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Chapter 194 War of Press Releases

Su Yan saw it clearly. Zhao Lili’s bow was very standard, and her attitude and tone were also very sincere. Perhaps it had bruised her ego, so her eyes were slightly red.

The broadcast started on time at 11:00, and the live broadcast ended at 11:05. In just five minutes of the live broadcast, Zhao Lili had completed the bet. Su Yan exited the live broadcast room, but her eyebrows were raised.

When Zhao Lili bowed and apologized earlier, she had acted as if she was the pitiful one, the one who was bullied. Therefore, many netizens who came in later didn’t know what was going on, and they had even mistakenly thought that Su Yan had bullied her. It could be said that Zhao Lili was really quite good at putting on a pretense.

After eating all the cherries, Su Yan said goodbye to Xiao Xiao and went straight to her bedroom to sleep. However, just as she lay down, Tang Yitong sent her a video call. She didn’t need to pick it up to know what Tang Yitong wanted to say.

After picking up the video call, Su Yan asked, “It’s already so late, so why aren’t you sleeping?” Tang Yitong said in a angry voice, “Sleep? How could I sleep? I was almost angered to death by that little b*tch Zhao Lili. Don’t tell me you didn’t watch the live broadcast just now.”

Su Yan said calmly, “Of course I watched it. After all, she was apologizing to me. But what’s there to be angry about?”

Tang Yitong said fiercely, “Aren’t you angry at her lousy and b*tchy performance just now? It was clearly her fault, but she acted as if she was the victim. She’s simply shameless!”

Su Yan said fearlessly, “Whatever. Since she likes to pretend, then let her. There are some people on the internet who are stupid, but I believe that most of the netizens are sensible people. Moreover, there should be quite a number of people who have recorded the video, and she just confessed everything. Even she herself has admitted that she was the one who was wrong. So it’s useless for her to act miserable, because the netizens have a memory.”

Tang Yitong had been in the entertainment industry for many years. Since she became famous, she had been dealing with all kinds of scandals almost every day. Naturally, she knew what Su Yan meant. It was just that she was a little angry. “Hmph, I still can’t let her off just like that. She actually dares to pretend to be pitiful. I’m disgusted by her,” Tang Yitong said angrily.

Su Yan said, “Then what do you plan to do?”

“Just wait and see. I’ve already found a few marketing accounts and got them to write a few articles,” Tang Yitong said.

Su Yan took a deep breath and said somewhat tiredly, “As you wish. If you’re scolded by Sister Ling, don’t come crying to me. It’s already very late. I should rest.”


To her, after Zhao Lili’s live broadcast of her apology tonight, the bet between them was completed. Thus, the matter was completely over. However, she and Zhao Lili had already reached such a point, so there was absolutely no possibility of reconciliation between the two of them. Since they couldn’t become friends, they were destined to be enemies. If they were enemies, it would be a fantasy for Zhao Lili to try to clear her name by pretending to be miserable. How could she possibly grant Zhao Lili’s wish?

Upon hearing that she was going to sleep, Tang Yitong teased, “Alright, Your Highness. I’ll kneel down now.”

Su Yan smiled and immediately turned off the phone. She instructed Xiao Xiao to wake her up in the morning, and then went to sleep. Too many things had happened recently, causing her sleep schedule to become irregular. Even her biological clock was somewhat out of order.

Not long after she had fallen asleep, Zhao Lili’s live broadcast caused another sensation on the Internet. Zhao Lili’s live broadcast apology was criticized since she pretended to be pitiful and had no sincerity at all. She was accused of just putting on an act. There was even a marketing account that pointed out that Zhao Lili was a scheming woman. Even when she apologized, she had to act as if she was forced into a corner by Su Yan. In fact, she was the main culprit behind everything. What Su Yan and Tang Yitong didn’t expect was that Zhao Lili seemed to have found quite a number of marketing accounts and actually dug up the matter of Su Yan and Wei Zhou’s divorce, as well as the things that had happened between Su Yan and Guan Yutong. Although she didn’t say it explicitly, but she secretly accused Su Yan of being calculative and petty.

Seeing that Zhao Lili still dared to cause trouble, Tang Yitong was naturally angry, so she increased the intensity of her press release and directly asked each marketing account to type the title “If You Have The Guts To Do It, Then You Must Have The Guts To Admit It”. The article pointed out that Zhao Lili’s eyes were red during her live broadcast apology, and said that her performance was very dramatic, but she should blame herself. After all, she was the one who had done the wrong thing.