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Chapter 196 Unexpected Person

Wang Xiaoxue nodded, but her expression was a little awkward. “I did find out, but..”

As Su Yan’s secretary and fan, she had been paying attention to Su Yan’s situation at all times. Many tasks didn’t require Su Yan’s instructions at all. She thought of it and went ahead to arrange it, so she had already started paying attention to that helpful netizen.

When she this, Su Yan was slightly surprised. Wang Xiaoxue had been with her for so many years and rarely showed such an expression, so she asked, “But what? What is it that makes even you so surprised?” Wang Xiaoxue forced a smile. “President Su, the information has already been sent to your email. You should take a look yourself.”

Su Yan nodded. “Alright, I also want to see who it is that can make you so surprised.”

However, when she opened the email, her expression froze and she muttered to herself, “No wonder you’re so surprised. It’s really surprising.”

From Wang Xiaoxue’s phone call, Su Yan understood that she definitely knew this helpful netizen. However, no matter how hard she racked her brain, she would never have thought that this person would be Jiang Ruoruo, Jiang Yuan’s biological sister.

Wang Xiaoxue said, “President Su, apart from that, I also found out that many of the posts on the Internet were sent by Jiang Ruoruo. She even spent money to hire a few marketing accounts to promote the posts.”

When she heard this, the corners of Su Yan’s lips twitched. “Hehe, what is Jiang Ruoruo up


Looking at her almond-shaped eyes that were filled with mysteriousness, Wang Xiaoxue felt her heart skip a few beats. She hurriedly avoided Su Yan’s gaze and forced herself to calm down. However, her face flushed and burned again. Su Yan was so d*mn charming that even though she had been by her side for so many years, Wang Xiaoxue still couldn’t resist it.

Su Yan saw all of Wang Xiaoxue’s actions. Hence, she looked at her with a seductive expression. “Why don’t you dare to look at


Wang Xiaoxue stuttered, “No, no, I..”

Su Yan’s voice became even more gentle. “So you want to resist me? Tell me, how are you going to resist?” Wang Xiaoxue’s head was almost lowered to the ground and she was blushing. In the company, she was known as the aloof secretary who was swift and decisive. However, she couldn’t say a single word now.

When she saw that she couldn’t take the teasing, Su Yan smiled again and stopped teasing her. “Alright, hurry up and contact Jiang Ruoruo. I’ll personally ask her what she wants to do.”

Wang Xiaoxue nodded. “Oh right, President Su, there’s one more thing. Wei Yanbin’s lawyer wants to see you.”

Without waiting for her to finish, Su Yan directly rejected, “I’m not free!”

Wang Xiaoxue wasn’t surprised at all because she really understood Su Yan too well. In fact, her asking was just a formality. After all, it was what a secretary like her should do.

After the two of them hung up the video call, Su Yan walked towards the parking lot. After passing two traffic lights, Wang Xiaoxue sent her another message, saying that she had made an appointment with Jiang Ruoruo, who had agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon.

After she hung up the phone, the traffic lights just happened to turn green. Su Yan stepped on the gas pedal and drove forward. Half an hour later, Su Yan drove back to the Floral Villa Scenic Spot. When she passed a small intersection, Su Yan was surprised to see Zhong Cuiping and Wei Shani standing by the side of the road, but she still drove over.

Before she parked the car, Zhong Cuiping said in a furious voice, “Su Yan, get out of the car!”

Su Yan smiled and rolled down the car window, “May I ask, Ms. Zhong, in what capacity are you talking to me now? And why should I listen to you? It seems like there’s nothing to talk about between us, right?”

Wei Shani snorted coldly. “Su Yan, you’re really too rude. Although you and my brother are divorced, my mother is still your ex-mother-in-law. We came to your house, yet you’re treating us with this attitude?”

Su Yan glanced at her and said disdainfully, “You said it yourself. She’s my ex-mother-in-law, so what do you guys have to do with me? And why should I welcome you


Wei Shani had started to act up again in the past few days. It seemed that the impact of the previous incident on her had begun to weaken. However, Su Yan also felt that it was quite good that she was willing to continue acting up. This way, she could have more fun.

When she saw that the mother and daughter had already found their way to her home, the corners of Su Yan’s mouth curled up. She immediately called Wei Zhou.

Zhong Cuiping knocked on the car door and suddenly softened her tone, “Su Yan, on account of the fact that we used to be a family, please spare Yanbin this time. Don’t worry. When he comes out, I’ll make sure he apologizes to you in person.”