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Chapter 459 Trouble

Qin Hai and Fang You had yet to reach an agreement. After returning to the company, he had sent people to keep an eye on Shenghua Real Estate.

It was not a secret that the factory under Shenghua Real Estate had reopened. Qin Hai had found out about it immediately.

After listening to his subordinate’s report, Qin Hai’s face turned gloomy. An idea formed in his mind.

He waved his hand and said, “Go out.”

Just as his subordinate left, Li Yan walked in.

At this moment, Qin Hai was leaning against the back of his office chair, looking very tired. Li Yan walked behind Qin Hai and helped him press his temples. “Brother Hai, what happened this time?”

“It was Shenghua Real Estate that snatched the land that I wanted and humiliated me. In the end, they even chased me out of the company.” Qin Hai was indignant.

He felt that he was not wrong.

He had bought the land first, but Shenghua Real Estate had taken it away. Shenghua Real Estate acted like a despicable person.

He had also lowered his attitude and begged them, but Fang You still did not give in.

Qin Hai hated them, so he wanted to find an opportunity to teach Shenghua Real Estate a lesson.

Li Yan frowned. “Brother Hai, who owns Shenghua Real Estate?”

Qin Hai replied, “It’s a company that just started. It bought Fang Real Estate and founded Shenghua Real Estate.”

“You don’t know the background of the other party. Brother Hai, are you sure you want to deal with Shenghua Real Estate?” Li Yan analyzed as she massaged Qin Hai.

Qin Hai was disdainful. “Don’t worry. Even if they have a background, they must have come from another city. A strong dragon cannot suppress a local snake. Even people in this city can’t control the sky with one hand.”

Even though he said that, Li Yan was still very worried.

She felt that Qin Hai was too reckless and that he dared to offend them without knowing their background.

In the end, Li Yan didn’t open her mouth to stop Qin Hai. She knew Qin Hai’s character very well. If she went up to stop him now, she was afraid that she would anger Qin Hai.

That factory was the only building being built by Shenghua Real Estate. The building was very important and they had to go there every day to take a look.

The factory reopened for two days, but there were no problems.

Fang You came near the factory and looked at the factory from afar. He asked the person-in-charge, “How long will it take to finish?”

“Fifteen days should be enough,” the person-in-charge answered respectfully.

Fang You frowned and said, “Are the raw materials used to build the factory all good?”

The person in charge was very confident. “Chief Fang, don’t worry. The raw materials for this factory are all carefully handled by me. There will definitely not be any problems.”

Fang You’s heart was still worried. He was not at ease.

He had a dream that night. He dreamed that something had happened to the factory.

It was very realistic. Fang You rarely dreamed, let alone dreamed that something would happen to the factory.

Although it was just a small dream, Fang You was still worried and came to the construction site early in the morning.

It was already noon, and Fang You didn’t go back. He ate a box lunch sent by his assistant and continued to watch the construction of the foreman on the site.

“Chief Fang, there shouldn’t be any problems here. You can go back and rest first,” said the person in charge of the construction site.

Fang You rejected, “It’s fine.”

As they were talking, they heard the sound of a heavy object landing on the ground. Fang You hurriedly looked over.

He saw a person lying on the ground. There was a pool of blood on the ground.

For a moment, the scene was very chaotic.

Many people were making emergency calls.

There were also some people who were scared silly and didn’t know what to do.