as dark as ink.

In a small corner of the city, a high-end apartment was brightly lit. The pure white room was spotless. Be it the walls or the floor, they were all white. Coupled with the light from the incandescent lamp, it was dazzling.

In the middle of the small room was a crystal coffin.

Electricity was running through the crystal coffin, and a young woman’s corpse was lying quietly inside.

The woman was wearing a red wedding dress from an ancient era. Her pale face was covered in thick makeup. Her hands were crossed in front of her chest and her eyes were closed. She looked like she was sleeping.


The door to the small room was pushed open and a handsome man in a white suit entered.

Walking over to the crystal coffin, the man glanced at the woman inside.

If one looked carefully, this woman’s appearance was about 70% similar to Chi Jiao’s. It was just that she was more mature and womanly than Chi Jiao.

“My dear, it’s your birthday today.” She Qi stood beside the crystal coffin, his eyes filled with longing as he looked at the woman inside. “I’m sorry you have to celebrate your birthday in this damn coffin. I promise you that on your birthday next year, we’ll be reunited. You don’t know how beautiful this world is now. When the time comes, I’ll bring you along and we can travel around the world.”

At this point, She Qi bent down and kissed the woman’s face through the lid of the crystal coffin.

“Also, I found your sister. With her, our plan will progress a little faster. Although her body and identity changed, I still recognize her. The fragrance emitted by her soul is exactly the same as yours.” A sickly smile hung on She Qi’s face. “I know you like your sister a lot. When you successfully revive, I’ll recreate her as a specimen for you so that she can accompany you forever. What do you think?”

The woman in the coffin seemed to have heard She Qi’s words. Her stiff fingers moved slightly.

That subtle movement was so fleeting that even She Qi did not notice it.

He looked greedily at the woman in the crystal coffin. After about half an hour, he reluctantly turned around and left.

After the sound of She Qi’s footsteps faded away, the woman in the crystal coffin suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were filled with pain and struggle.

Her red lips slowly parted as she forced out a word with difficulty.

“Sis… sister…”

Something seemed to force the woman to close her eyes again. Silence returned.

She Qi came to the living room and sat on the sofa. He called Ruan Xiaoxiao.