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Chapter 195 Helpful Netizen

As the marketing accounts of both parties went back and forth, two factions gradually formed on the internet. Various netizens argued endlessly. In the end, according to the official statistics, the sensation caused by Zhao Lili’s live broadcast of the apology incident actually exceeded that of many A-list celebrities.

As one of the parties involved in this incident, Su Yan naturally didn’t escape from public attention. A trending search appeared the next day. Although some people were swayed by the media and cursed Su Yan on the internet, the vast majority of the netizens were sensible. It wasn’t until many netizens uploaded the live broadcast of that day’s video back onto the internet that the condemnation and criticism against Su Yan completely disappeared.

What made people dumbfounded was that after learning of the true situation, those who had originally stood on Zhao Lili’s side changed sides and asked Zhao Lili if she had intentionally acted pitiful when she apologized on the live broadcast that day? What was the purpose of this?

At this moment, the plot changed again. A “helpful netizen” who appeared out of nowhere publicly stated that she knew Su Yan and Zhao Lili, but her relationship with the two of them was very ordinary. This person also said that three years ago, Wei Zhou and Su Yan were invited to Old Master Zhao’s birthday banquet. At that time, everyone thought that Su Yan was a gold digger, and therefore, the Zhao family’s attitude toward Su Yan was very unfriendly.

This “helpful netizen” was afraid that the majority of netizens wouldn’t believe it, so she posted a statement detailing everything that had happened on the night of Old Master Zhao’s birthday banquet, including how Zhao Lili and Wei Shani had ganged up to bully Su Yan, how they had smeared the cake on her, and how they had dyed the back of Su Yan’s skirt red.

The “helpful netizens” also said at the end that she didn’t say this out to add insult to injury, to take the opportunity to snub Zhao Lili, or to show how wicked Zhao Lili was. It was her own guess that the reason why Su Yan forced Zhao Lili to apologize live was to get revenge for being humiliated by Zhao Lili at the birthday banquet.

Three consecutive articles were exposed, and the entire Weibo was in an uproar. Originally, a small number of people were on Zhao Lili’s side because they sympathized with her, but after seeing these three articles, they immediately stood on Su Yan’s side. “Oh my God, I didn’t expect there to be such a reason. I can finally understand Su Yan. If I were her, I would definitely take revenge.”

“Hmph, if you don’t want people to know what you did, don’t do it. Zhao Lili has done so many wicked things. Now, she has finally been exposed.”

“I didn’t expect the prestigious Zhao family to have such a scum. Zhao Lili is so mean-spirited and unprincipled. Previously, I was quite sympathetic to her. But now, it seems that the punishment for her is too light.”

The netizens all went to Zhao Lili’s Weibo account to bombard the comment section. Under Su Yan’s Weibo, there were comments full of worship and praise. The outcome of the battle between the two had already been decided

As the public opinion shifted to Su Yan’s side, another person stood out to confirm that what the “helpful netizen” said was true. He said that he was also present at the birthday banquet and witnessed the entire process with his own eyes. It was indeed Zhao Lili working together with others to bully Su Yan.

Following this person’s confirmation, the comment section was in an uproar again. A trending search immediately put Zhao Lili at the top, and even the news of a famous rock singer, Little Bee’s concert, was overshadowed.

“F*ck, so all of this is true. No wonder Su Yan divorced Wei Zhou. If it were me, I would have divorced him too.”

“Zhao Lili is so young, yet she’s so vicious. There’s really nothing to be sympathetic about. If I were Su Yan, I wouldn’t let her just apologize. Su Yan is really magnanimous.” “This daughter of the Zhao family had already become an inhuman person three years ago. To think that I even stood up for her two days ago. I feel so regretful.”

Su Yan only paid attention to this matter for two or three days. She didn’t care about how things turned out after that. She didn’t like being a keyboard warrior, and she also didn’t like wasting her time on the Internet. If there was anything in this world that she was interested in, it would probably be doing business to earn money.

“Xiaoxue, can you find out who that “helpful netizen” is?” Su Yan asked during the video call.

The person who left the deepest impression on her was the “helpful netizen” who posted three articles in a row. She didn’t expect that someone would stand up for her regarding the birthday banquet incident three years ago.