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Chapter 460 He Was C

Fang You ran over to check his breathing. The foreman was still breathing weakly.

“How is it?” the person-in-charge asked anxiously.

Fang You didn’t say anything. He was doing some first aid to the foreman.

The person-in-charge panicked. “He’s the foreman. How did he fall from such a high floor?”

Fang You frowned.

The foreman had fallen from the tenth floor. Fortunately, he had fallen into the sand. His injury was serious, but it did not endanger his life as long as he got medical assistance.

The ambulance arrived very quickly.

Fang You felt that something was amiss. It was not uncommon for workers to have accidents, but it happened too coincidentally. It happened not long after Qin Hai had threatened him.

Moreover, this person was the foreman. It was very likely that Qin Hai had something to do with this matter.

Fang You followed the ambulance to the hospital.

The foreman was sent to the emergency room.

He did not dare to delay and immediately reported this matter to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Is he alright?”

“His life is not in danger at the moment,” Fang You answered. After thinking for a while, he told his guess. “Boss, I suspect that this matter has something to do with Qin Hai.”

“Okay, I got it. You don’t have to worry about this matter first. I’ll handle it.”

After Qin Sheng hung up the phone, her beautiful brows furrowed.

Qin Sheng was indifferent. If it were any other time, she would not take these troubles to heart. However, this involved a human life, so she had no choice but to take it to heart.

Even if Fang You did not mention this matter, Qin Sheng could also guess that this matter was most likely related to Qin Hai.

Qin Sheng knew that Qin Hai would use some sinister methods to deal with Shenghua Real Estate, but she didn’t expect that Qin Hai would disregard the safety of others.

Fu Hanchuan didn’t go to the company today. He stayed at home to work. At this moment, he happened to sit next to Qin Sheng and noticed the sadness in Qin Sheng’s eyes.

He asked worriedly, “What happened?”

Qin Sheng told Fu Hanchuan about what happened at the construction site. Fu Hanchuan frowned. “Do you need my help?”

Qin Sheng shook her head. “Not yet. I should be able to handle this matter myself.”

Fu Hanchuan thought of Qin Sheng’s hacking skills and felt helpless. His Sheng Sheng was too powerful, so it seemed that he was not very useful.

Fu Hanchuan hoped that he could help Qin Sheng a little.

He still did not give up and said, “Sheng Sheng, if you encounter any difficulties, remember to look for me.”

This time, Qin Sheng did not refuse. She nodded and said, “Okay, definitely.”

Fu Hanchuan analyzed, “If it was really done by Qin Hai, I think he would use media to publicize this matter. Previously, the matter of Fang Real Estate using low-quality materials to build houses should also be exposed.”

“Sheng Sheng, Shenghua Real Estate has just recovered its reputation. If Qin Hai publicizes the foreman’s matter together with the previous quality issue, I’m afraid the reputation of Shenghua Real Estate will drop drastically.” Qin Sheng thought for a moment. “If we can find evidence of Qin Hai’s contact with the foreman, the matter should be resolved. H City’s surveillance cameras are everywhere. If we can pull up the surveillance cameras, we will be able to find some evidence.”

However, this would take a lot of time.

Right now, the development of the all-intelligent game was at a critical stage. Yu Bei and the other hackers were indispensable. Qin Sheng was very conscientious and did not get Yu Bei and the others to help.

When she said this, Qin Sheng did not put up any defenses in front of Fu Hanchuan. She easily told him that she wanted to hack into the surveillance system of others to adjust the surveillance cameras. Fu Hanchuan could not help but laugh. His eyes were filled with love.

It seemed that he had to let his Sheng Sheng know as soon as possible that he was C.