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Chapter 315 315 Escort Services

Although Shen Yan didn’t like Fu Xiaoxiao, she admired her courage to take the initiative to confess.

Chen Nian’s humming came from the phone. “It seems that Fu Hang doesn’t really care about Fu Xiaoxiao.”

Shen Yan’s eyes darkened for a moment, and she didn’t say anything.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Shen Yan hung up the phone and walked toward the door. Then, she saw Lu Yan standing at the door, with his beautiful peach blossom eyes shining brightly.

“Miss Shen, your takeaway-companion to eat food with you has arrived. Please receive it,” Lu Yan said and smiled at her. Shen Yan hesitated for a moment, but she still let Lu Yan in.

Lu Yan brought six dishes and a soup, and he skillfully placed the dishes on the table. Shen Yan wanted to help but was urged by Lu Yan to wash her hands.

In fact, Shen Yan was not hungry at all, so she ate a little of each dish while Lu Yan ate the rest.

It was past ten o’clock now. After dinner, Lu Yan packed all the things neatly. He looked at Shen Yan and asked with a smile, “Miss Shen, do you need escort service?”

Shen Yan could not help but laugh at his comment. She got up and answered, “There’s a five-star hotel 500 meters away after you leave the residential area. I think there must be a lot of people there who need escort service!”

Lu Yan did not angry when he heard that. He smiled and replied, “I hope that I can provide you with escort services in the future!”

Shen Yan walked Lu Yan to the door and said, “Be careful on the way back. Rest early!”

“What do you want to eat tomorrow?” Lu Yan looked at Shen Yan with a smile. “I wonder if I have the honor to provide you with escort services tomorrow morning?”

Just as Shen Yan was about to turn him down, she heard Lu Yan say, “Porridge and steamed buns?”

Shen Yan met his smiling peach blossom eyes and nodded. “Okay.”

“Good night!”

“Good night!”

After saying that, Shen Yan closed the door and went back in. When Lu Yan walked out of the apartment, he saw a black car parked next to his car.

He glanced at the license plate and knew that Fu Hang was sitting in the car.

Lu Yan couldn’t be bothered with Fu Hang. He wasn’t afraid that Fu hang would snatch Shen Yan away from him anymore. After all, what Shen Yan did at the wedding had already caused a rift between the Fu and the Shen family.

Lu Yan got into his car, glanced at Fu Hang who was sitting, and drove away.

Indeed, Fu Hang was in the car. He had not seen Shen Yan for several days ever since the Jiang family banquet.

Even now, he still remembered the scene of Shen Yan being led into the banquet by Lu Yan. He still remembered how Shen Yan couldn’t even be bothered to give him a look of charity.

Fu Hang had not slept well these past few days.

Every night, he would dream of Shen Yan and Lu Yan together.

He was not busy today. So, he followed Shen Yan to the set and saw her smiling happily at the other people on the set. Even though the other party was a woman, he was still mad with jealousy.

When they first got married, Shen Yan also smiled at him like this.

But ever since he erased her memory, she smiled less and less.

Fu Hang knew that Lu Yan had left and that no one would disturb them if he went up to look for Shen Yan now.

Fu Hang hesitated to open the car door, but when he thought of how Shen Yan was at the banquet, he sat back weakly in the driver’s seat.

Not only would Shen Yan not see him, but she would certainlynot want to hear him say anything else. Fu Hang drove away irritably, and his gaze fell on the car in front of him not far away.

That was Lu Yan’s car.

When Fu Hang thought of Lu Yan holding Shen Yan’s hand and showing up at the Jiang family banquet with a smile, anger welled up in his heart.

Fu Hang stepped on the accelerator and directly drove his car into Lu Yan’s car.

In fact, Lu Yan had already noticed that Fu Hang’s car had caught up with him, so he didn’t pay any attention to it. What surprised him was that Fu Hang actually drove his car over.

“F*ck!” Lu Yan swore and hit his head against the ejected airbag.