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Chapter 458 Taste

Fu Hanchuan furrowed his brows and swallowed it. He looked at Qin Sheng with a doting gaze. “It’s delicious. Sheng Sheng, you’re amazing.”

Fu Hanchuan tried the other two dishes.

Fu Hanchuan commented on them one by one, and all of them complimented the dishes. Qin Sheng felt relieved when she saw Fu Hanchuan eating with relish. She was worried that the dishes looked good, but the taste was not right.

She picked up her chopsticks and was ready to taste them.

Fu Hanchuan did not stop her. A smile flashed across his eyes. “Sheng Sheng, be mentally prepared.”

Hearing Fu Hanchuan’s words, Qin Sheng’s heart jumped again. She picked up a piece of tomato from the egg and put it into her mouth.

A very salty taste spread in her mouth.

Qin Sheng frowned. Did she treat the salt as sugar?

Qin Sheng had always been unable to distinguish between salt and sugar. If it was in the past, she would have tried the taste in advance. However, with the help of the servant, Qin Sheng did not suspect that she had put in the wrong seasoning.

Little did she know that the servant also did not realize that she had put in the wrong seasoning After all, Fu Hanchuan cooked alone. This servant had never been in charge of the kitchen, so she did not know the exact location of the salt and sugar.

In addition, she was not very close to Qin Sheng, so she could not see clearly.

The servant also did not know that Qin Sheng would not be able to distinguish between sugar and salt.

Fu Hanchuan very considerately placed a cup of water in front of Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng drank it, and the salty taste in her mouth was diluted a little. After that, Qin Sheng tried the other two dishes again.

The other dishes were not salty, but the taste was too light, and there was a little sweetness.

Qin Sheng frowned and swallowed.

It seemed that she was indeed not a good cook. After being reborn, she was still very useless.

Qin Sheng looked at Fu Hanchuan again. Fu Hanchuan was eating with relish.

She quickly brought the dishes to her side. “Brother Fu, don’t eat anymore.”

Fu Hanchuan smiled and said dotingly, “As long as it’s made by Sheng Sheng, I like it. After all, this is the first time I’ve eaten your cooking. I can’t waste it.”

Qin Sheng felt warm in her heart, but she still insisted on her own thoughts. “Don’t eat it. Just cook another serving.”

The food was really terrible. Even she, who was not picky, found it hard to swallow, let alone Fu Hanchuan.

Fu Hanchuan saw that Qin Sheng insisted on cooking a new dinner. He could eat it himself, but he could not bear for Qin Sheng to eat the food with the wrong seasoning.

Even he had to admit that, uh… it was terrible.

Fu Hanchuan ate a few more mouthfuls of Qin Sheng’s dishes. Seeing that Qin Sheng was anxious, he put down his bowl and chopsticks.

“Sheng Sheng, wait here for a while. I’ll go cook some noodles.”

Fu Hanchuan went into the kitchen.

Qin Sheng sat alone at the dining table. Looking at the failed products on the table, her brows were tightly knitted.

After a long while, she picked up the food and poured it into the trash can.

It did not take long to cook the noodles. In less than fifteen minutes, Fu Hanchuan came out with two bowls of noodles. He and Qin Sheng each had one bowl.

It was a very simple ingredient, but Fu Hanchuan managed to cook it to the level of a five-star chef.

Qin Sheng ate very slowly. She looked at Fu Hanchuan from time to time.

Qin Sheng felt that Fu Hanchuan was very considerate. She had lived in Fu Garden for several months. Fu Hanchuan took care of her life. Fu Hanchuan rarely talked about her matters to the servants.

She didn’t know who would be able to marry